Yet another Pig, being a Pig

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul Seddon seems to be a loyal partner and family man, but on the sly he has online dating profiles (Seddo70 & Highhopes19) and is telling genuine and vulnerable women that he is single and looking for a serious relationship. However, he is just out to get into these women’s pants before rapidly losing interest once he’s had sex with them & moving on to new victims. He pretends to be exclusive interested and single, but he’s not. He’s a Federal Police Officer and works as a body guard for the Prime Minister and United States Consul and discloses seemingly sensitive/confidential information about his body guard role to win the trust of single women -none of whom know he’s cheating and only after sex. He uses his interstate travel, kid’s activities and irregular work hours as cover for his cheating -as all are plausible excuses for his patchy availability -but they’re not the real reason!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Bikie Mole Plus Infant

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Shay Balfour or “shaydoll” as she calls her self. This human is truly a one of a kind I mean she is a well known crck addict who worked as a stripper at toybox Gold Coast & budabing strip club in kings cross Sydney. While some random lady and her partner take care of her daughter because she hasn’t had a job or house since her 3 year old was born she’s usually in between patched bike club members beds and the sad part is she brings her poor child around this and smokes pipes with her child presant. As I said truly I one of a kind peice of Aussie scum

Need Opinions Please

THE DIRTY ARMY: I think this guy is so attractive he lives on the Gold Coast and has been seen in pictures with Ritchie twins and clown under. Think he’s really attractive would like to find out people’s opinions on him is he dating one of them?? Hope not id love to meet him lol

Klint Livwier the Adelaide Bikie Pedo

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy klint livwier is a sick individual who helps give adelaide a bad name, creeps and uses intimidation and threats, he is unable to read or write but supposedly went to high school. He is a bikie whose front teeth are missing from meth. The main issue is he sent this image to my friends underage sister and he was fully aware of her age. I then began asking round about him, it’s amazing what you can find out, he has threatened a few girls with rape, and stalking, again very young girls. This guy is a sicko and needs to be locked up and arse raped for his final years, keep you children away.

Shelly’s Anal Blow-out

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl shelly Watson or shelly darlington has 4 kids to 4 different men, she is a stripper in adelaide. She will crawl up anyone’s arse just to have a toilet buddy, she is the biggest bogan you will meet, I mean you can pretty much tell from her masculine jawline and eye-brow ring. The super surprise is saved for when she bends over, which she insists of doing, her massive colossal veiny haemorrhoids which she completely, everyone can see it, just treat it already. She is incompetent of doing anything on her own and uses her best stripper charms and uses them to make everybody do everything for her, then when they refuse she turns on them.

Plastic Surgery

THE DIRTY ARMY: When do you know when to stop ?

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