Mouth of the South

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Charity. She claims she is a “grown” woman but is always playing little girl games. She always starts drama with anyone in a 100 mile radius, and she is always running that mouth! She pops more pills than a 4 year old with a Pez dispenser. She is always making things up about everyone’s pasts and spreading lies and rumors. But the truth is, her own closet isn’t clean. She sleeps around with anyone willing to have her and is just a plain flat out junkie. She is always on Facebook and instagram posting how “cute and sexy” she is. I can’t be the only one who thinks she looks like a dollar store brat doll, can I?

Abortion Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Come to find out this woman has been fcking my man since 2013, and her cousin had the audacity to contact me so (he) would stop controlling this gal. Come to find out this girl has been pregnant by him four times, one time with twins and said she had abortions with all of them. She then tells me he trying to see her and calling her pooh, dont she know thats my name. I hope this bitch burn in hell, karma a bitch.. rotttttttt bitch. I am slim, fit and beautiful and this what he cheat on me with……. I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT SHE IS AND WHAT SHE HAS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and he been going raw with both us bitch better not have nothing.. i will go after her.. come on memphis, lets call out this ratchet abortion having hoe!!!!!

Danelle Hurst is now a daycare worker

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik Danielle Irene hurst is been known for being a bad mom blowing smoke into a child’s face wishing she had an abortion and now a daycare worker in Arnold 2 people have stopped taking their kids to daycare because of her history its a total shock this is happening it’s good that informantion about her is posted on here so parents know who to trust she should not be able to take care of kids because of her drug/alcohol abuse around her kid she has been reported and they still have her? It’s very pathetic and low

Lamar Pro

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik..never has anyone from Memphis been so sloppy…shes fucked everything and anything for a quater. Britney tyson is the biggest whore ive ever met or seen Shes been fired from every stripclub in Memphis for prostitution and rrugs..i saw. Her do a eight ball in ten minutes pop ten xanex than go suck dick for morr. Shes a theif and liar..she tricks off lamar forfifty buckd….what a dirty whore.

Photo Crop Pregnancy

THE DIRTY ARMY: My ex hides a pregnancy for over a year, posting pictures not in order. Confusing. This is why I hate photoshop she hid a whole pregnancy, then posted pictures from over a year ago and got a boob job after to cover it up. The pictures I sent were from over a year ago, but she just now post. Last year she covered the bump with photoshop.

Jasmine or Domi

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m not sure how into geek stuff you are Nik but I follow a ton of cosplayers, especially cosplaydeviants and they are absolutely hot! Usually theyre hot with cool attitudes but this girl “Domi” is the absolute worst. Such a crappy attitude and thinks she knows everything. Cosplaydeviants are cosplayers who get naked, if you’re doing that kind of thing as a hobby you’d think they’d be more down to earth and chill. In my opinion she’s not hot enough to act like such a bitch, what do you think?

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