Sucubis on the Prowl

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this girls name is Kimber Jordan Newman! And she is disgusting! She goes from bed to bed getting her fix of the D! She will basically do anything for a painkiller. She has even went so low as to try and claim rape and suicide to get attention from people! She can’t even drive her SUV without having to blow in a breathlizer cause she got caught driving drunk! Then tried to claim to cops treated her wrong! She’s not even 21 yet and has a DUI! Real classy Kimber! She’s is riddled with drd’s and likes to post snapchats of her at the obgyn looking for attention! She claims she is lifting at the gym, but b*tch looks more like skeletor and needs to eat a cheeseburger and needs serious help! She will go days without eating claiming she just forgot to eat? Who can just forget to eat? Maybe if she put down the drugs and alcohol she could remember to feed herself. Kimber Jordan Newman is a low class tramp who’s own family doesn’t want anything to do with her! She should just go and take her flat chested, stretch marked, herpes riddled trashy ass on somewhere. Actually she should hide under a rock cause people are tired of her showing up to parties uninvited and attempting to sleep with every guy there. Do everyone a favor and just disappear already and save a lot of people the mistake of catching herpes from you. People of Germantown and Collierville TN watch out!!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

No Ass At All

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, everybody meet the most white trash ugly bitch around. To begin with, she’s down right ugly as hell AND she knows it. She’s from some inbred family down in MS, and no one in her family talks to her because she’s so fcked up on drugs and always begs for money. She got knocked up as a kid (typical trashy slut) and then cheats on her husband. She can’t even get any custody of their kid together cause she’s so junky and disgusting. She lives in a house surrounded by shit and more shit. She even has a tarp over her garage to substitute as a door! Not to mention there’s trash and dirty diapers and beer cans everywhere! Cheating pure white trash! She loses all of her friends cause she’s a back stabbing whore herself. She cheats on her new husband with her old husband and he doesn’t even know it. Not to mention fcks anything and everything when her husbands not around. If you look up FUGLY pure white trashy junky skank, KAELEIGH ANN RYE is the ONLY person to fill that spot. You can clearly see she’s fuking ugly and has nothing going for her. She is 30 years old and wants to hangout with younger kids. Probably to sneak pills and stuff from her husband. And if you are ever unfortunate enough to have to meet this bitch, whatever you do don’t look at her skin! Her face is dented and scarred and nasty as hell and her legs have disgusting spots all over them from being on crck and m*th. She is a truly walking std and a disgusting lying cheater! Oh did I also mention she’s on welfare and cheats the government? Sits on her lazy ass day after day and goes over to her ex husbands house while her new husbands steadily working. To sum it all up, she’s the ugliest bitch around, her mouth is even uglier, she was born to be trash, she has no friends and absolutely no family, she’s an easy slut, but only desperate people go for her and she’s easy so that helps, she’s a junky whore on meth and crack and shit, throws up all her meals so she doesn’t get fat from sitting on her nonexistent ass all day, and she’s a disgusting pig living on our hard earned money. I guess you could say she’s a…. Ransacked slore. Kaeleigh put us out of our misery and go get fcked off with ur cheating junky disgusting ass somewhere else..

Erica Hunt / Buyer Beware

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik..I know you see the say cute..sweet me she is not. If you run into this one in can get it..we bang her out nearly every week after bowling and drinks..she loves to take trips with our Moolah Pham and will neglect her kids to do it. She is a super freak that we all have ran through but be very very careful she is a gold digging bitch and if your game is not up she will try to take you for all you got but we just keep tossing her azz around. Buyer beware..she sells t-shirts and will meet you at any dirty hole just hit her up on face book at [removed] she will hit you back with the digits and any dirty hole you want to meet her at for $20. This bitch hella dumb..but whatever..strap up fellas..but watch your wallet…she works as a clown for us we’ll see her freaky azz at the next Imperial Clown All White Event..She’ll be the one with the big red nose! lol

Diseased Dog

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is a disease ridden, filthy, pice of filth by the name WILLIAM IVEY (goes by BILL IVEY) He lures young girls in with the promise of employment and preys on them, uses them and destroys them. Beware of any job listings with the email *** or social contact what so ever. He will lure and rape you if given the chance. BEWARE MIDTOWN MEMPHIS

Please Tell My Twin She Does Not Have “Mom Butt”



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my sister is a die hard fan so maybe you can make her feel better.  She thinks that she has the worst butt on the planet since she had my nephew.  Please tell her that she doesn’t have a nasty mom ass. I took one of these pics myself and got other out of her phone. Thx!!!

I don’t even see a butt, this is worse than Mom butt. It’s like flat back butt.- nik

Moxie’s hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch right here stole my man away from me .she is a lieing cheating hoar. She claims she’s a good girl doesn’t drink or do drugs but I have caught her so many time blazing with groups of guys she probably gets passed around like the jay. I see her out all the time with her little hippo midget friend getting guys to buy them drinks and take them home it’s so sad. The guy she stole away from me was the biggest piss off ever she told him that he gave her a drd to keep him in the relationship so he wouldn’t go anywhere and for three years he stayed, she is the biggest liar ever cause now he’s a professional Mma fighter and if u have any drd’s that can transfer from blood or spit then ur not allowed to fight in the cage. I finally got him now he all mine and I am gonna let him continue his dreams and will hold him back like that lieing hoar watch out boys she works at the Moxie’s in guilford make sure u wrap it twice just to make sure u do t catch anything .

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