Embarrasment to the Lesbian Community

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik, Here we have the “famous” Baylee Wallace and Kristen Ellen Howard. The two FAKEST, DRAMA-FILLED, WANNA-BE, MULTI-PERSONALITY, ALCOHOLIC, NON-GOAL-ORIENTED, DISGUSTING, AND IGNORANT girll “lesbians” you will ever meet in your life. First of all, they think their life is something like The Real L Word (or so they wish.) lol. Nik, the fat one Kristen… thinks shes a rapper by night. She has a “gang sign for her solo-group that she calls “The Goonsquad” LOL, and the skinney one Baylee, shes just a trashy whore who works at a liquor store with no goals in life. The live in their grandmas rental house and don’t have any responsibilities other than getting trashed, and starting fights at their house. They haven’t kept the same friends for longer than two weeks, and befriend the same people they just tried to “blast” on instagram. Kristen… doesn’t even WRITE her OWN LYRICS.. her girlfriend Baylee and friend Cota does it for them…. lol see you in Hollywood… not. Have even began to talk about their weird multi-personality and drastic wardrobe chagnes? Just look at the pictures..every day is a new identity… they fight constantly and Baylee is ALWAYS caught talking to another woman that THEY’RE ACTUALLY FRIENDS WITH… what a loyal and good woman huh? Nik.. these nasty posing lesbians need to realize… karma is TRULY a bitch. xoxo POSERRRRS.

Dress shirts (out of office) on chicks replace the finger mustache…- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Pure White Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the dirtiest “scunt” []. Nik, [she] is the kind of girl… EVERYONE should avoid in life. She has a history of sleeping with almost 50 guys and shes fresh out the cradle at nearly 20 years old. After losing all of her “true” friends… she decided she was a lesbian and is now dating a 30 year old dyke who works at Memphis Pizza Cafe…. what a catch. lol. [She] also signed up for the Air Force prior to meeting her “girlfriend” until she promised to show her the world… on a waitress income? lol good luck. [She] has no backbone, and is busy selling her deceased mothers jewelry to pawn shops,hanging out in a gay club, and now doing cocain from random strangers she meets there. She has no goals, and only wants to fit in. This girl is only worried about being “cool”…. All she hangs out with is poor white trash lesbians that are nothing but drama, who sleep with one another and rotate girls… some of us grow up, and clearly some of us don’t. She recently moved in with her current girlfriend…. who mind you, LIVES WITH HER EX GIRLFRIEND, and was fired from her job for being late and hungover… she’s lost all of her family because of these decisions.. and has no goals in life…This trash deserves no sympathy..

Nice drapes (dress #1).- nik

Brandon Bust Down

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Gwendolyn Mecas also known as Gwendolyn Cherish Crosby, from Way Way but lives in Brandon. She’s a dirty, dirty girl who sleeps with anyone that throws her a line or two. anyone who wants to hit her up add her slutty ass on facebook, honestly she won’t reject. she has a child put the blame on an innocent guy from sandy bay or whereever he’s from but even he doubts that kid, that kid probably isn’t even his anyways. check out her beautiful pictures. lmao.

She blends right in wearing that camo…- nik

Charles Gregory, Gives The Military A Bad Name

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK I AM EXTREMELY DEVASTATED. I HAVE BEEN DONE VERY WRONG. Unfortunately, Charles is not the man he confessed to me he was nor the man he played like he was in the beginning. I’m going to get to the point because it’s crucial that others know the truth that I have seen with my own eyes. Charles told me he was straight (in which I am a straight woman) come to find out he is not. He is downlow/goes both ways. On the eve of New Years I found Charles in bed with a male (this male is a family friend whom I’ve known every since childhood & is openly gay). To my dismay Charles slept with the male (I’ll just call Roger) in my condo. I walked in & found them. Usually Charles would hear when I pull into the garage but on this day my girlfriend took me to work because my car’s transmission was pulling therefore she dropped me off at home. It threw him off-guard to not hear the garage door let up & when I walked into my home & went into my bedroom there he was with Roger scrambling to put his underwear on. I was mad at Roger but my anger was fierce for Charles because he always talked so ugly about gays as if they were ****s of the earth. To see him in my bedroom with Roger was too much for me to take. He has a son & a daughter…his son is gay. Charles has always talked so down about his son saying he’s embarrassed that his son is “a ***”. Last but not least, I discovered 3 weeks after finding him indulging that I have ******, **. I am in the process of seeing an attorney regarding this. I’ve been with Charles for exactly 7 months & I told him up front that I wanted a monogamous relationship & he agreed wholeheartedly. I soon found out that he uses his involvement in the military as a cover for seeing other women. I know this simple because he was using my computer & didn’t log off during a session & I found messages to 2 other women. When I questioned him about it he lied & said they were both his cousins. I seriously doubt one would tell there cousin that their cousin to “bag it up” in a photo.

Nice gazebo…I’ve been to a marine to.- nik

Homewrecking Married Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is married yet trying to still hook up with her ex husband from the year 2000. Shes constantly sending nude pictures and saying how she wants this guy to f*ck her in a hotel room on Christmas and keeps begging him to come visit. I see why her first marriage didn\’t last and now I\’m hoping the marriage she\’s in now goes down the drain. She\’s a no good two timing bustdown who needs to keep to herself and stop trying to f*ck every guy other than her husband. I feel sorry for him. She claims just cuz her and her ex have kids together that there will always be a sexual attraction and they can do what they want and no one would care. Hunny, grow the hell up and learn how to be a faithful wife.

They look so in love.- nik

Kaitlyn Smith Loves Ole Miss Football Players

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaitlyn Smith is the talk of the town at Ole Miss.  If you area football player call this sl*t and you are guaranteed to get some ass. Of those on the football team that have been in it already: Jaylen Walton, Denzel Nkemdiche, Brishen Matthews, Tray Elston, Barry Brunetti, Mike Hilton. If you even look like an athlete, approach this girl and you will get your Greg wet.

Kaitlyn Smith needs a helmet.- nik

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