Aubrey Lynn Has The Worst Boobs In Miami

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Aubrey Lynn is the BIGGEST whore in Miami! She has the most saggy boobs you have ever seen, you would throw up in person. She has no job and nothing to do all day then sleep with rich married men for a check to buy designer sh*t, lol who does she think she’s fooling?? Everyone knows the truth already! She’s so obvious! Traveling everywhere for free and having her own appartment paid for. Sugar daddy alert to the max. She dresses in the most disgusting cheap and sluttiest clothes you have ever seen and loves to flaunt her disgusting saggy boobs that reach the floor with no bra. She is perfect to be a celebrity of dirt, or how ever you call it.

I blame Sloppy Joe for this.- nik

Make America Great Again

and firm control of oneself; [@petertunneyart] — America is not to blame for the millions of Mexicans fleeing their homeland, it’s the corrupt politicians in Mexico maintaining a system that for centuries has rewarded corruption and failed its people. Mr. Trump’s wall isn’t a new or an extreme position. He is simply suggesting that the Federal Government enforce current immigration laws and strengthen a border currently protected with an aging fence. A house divided cannot stand, but a house without walls doesn’t exist! Trump wants to vet the refugees prior to welcoming them. It’s no different than asking a stranger their name and intentions prior to welcoming them into your home. America, get past the name calling and wild distortions and let that voice in your head guide you. It is okay to buck political correctness and allow common sense to shine. Join the second great American Revolution and help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #GrootWedding

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Nectaria’s Parents Are Still No Where To Be Found

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Nectaria is still on IG posting traps for men to masterbate to this underage girl. It literally boggles my mind about how this girl was raised and how she will only sell her body for a living. Sad, sad parenting.

I can’t believe NFL player Leonard Williams never got in trouble for their relationship.- nik

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E11EVEN Miami Music Week Aftermovie 2016

All Roads Lead to E11EVEN.  Thank you Miami Music Week!

Click here to get more details!!!

Please Expose Joe Fournier

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, obviously you know Miami is the home of the posers. Well I need to expose Joe Fournier, everything he claims is always 2% true. Today for example Joe is claiming to be in a serious relationship with Paris Hilton. LOL Joe and Paris are in love according to his Instagram. Which means I’m 98% sure Paris Hilton has no idea who Joey Scumbags is. Oh and look at this self promotion, 12 nightclubs HAHAHA.

His name sounds familiar to me. I feel like he tried to open a nightclub in Scottsdale and failed miserably. Stand by let me search… Yup — check out link below.- nik

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Olivia Spanos Is Very Desperate

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Olivia Spanos she’s a ‘massage girl’ in South Beach. She loves to act like shes this good girl when ummm her job speaks for its self — she rubs guys in a strip club for a living. Hey I’m not knocking the game but, stop being so desperate. I know multiple guys she tries to give her # too and prays on super drunk guys to get attention and drugs from. The girls a 4 on a good day! Do yourself a favor OLIVA and go back to Cuba you little gremlin.

Is a Cuban massage like a Swedish massage?- nik

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