5 Star Jazzi Getting Exposed On Instagram

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, an ex-friend of 5 Star Jazzi put her on blast on Instagram.  This damn hookers gave it good to the other hooker.

I’m working on a zoom feature so this will be easier to read on mobile and some of you gents can have stronger rub out sessions.- nik


5 Star Jazzi Is So Fake

DIRTY ARMY — I Need A Contact For Jazzy

Maybe Jasmine Chiquito Will Help You Respect Big Butts

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know why you and many men like you don’t like big butts and that is cause you guys have small Gregs and can’t penetrate.  Now, I just want to show you the power of a big butt, just like +2’s.  This girl without that ass, would be a 1.14143 but with that ASSET, she is a legit 7.14143.

She looks like a cast member of Little People LA with that body type.- nik

Who Is Erika Wheaton

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I love TheDirty. I am curious about this girl Erika. All of a sudden she popped up on me and my boys Instagram and I think she a solid 9. She has over 80k followers, booking info, models, and started ‘a brand’. Ive heard shes seen in miami. Do you know anything about her and do you think shes hooking?

I know that if she shaved her head — I would totally call her Erik.- nik

Claudia Is Pure Perfection

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, checkout how hot this babe Claudia Alende is. My God, is she a ten or what? I would wife her up in a heart beat. Curves for miles, perfect implants and the face of a model. Just pure perfection!

I’m not falling for your trap. That is a dude.- nik

Former All Pro NFL Player Jevon Kearse Caught On Camera Being Served

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Jevon Kearse, who is dating disgraced former Mrs. Florida Lindsey Berman, is so broke he is making the disgraced former Mrs. Florida violate the terms of her own divorce agreement by forcing her to let him stay in a home paid for by disgraced former Mrs. Florida’s ex husband. Jevon, who is notorious for pursuing married woman, attended the birthday of a friend and shortly thereafter got his wife to commit adultery leading to divorce and her turning in her pageant title in disgrace. Jevon who has previously been arrested for drunk driving, money issues including foreclosure, is known for smoking weed and partied his way out of the NFL now has to rely on a former friends ex wife to support him. He is driven around in her car and lives at the home her ex husband owns while she picks up the tabs. In the attached clip he is served with a deposition notice where he will be asked about where he lives, who he cheats on his current girlfriend with, his alcohol and drug use and his threats against his girlfriend’s ex husband. As you can see from the clip he can’t keep his cool after being served and curses in front of his girlfriends children who are in the car… the deposition should be interesting.​

Sick ride Jevon.- Nik


Jevon Kearse “The Freak” Is A Homewrecking Gold Digger

Follow Up To Jevon Kearse Being A Homewrecker


Follow Up To Jevon Kearse Being A Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, now I have video footage!!!! Wow, what is the email I can send through gmail?

I will have JV reach out to you directly.- nik


Jevon Kearse “The Freak” Is A Homewrecking Gold Digger

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