Cheating Cheerleader


THE DIRTY ARMY: hey you guys, this girl is my ex. we dated for over a year and it turns out she was cheating on me the whole damn time, her name is Ali Haller. she is a cheerleader and Dancer. the whole time when we were dating i was never allowed to see her phone so i guess i shouldve known something was up. but anyway she cheated on me with multiple guys and some of them included some other members of my wrestling team. shee will be going to missouri sts=ate university in springfield missouri. watch out for her she is likely dirty and wants nothing but to use you for material things and sex just as she did to me. she comes off and plays herself off as an innocent ditsy cheer leader girl but she is actually a manipulative cheating whore.

Not so Sexy Kitty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone, let me introduce you to Ruby Cagney-Kerzich!! This girl will say anything to convince you that she is going to be there for you…which is complete BULLSHIT! She is the most Pathological Liar in Portage, MI that I have ever met. She claims to have a $40,000 trust fund that she uses to pay for college; but will get once she turns 30. False!! She has already cashed that shit in and has stolen from her brothers. If you try to date her, you will feel like a child and lose all of your freedom. She will call you “Kitty boyfriend” and tell you that she “loves mew!” Sex is way out of the question, cause her tummy is always hurting.” Fact is she has drd, but doubt she will ever tell you that!! This Bitch is a fat tub of lard that thinks she is the hottest thing on Earth! She is far from it. All she will do is get you to pay for everything and make only promises that she never expects to keep with you. If I was you…I would run the HELL away if I was you.

Meg Johnson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meg Johnson is the biggest two faced person! She is in Alpha Chi Omega at Missouri State University and will flirt or sext any guy who gives her attention, but at the same time yells at others for sexting. She has had multiple scares and is a huge whore. It wouldn’t surprise me if Meg has a drd, she never uses protection.

Wannabe Model

THE DIRTY ARMY: I honestly dont even know where to begin with this so-called “model”. She thinks she’s extremely sexy and hot when all she’s ever gonna be is incredibly easy. She has no ass or tits but she tries to pretend that she does. Her body literally creates optical illusions by her having wide hips and traffic cone tits and it makes her LOOK like that she has big tits and a round ass when there isnt anything there. There is literally nothing sexy about her. She’s also confessed that she cheated on one of her ex boyfriends with over 20 guys. One of those guys was 36 and she was 18. All you have to do to get in her pants is be either a decent looking guy, get her hammered drunk (which is also very easy to do), or be one of her ex boyfriends and tell her that you still love her. she was sending my friend naked pics of her the same day that she told him that she wasnt single anymore. She’s also dirty as hell. she gave one of my closest friends 2 DRD’s and threw him under the bus saying that he gave them to her when it was the other way around. she may not look like it but this girl has slept almost double if not more than her age in guys and i feel bad for anyone who dates her or wants to hook up with her. you will have some of the most boring and bland sex ever and you will be constantly cheated on. the worst part of this is that she’s not even 21 yet and all of this will become alot worse once she starts bar hopping and picks up random guys from bars in st charles. all men AND women should avoid this girl.

Fake Player

THE DIRTY ARMY: his name is james Gilbert he likes to play girls and lie alot. this dude thinks he can play with girls feelings and get away with it sorry your fake

Cindy Rodriguez McSkeezer Marries men for citizenship

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her entire family are illegal immigrants. She married my friend for citizenship and left him within months of their wedding because she only used him to get herself legal. A $20,000 wedding. She told him they’d be together forever she never had sex with him but has plenty to go around for everyone else. She is such a whore, she has been with at least 10 guys in the last year while she is STILL MARRIED! She married the same guy twice and still isnt divorced after 2 years because her citizenship isn’t legal yet.

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