cheater and liar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bwoy is immature,he got kids 3 beautiful kids and all he does is waste time on the streets trying to pimp and bang little girls,he been in and out of prison his whole life,he claims to be a gangsta but his money is small,stay in your lane boy get yourself a job,stop partying and be a father to your kids,god has given you a chance to redeem your position and be a father,man up work things out with your baby mom and do the right thing,stop focusing on p’ssy cause its trouble,focus on a career and job to help support and build your family,you’re 40 years old now you dont drive you dont work you cant live on the streets,look at shamba and apache they grew up do the same,get a job and help your family instead of wasting your time,drinking and smoking up f’ing old ladies and thots

Is he using a towel as a curtain…- nik

Lost Cause


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is natisha she goes by RoyalBlue 18 still lives at home with mamma dropped out of school this b**ch don’t even work smh she “thinks” she’s a boss /bad gal lolzz when really n truly all she does is follow the leader. She doesn’t have a mind of her own she’s a f’k up Dat follows around everywhere. She got pregnant for a man Dats married little did she know he has a wife n yet she still tried f’ing with him smh she calls police on her own friends cuz she can’t fight for sh’t with her fat jelly roles lolzz BEAWARE she’s trying to find a quick come up for herself which is why she tried getting with my cuzzin but he kicked her flubbery ass to the left or was right??

Egghead Meghan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dumb fish face is named Meaghan ! Not to be confused with Megan or Meghan . She is one of the lowest of the low in Montreal . She hangs out in Verdun , taking half naked bathroom selfies in public places , always doing the duck face and making people want to smack it right off of her . This little sloot bi’ches and whines on Twitter about how she is lonely and cruises guys on snapchat , while her cheating lying boyfriend Black Mumba does the same.. She has screwed over 7 people I know and that’s not all.. Word has it that Black Mumba who is Gay 4 Pay has not yet told her what he does for a living , nor has she told anybody about her DRD , both of them are bad liars and will end up destroying each other with lies and deception . Meaghan thinks her sh*t don’t stink but she don’t realize yet that her boyfriend only ever talks about ass and anal , in fact he sleeps with men and then sleeps with her after and then she tries to screw other guys who only get scared away when they see her Twitter posts. She works in a burger joint and all the greasy burgers she eats only go to making her ass bigger . This girl is all ass and flabby white big nipped titties with an ugly face that looks like some half lamented skank who thinks she’s a model . Egghead and Black Mumba are making Verdun live up to its reputation !!! Nasty Trash need to be exposed

Trashy Piece of ash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley ladies let this be your warning she is only interested in men off the market if she’s friends with your man you best bet they have history or is smiling at you with her manipulating face waiting for you to leave so she can make history with him. I hooked up with this girl a few years back she told me she was single but was never allowed at her house cause she worked etc. to find out she don’t work she had man with kids at home and she was seeing some other married guy on the side. I haven’t heard from this girl in 2 years now and just found out one of my guy friends who has been married 15 years has been dipping it to her recently this home wrecker needed to be exposed you can take this girl out of verdun but verdun has already had you and you can’t take what verdun had left in you. Go find someone un called for Ashley!

Verdun Thot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rebecca a.k.a Becky has got to be the most ratchet thing I’ve ever seen. Where do I start? She f’ks anyone for a bag of weed and a beer. Everything that comes out of this bi”hes mouth is a lie and she’ll use you for everything you got. This girl f’ed 4 dudes in a week while claiming she has a “boyfriend”. She f’ked her “boyfriends” whole squad and her brothers whole squad. I’m sure she just f’ed her dealer for weed too. Her ex claims he gave her drd but I’m sure she is just crawling with drds. She wouldn’t use a condom to save her life. She thinks she’s all bad cause she was in a group home but she’s just a scared little hoe. All she does is get high and drunk and bang any dude that’ll say hello to her.

Mama’s Credit


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Asshole is bad news! I need to expose this dick head because he thinks he’s above everyone else. Women should stay away from him unless they want to date a coward. He acts all innocent and is really quiet but behind that facade he is a total dimwit. He borrows money without repaying, he talkshits in people’s back, and he uses his “friends” to his advantage. This guy thinks he’s big because he lives in a tiny condo in hipstertown, he always act big at first but he has no money and relies on his family for his survival. He’s real good at faking being nice by keeping himself discreet and distant with everyone when in fact, he’s just using people to get out of boredom or manipulating them to get some free favors. He only cares about getting sex out of girls but he’s so bad at talking to people, nobody gives a damn about his existence, boring should be his middle name! Don’t ever expect this p’ssy to defend anyone he’s only out there to fend for himself. This guy is single to this day because he’s the total package of scum. He has the maturity of a 16 yrs old, and has no balls to face reality, he’s an expert at running away and a real mama’s boy. Don’t get close to this guy and don’t be fooled by his face unless you want to get disappointed by this cunning asshole. You aren’t going to fool us you f’ing scumbag! You are best kept at distance for everyone.

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