Alex Carangi is Married

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m beverly Herisse i went on a date with Alex Carangi 5 times and we have sex but I don’t know he’s married or have baby, now I find your website, my friend show me your website. I’m in shock i didn’t know he’s married. I don’t talk to him anymore but we’re still friends on Facebook. he do have only strippers and escort girls on Facebook i see so i believe the post is true that you post cause he find me on Facebook too. he is on tinder looking for sex too, he match with some of my friends. he like to have unprotected sex now i have to go get check but he told me its a long time he don’t do anything.

Kathy Boisvert escort and elementary school bus driver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kathy Boisvert, She works as a receptionist and escort for the pimp’s agency, Stephanos svourenos, he also goes by the name Steve and Steven, she ended up in a relationship with him AFTER his arrest and conviction. What’s sad is she works for the school district (sir wilfrid laurier school board), the school district never fired her, we’ve given them many warning with phone calls and emails but they never fired her or investigated her, she has let him into the school bus that she has driven with other kids inside. We had mutual friends on Facebook with Stephanos svourenos and was told by those friends he have posted pictures of himself on the bus with other children but can’t get the evidence now because Facebook deleted his profile a few months after his arrest and conviction. He’s a convicted sex offender so he shouldn’t be near children. This maniac raped and molested girls, there were a few girls who came forward but he decided to plead guilty and only got a reduced sentence of 2 years but only did 15 months in prison when he should be getting 10+ years for what he did. (Click here for article He is NOT a loving father, he used the child as an image to show he is a good person, don’t be fooled, the only reason why he had that child is because he raped the poor girl and got her pregnant. he kidnapped, raped, and confined that poor girl and got her pregnant with that child, she finally escaped only to be stalked and abused by him. She had to be under police protection, as stated in many news articles and quoted by police. (Also See) He got his jail time but never learnt his lesson or felt sorry for what he did, but instead, he blame ALL OF HIS VICTIMS, 15 months isn’t enough. The police and witnesses have many evidence to back up what happened to many girls. He abused many underage girls too. Please be careful ladies. He’s a sex offender with an abusive temper, he’s addicted to abusing women. To the public he pretend to be a good person, he scare his victims with guns, knives, threaten to murder family members if they don’t work for him, beat up women if they don’t bring him money. He is hiding millions of dollars overseas and pretending like he have nothing. He has a criminal record of over 300 conviction, how he is still roaming the street is sick, that’s the justice system in Canada! If you can make a separate post for this please do We need the help of the DA to remove his profile so please take 5 min of your time. We also need your help Nik. THIS REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON FEBRUARY 20TH AND HAS ALREADY MADE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT 5 DAYS AFTER HIS RELEASE. MORE THAN 20 PEOPLE CONTACTED FACEBOOK, SO FAR HIS PROFILE HAVENT BEEN DELETED. WE NEED THE PUBLIC’S HELP TO SHUT HIM DOWN. HE COULD LURE OTHER GIRLS WITH PICTURES OF CHILDREN TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HES A GOOD PERSON. PLEASE HELP, DONT BE FOOLED. PROTECT YOURSELF AND CHILDREN. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM. SEX OFFENDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON FACEBOOK. HE NEVER EVEN DISCLOSED HE’S A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER-BY US LAW YOU HAVE TO DISCLOSED THAT ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA YOU JOIN )

Scammer and a Loser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy collects a cheque each month from the Government of Quebec and has scammed many people out of money. He sits in front of Pharmaprix on St. Laurent close to Deluth with one of his two dogs, normally Scotty and begs people for money. He makes sometimes over $160 a day and if he didn’t have the dogs he wouldn’t be making nothing. This is animal abuse. He also likes to play on girls emotions. He actually gives those that are actually homeless (Justin has a home that he lives in) a bad name. You figure because he gets a cheque from the Government of Quebec of around $550 a month, doesn’t claim any of the money that he makes of around $3000 a month that he is not only committing fraud but also playing on peoples emotions and that public have a right now know. He even tries to pick up girls on here, he left messages for “Two-faced Disaster” and “Verdun Thot”.

CSI Montreal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is poison don’t let her pic fool you this girl is foul. A real man eater a real under cover hoe did so much dirt behind my back. i treated this girl like a queen gave her the keys to my castle but the girl was cheating behind my back. I did some CSi sh*t on shorty found out she was sleeping with 2 of my homeboyz correction ex homeboyz. I found out shes a pathological liar had sex with dudes all over montreal and she was proud of it told me thats how she rolls. I dropped her dirty ass quick foul p***y smelt like hotdog water and her dirty smelt like grandby zoo. sh’t i had to stick my di*k in some rum to ki’l off any drds she has. Shi*t i regret hitting raw. She would cry that she needed rent money i hit her up with 1000$ she cried her baby had no milk i filled her fridge and bought huggies for kids that aint mine. When her punk ass baby dady put hands on her i regulated his b’ ass. I wish i listend to my moms about her foul lying cheating ass.

Clown as Janitor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she looks like a Peggy lee her daughter .LOL. we know its you don’t make it look like its not when you know it is get a life because clearly you don’t have one grow the f”k up and grow some balls and own it stop blaming your shit on people because you know if you told the truth people would find out who you really are a 2 faced back stabbing no good whore you should be the one on the dirty not her this should be your picture on here anyways karma one big b’tch that’s gonna bite you in the ass as it is slowly…..get a life already!!!! and that Ronald mc donald looking creature behind her is her side kick TRISH.

Love the toothless background.- nik

Emy Has Montreal’s Worst Lips

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this nasty tranny looking girl is a broke loser. Her and her 5 foot nothing Islamic wanna be pimp/bf failed in Montreal and Ottawa so they decided to come work in a rented condo Downtown Toronto. She snitched on Brenda Fox a Montreal striper and got her charged. Her pimp has been in Canada how long and knows NO ENGLISH Lmao. He’s everything you imagine short, hairy, looks like a 5’4 sissy, typical Persian, Turkish, Lebanese loser. However, he looks better in shorts then her lmao. She has cellulite on her upper thighs so she tried to cover it and got cheap tattoo work that looks like she got it in a jail in Thailand!!!

3.88927798, but with a nose job and LaserAway action her score would be a 4.88927798. Worth the fix to bat 500 (almost).- nik

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