Crazy Cougar Downriver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik,meet Annette Vella of Grosse Ile.Total party chick with a high sex drive.Pretty sweet huh?This cougar has stalker tendencies,constant text messages,wanting to know where you are all the time,and jealousy issues.Its funny but she seems to hop from guy to guy with relative ease.Likes to hit the sauce pretty hard.The parents that have to deal with her through school and sports activities view her with suspicion.Her charming personality hides her craziness from most people,but when you get to know her it’s pretty clear this is a textbook whackjob.If you are a single guy downriver and come across her,RUN LIKE HELL!

Worry about your nose, not your hair.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Jennaay Makes Charlie Sorry

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jennifer Raney has never had a boyfriend she didn’t cheat on. This guy Charlie Laney got a 5 million dollar settlement and all of a sudden he’s a stud in her eyes. I ain’t sayn’ shes a Gold Digger…But. My boy put this story and pics on his Facebook. He picked her up for a night out away from Charlie. Apparently he shits the bed sometimes due to his accident. My boy and Her got trashed and had some fun. Well Charlie couldn’t believe his precious Jennifer would do that to him so he took to the streets and to Facebook trying to Track her down. He called her whole family, and every dude she’s slept with in the last two years (over 15 dudes that Just I know including me). Chuckles finally found the street My boy lived on but not the address so he drove real slow screaming her name until she came stumbling out half dressed! He then continued to Facebook Message my boy in disbelief so He sent a “Train” of Proof. Sorry Charlie but this is too DIRTY to keep off The Dirty!

Like I said, on to the next one bud.  I’m assuming neither of those guys are Charley.- nik

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Gold Digging Brittney Part 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik just a short reminger to all the no belivers out their that never believed me. This is Brittney at her best tsaking advantage of the men all of which are in ther 50’s she still is at it and of course playing the poor me game to each and everyone of them. Well, I got this little snap shot to show all of you the true Brittney. I have plenty more and I wasn’t take in by all of this stuff. I played her its nice to get one back for all the men out there.

Send in some pics that don’t look photoshopped.- nik

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Lying Lawyer From Detroit

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is a lying cheater whom told me for 8 years that he was divorced. Said he had his divorce decree in his brief case. He never got divorced. He continued to cheat on not only myself, but his wife and two children and he has done it before cheating with me I have found out. He is a terrible man and he deserves the utmost of karma. He lies to his partners, his Mother, and his wife and kids still to this day as he is having another affair now that I am gone.

I really hope that is a hotel bathtub because I’m not really digging the wallpaper.- nik

Alyssa Anastos

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alyssa Anastos is Farmington Hills, and now East Lansing’s dirty slut of the city. She is known for always having a boyfriend and cheating on them. She is obsessed with the family down the street from her, she has literally tried to get with every single one of the boys in that house. There are 3 of them. She has gotten with 2, and tried getting with the third, youngest brother, but that didn’t really work out, he’s like 4 years younger than her. She cheats on every boyfriend she has had. I dont know how she gets boyfriends, shes a fcking ugly ass basketball player who is just as fake as a piece of plastic. She would do anything to suck any of the family across the streets dick.. even the dad if she could. She messed with the wrong boys though, by having sex with him–knowing he had a girlfriend of 3 years. She did this while having a boyfriend. she is a dirty whore who gets drunk and hooks up with guys. Every girl hates this bitch, she has absolutely no friends. Its ok though, when you have sisters that are complete whores–what are you going to do? you only learn from the best right? Not to mention she was a stupid idiot and told my good friend what she did. you stupid cunt. Her dad is the MSU hockey coach. He is absoutely horrible. I hear he is getting fired because of his lack of talent. Read the MSU newspapers about him, he honestly sucks and has no idea what he is doing. Her and her family walk around Munn Ice Arena like they own the place, hahaha no– EVERYONE HATES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. also this bitch has drdS, if I knew the name of her boyfriend I would let him know as well. Watch out for this bitch, she will steal your boyfriend and any brothers you have., regardless if she has a boyfriend or not. Alyssa Anastos you are a CNT, i hope you live a horrible life, People don’t like you or your family.

Master Dead Beat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this deadbeat dad Andre Du-Pree Simmons has a 20 month old son living in San Antonio that he does not take care of. He lied to his wife so she wouldn’t know about him and didn’t even tell his family. Even after, he received confirmation that the child was his(such a loser). The baby momma is now a part time college student full time worker and does everything by herself. He even sent her an email saying that he hoped she and the baby would both d**. This guy is a total douche!! He always brags on his FB how he’s such a big baller and an awesome parent. This guy is a delusional liar that needs to fall down three flights of stairs with a hit of cold hard reality to the head.

Does he always wear those sunglasses inside? for intimidation purposes…- nik

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