The Women Of Downriver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik,big fan of this site.It is one of the first sites I check out after reading my e-mails in the morning.Of late I have noticed a ton of women from the downriver area posted.The thing that’s great about it is that I know a few of them.As a resident of downriver I should feel ashamed,but I find it hilarious instead.A friend of mine said we should do a post asking people what is the best downriver woman post.I say it’s a great idea.So I submit to you this post asking people to tell us the best.So people hit downriver in the search bar on this site and let us know.

The best has yet to come.- nik

Mother And Daughter Cons

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Loretta and Brittney Despain of Grand Blanc Michigan. Here’s two woman a mother and daughter who run big cons on competition bodybuilders and wealthy businessmen. They seduce you with their hometown charm and smiles and suck you in. They play off one another each using their looks and personality to lure you into the web of deceit and long term financial cons. I have been one of those men who have fallen for this sad and unscrupulousness acts of deception. These two woman advertise on popular dating sites and the mother plays the good mother promoter and the daughter plays the beautiful girl that dates the men. They have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from many men over the past two years though dating, intimate relationships and gaining trust into the bank accounts of these men. I won\’t go into how they do it being embarrssed as a professional educated man. They work several men at once and when the men become suspicious they disappear overnight. All of these men seem to find and contact one another and discuss these two womens illegal activities. They operate through out the southeastern part of Michigan, including East Lansing, Grand Blanc, Michigan along with the state of Texas now. I would like all the readers to be on the lookout for these two as stay far away as possible. Nik please put these two on serious “Blast” for the sake of all the decent men out their.

Downriver Party Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I submit to the site this girl, Shawnee Hojnack Reid.. Her name has come up many times in other posts on The She is one messed up piece of work, steals money from dead peoples bank accounts, the funny thing is she thinks she hot shit. She needs to be put on blast, and watch the comments roll in. She loves the drugs, and the gregs. Everyone Downriver has some great stories about this washed up skank hoe.

Bosnian Tranny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I recently seen this coke head freak at a casino in Detroit, she claims to be a nurse at Detroit receiving hospital !? I know her in person her name is Medina Melkic from Bosnia AKA Medina Mujanović SHE works at a gas station in Downriver, Mi with all of the rest of the white trash girls. She ONLY hangs out with some skinny whore named Nerma from Sterling Heights (another story) But yeah Medina does not even speak English properly! She steady uses coke drinks vodka and uses her dad’s money to play slots only to loose every time. Shes has a used mustang but claims to drive a BMW? ummm no. She’s a loser and will never amount to shit. And she knows it. She’s a poor excuse to be Muslim and needs to get a grip. P.s. And she bangs black guys for Xanax. Ideas?

Why flaunt something you can scam from somebody.- nik

Alicia Pill Poppin Brown

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl, Alicia Cora brown. Is THE BIGGEST VICODIN head slut Lansing has ever seen! She wants to be hood and ghetto SOO BAD she can taste it. She only sucks black guys…which isn’t very smart or profitable if sucking is your job. So she usually end up doing favors for pills vicodin,oxycontin, and even cough syrup. She has a 10 yr old son that she had when she was 16, and this mudshark brings a different African American around her son everynight. She got married to a guy that’s in prison..what a special ceremony that must of been. Her white trash bridesmaid and herself were both wearing khaki pants lol then HIS best man was his cellmate/ shower buddy. She snorts pills in front of her son. She offered 2 of my 3 brothers sexual favors if they had any 750 mg vicodin to give her in return. She preys on younger guys because they don’t know about her reputation..and they use her to drive her 1991 hatchback. She will mess with any guy that’s black and sells drugs!! She likes to hang out in trailer parks but claims her family is all from DeWitt with lots of money PSHH YEA we can tell by your glamorous car and life style!! She has a huge mouth but if you give her a much needed slapping she starts crying ans calls the cops. She is a total mud shark and claims white guys disgust her even though her son is white. She wears coogi and rocawear while her poor son wears payless and Kmart. She walks around town with hickeys and she’s 27. She has a horrible pink complexion and looks like a donkey in the face!! She says NI&&a constantly and is extremely ghetto. She had a party at her house and was in her bedroom getting a train ran on her for 2 1/2 hours while her ghetto neighbors ransacked her sons room and stole her sons Nintendo and games. This is the face of a Lansing sewer rat! Put this girl on BLAST!! Oh and she’s a janitor and spends all her money on her husband in prison and drugs. Eww!

Just cause you clean things doesn’t mean you are.- nik

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