Kindly Myers Is Begging For Handouts… Again

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Nashville supersloot Kindly Myers is at it again, begging for freebies and handouts. Either her man doens’t care she is whoring herself out, she doesn’t respect her man… or both. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Who knows… maybe someone will buy her some self respect on Amazon!

Anything cool on the Amazon wish list?- nik

Megan Halcomb got arrested for possesion

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she is currenty waiting her trial for her september 2015 DUI and on Jan 12 2016 she was arrested and booked on drug paraphernalia charges.She is suspected to be dealing her**ne and has also been rumored to have been involved with her boyfriend Blaise 2015 death. Just google her name Megan Halcomb arrest in davidson county for info

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Brittany welfare queen bourgeois

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is brittany she is a mother of two soon to be three she is the craziest woman I’ve ever met in my life! She recently got pregnant supposedly by her baby daddy who was dating another girl at the time while that girl was out of town out of spite! She has cut herself attempting to get attention in front of her two children. She rammed a car with her baby daddy and a girl he was seeing in the car. She has put the personal information of girls her baby daddy was seeing on Facebook why is she not with this baby daddy you ask? Because she cheated on him countless times! She keeps multiple sugar daddies on the side one of which she was screwing in exchange for a hand bag! Talk about disgusting!!! She needs to do everybody a favor and stop reproducing children she can’t support without child support and welfare! Seeing as she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to keep a job down I would be careful if you’re around her area she’s looking for someone to support her ratchet ass and her welfare children. And that is just the tip of the trashy iceberg!!

Montana Stewart

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this boy is a piece of work to say the least. He has absolutely no respect for women. This began in high school when he raped a girl. Which his parents got him out of. Second, he cheated on his college love with her roommate. Later he started dating a girl from nashville that said he beat on her often. This same girl had his baby but put the baby up for adoption because of his abuse. Now he has twins with another girl. Which he also was physically and verbally abusive to during their relationship. Putting his hands on her during her pregnancy. He went as far as jumping on her stomach after she birthed her twins via c section. He is a very mean person. Not to mention cheating on every girlfriend he has had. This boy has been with a lot of women in nashville but most don’t know what they are getting themselves into. He loves to party, drink, do Molly, and get high. He has been around nashville for a while and always out!!! Stay away!

Trainwreck Kasey in Nashville

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kasey West. She’s the neighborhood dumpster. You can find her at the bar every night of the week, bragging about her (fake) boobs and the “services” she provides to married men, with the scent of vomit on her breath. While she likes to think of herself as an “independent” woman who doesn’t “want or need a man” Kasey is an insecure and emotionally-mentally stunted little girl who is constantly seeking attention and validation from men, chasing married men in particular. She preaches that looks aren’t important, but is quick to insult other women (and men) based on appearance, and boasts about using her looks to get things from men.  This tired, pale, basic chick is rumored to have drd,  her ex, who cheated on her multiple times.  More recently, an old lady scooped her flat and saggy 30-year old ass up from laying on the side of Gallatin Road in East Nashville after she drank herself to unconsciousness. Even all of her bar “friends” (all men) laugh at her behind her scrawny backside. She had plastic orbs installed bc she has no ass or hips to speak of. But she thinks she’s hotter than Kat Timpf (hah!), the witty, successful young blonde goddess on Fox. When Kasey isn’t drinking herself blind or cos-playing with other losers, she’s broadcasting her personal life to Facebook strangers for empathy and attention, and trolling for internet friends with selfie-bait of her boobs to feed her fragile ego. This poor, dysfunctional girl, throwing up in bathroom bars across Nashville, is a total train-wreck. And the village bimbo idiot deserves recognition for all the laughs we have at her expense.

Just Incase You Wanted To Send Kindly Myers A Picture Of Your Greg

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, have you ever seen a bigger attention whore than Kindly Myers? Not only is she begging for Christmas handouts again on Twitter, but now she is begging for someone, anyone to send her Christmas Cards! Please send me mail so I can feel more special about my worthless life. Class-less and Desperate.

Her arms and legs look chubby in this image… I don’t get it.- nik

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