Get Your Very Own Kindly Myers Autograph

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this just in… for two stamps, a return envelope and a printed IG photo, Kindly Myers will autograph it for you! Sounds like a great Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary gift. What do you think? Except for the fact that she is a F’n bartender… why does want anyone want an autograph of a wornout bartender?

No idea who this is.- nik

Drew Darlene The Bookie Monster

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, will tell you how incredible you are… Married, has and will sleep with any woman. This person I trusted and was suppose to be my “Best Friend” brought women into My Home and Had Sex, while I was out of town…. How disrespectful and Nasty. Do Not Trust, Believe Any Words From His Mouth. FYI- if you need to place bets… Do not with him. Slow Pay, if you get paid.

I have Spurs winning it all this year.- nik

Secret Sauce

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is none other than Ashley Burgess or Ashley Wainwright, depending on the day. This sloot is straight out of the Nashville trash bin. Shes been used and recycled now just plain trash. She has 4 kids but only claims to have 3. She leaves her kids with random ass people so she can do what she wants or “work”. When she does have her children she is so messed up on whatever she can get her hands on that she cannot take care of them even if she wanted to. The youngest one was trying to change his own diaper and one of the other kids had stepped in a messy diaper and walked all around and she didn’t even flinch. She sleeps with who ever is supplying her roxy habit. I would say she is a liar, but con-artist sounds more accurate. She likes to brag about random men she meets online or in the back alley eating her roast beef while driving down the road. Hope the guys like the never ending gift. Did I mention that shes married? Oh yes, who knows if he is in jail or on the run, but she is married and has been dating and sleeping around for years. She worked at Brass Stables as a “cocktail waitress” because they wouldn’t let her beef on the pole…and Brass Stables had no standards. She plays it all up really good for DHS so she can get that monthly assistance and food stamps, which she sells for drugs. She will give you up in a hot minute too. Blames her drugs and habits on others to get out of trouble. She was an informant for the Smyrna police dept to get out of trouble all while ruining someone elses life and name. She is in Nashville but says she lives in Lewisburg. Watch out she on the prowl again from what we’ve heard! Just in time for her flare up to heal so she doesn’t have to tell you she has the derp, but you will find out eventually. Buyer Beware! After years of spreading her “message” over Nashville, its time for this cheap wannabe to get what shes been giving ..SH;T! If you see this skid mark send her back to where she came from.

Facebook Deletes Kindly Myers Page

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this was too hilarious not to post… Facebook has deleted Kindly’s Facebook “fan page” with a supposed “5.2 million fans”. That’s right… A bartender with 5.2 million fans. They will be so upset… Wait… 5.199million of them are Indian Facebook click farmers, so really I guess the click farmers are really pissed! This girl is the fakest of the fake.

God bless Nashville.- nik

Roxy Head Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hoe Ashley Burgess or Ashley Wainwright, depends on the day what name she goes by, is a complete train wreck. She is a certified junky! Gets suboxone and trades it for Roxys or molly or whatever she can get her hands on. She will steal, lie, cheat, and open her legs to get her way. She has several kids and its so sad that they have this for a mother. She gets in trouble with the popo and blames it all on others, lies, and testifies against her so called friends and family only to destroy there lives and futures. She has no shame. She is an easy piece though if you dont mind the trashyness. Beware of coodies though! The Brass Stables wouldnt even let her dance and they have no standards! She isnt who she claims to be. Con artist at its finest right here. Waste of a life.

35 year old who Screws Grandmothers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, William T Howard is 35 years old. He works for the Kroger warehouse in Portland, TN! LHe is a 3 time convicted drug dealer whom Is an alcoholic, chain smoking convict! He is a predator that goes after women who are between the ages of 45-60. He usually has 4 to 5 Grandmothers on the hook. He likes them petite, big boobs and big butt. He is smooth operator and uses his looks and street smarts to tease these older white women into falling in love with him! Used the same technique pimps use in young girls. I know one 54 year old former Sunday School teacher who gave up her family, job and sanity chasing this low life! He finally told her his game after having sex with her over 30 times in about 2 months. Now ladies this is all unprotected sex! I said Todd aren’t you worried about catching an drd from all these women! He said know the older white women have usually only been with one guy! Plus they have shots for most of those! The lady he told, she wasn’t worth it has now been tested over 3 times for drds! So ladies beware of his looks and Charm! Your just one more women he’s using! If you want to be screwed by this man just know his ghame ahead of time! BTW- he has 2 phones and is still into the drugs!

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