Baggage and a Half

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I Dated this guy for about a month, knew him for less than two. He was on a break from his long term girlfriend who went away for a couple months. Upon her return he left Brittany. Never officially asked her out either. Just made out with her a few times (gross right? Look at her). She never took the hints he gave that he didn’t want to be with her. He tried telling her even in their “relationship” that he didn’t want her but she still kept calling and changed her Facebook status to in a relationship when he never called it that. As soon as Brittany heard he got back together with his girlfriend she sent a couple of threats about what she’d do if the girl talked to her boyfriend again. The boy went to Brittany and told her in person that whatever they had been doing was over. Still Brittany began hanging out with his friends and inviting herself to hang out with him. She stalked them both on social media and even after they blocked her she began making new profiles. Seven and a half to eight months after he and his girlfriend reunited, she is still stalking them and trying to get back with him even though it has been made clear that he is not and has never fully been interested. Don’t date her. Don’t go near her. She’s easy, sure, but she won’t go away. She is infamous for asking her exes and past hookups to come over her house in or out of a relationship. Kiss her once and she is with you for life. If that doesn’t convince you, one of her closest friends tells everyone about her various mental issues, and the other, a manager where she works, has tried and failed numerous times at getting her fired. I’m writing this to warn anyone that reads this about her. She is a nightmare. A complete nightmare and won’t take a hint. Don’t go near her. She may never let you go. Heaven knows she won’t let him go and they were barely together for a month.

Dried up 40 yr old

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chicks over the hill edm slut runs around the smallest town in NH like she’s the shit. She’s the thirst shit, after 4 am when the guys start calling. Never known a 49 year old so deslerat to fit in with hipster and run around slinging the shiniest white lady out there. She’s that one too old lady at the end fest. Hanging on!! Lay off the partying and get a life at 40.

Flashback Friday — Does Elvira Have A REFUND Gap

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, isn’t this the newest Dirty Celeb Elvira showing off her Refund Gap?

I don’t think her Gap is that bad, but that is just my professional opinion.- nik

^^^ I said this because I was trying to sleep with her when this was published [November 20, 2008].- nik

Gianna The Saggy Stripper

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please expose this Gianna! She try’s to pass herself of as a good girl with her m.o.’s to “keep smiling” and “stay positive”. Kinda hard when your sleeping with everyone’s boyfriends and husbands! She’s trying to hop on the tacky fitness model thing. Sorry Gianna, your a bad person with no morals – on that note guess it makes sense she’s stripping now lmfao. Nobody cares about your cheap ass boob job with that beak in the middle of your face. Ladies, keep your man as far away as possible she will literally sleep with anyone as long as their taken. She’s gets off on home wrecking because no decent guy will date her.

I’m not a fan of the bags under Gianna’s eyes.- nik

Alfonzo Dennard Of New England Patriots On Tinder

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I matched with this guy on Tinder. No idea who he was or what he does. After we talked for a little bit, I decided to check out his Instagram that he proudly displays on his profile. On his Instagram description it says “New England Patriot. @Iammamaswag my heart.” – Come to find out after looking at a few pictures, this guy is married with 2 kids! Pathetic. I hope his wife knows…

That beanie sure does look familiar [Click Here].- nik

Bailey Ravich Far From Gods Gift

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I love your site. I have been DA Strong for years. Honestly I am surprised this self proclaimed “Gem” Bailey Ravich hasn’t been posted on here before. This girl really thinks she is something special. She truly believes shes Gods gift to the world. Shes only 20 years old and already beat. Her on again off again boyfriend Max cheats on her all the time. But who could blame him? She shares an apartment with her ex boyfriend Nick Mercier. Who she also still sleeping with. This girl also parades around with Katrina George and Rachel Chittick (Rachel has been posted several times on here). Lets not forget her “modelling career”. This girl couldnt even pay her way into scam modeling online contests. Bailey is also a drug dealer. Selling prescribtion adderall and was recently robbed. So Nik tell me would you be with washed out whore??

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