Dunno who the daddy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, met this nasty one from some of my homeboys. We always be seein her around the local bars even after she is big and pregnant so I figured that would be the best time to hit it because I don’t want to be the baby daddy. Didnt find out til after I slep wit her that she was the one who gave ma boy and drd A while back so keepin ma fingers crossed. Told me she dunno fa sure who the dad is but has some way older dude thinking it is his because he has more money than the other guys she was sleeping with at the time. B**ch also talkin bout she does some kind of “100% pure” ecstasy that is supposedly safe for the baby yeah OK never heard of that. Wear are child services? If anyone see her after she have the kid Im sure she will still be in different bar every night, just offer a few pills and she will be on her knees and at your service. If you the type of guy who like a challenge or a woman that makes you work for the pu$$ then this wont be the one for you. She will probably not even wait six weeks after having this kid to find her next baby daddy. She always got her mouth open like dat waitin 4 someone to stick a greg in.

Hoffman At it Again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sarah Hoffmann. She has a 6 year old son in kindergarten that she totally cut all ties to, why? no one knows Drugs? Men? Im guessing both! Late 2015 after not seeing her son for about 2 years courts decided after she failed a drug test she should be awarded supervised visits every other Saturday for 4 hours. Also she has to pay child support, neither of which she has been able to do its always some kind f excuse. Most recently shes laid up with another man and hasn’t spoken to her son in almost 2 months! This woman makes me so sick and should be sterilized!!!

Nola Stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Patricia a bourbon street stripper who snorts pills and God only knows what else she does. She is a sad excuse for a mom. I’m related to her and I know first hand she doesn’t take care of her children. She would rather other people take care of her children than take care of them herself. She jumps from man to man looking for a free place to rest her head. Currently she is with this older guy who takes care of her. She sets a bad example for her children. She fights in front her kids with her boyfriend and fills her children’s heads with ignorance. She is illeterate and dropped out of school in the eight grade. She is always high and thinks she’s the best mom in the world. Beware guys she will sleep with you if you pay her but no telling what disease she has. Anybody else know her? Put her on blast because she deserves it.

Dirt Diggers


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Just take a look at how stupid these two are. Kim dating some sex offender and a wrap sheet longer than any book he has ever read. No concern for the safety or week being of her children will just let anyone In to her home and between her legs. Stanton has some game but his main game is f’ing over and stepping on anyone that may get In The way of his next lottery ticket. Just as he did with his first wife but unfortunately was too tempted by her daughter to stay in very long. This jobless broke Dick is happy with just a meal ticket at this point.cant wait to see how all this unfolds

Once a Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kim Unglesby of Oxford Mississipp in and currently New Orleans Louisiana trying to climb the social latter of society in New Orleans has fumbled in trying to keep up with all of her lies and let her true Mississippi adulterous roots shine. After her failed marriage and extra marital affairs that she blames only on her husband shea has found a more appropriate soul mate that reflects more on her true upbringing. Stanton Slade Pearson are both so self absorbed that that their ability to take anyone other than themselves well being into account is impossible . David W. Welker, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the New Orleans Division, and St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain announce the arrest of John Stanton Pearson, Jr. of Missisippi and currently New Orrleans, Louisiana.After being caught in the act of Adultry by his wife he A former fugitive of the United States arrested in 2010 and extradited to the United states by after being captured by Interpol in Costa Rica. He fled The United States to evade his arrest in St. Tammany Parish on charges of sexual battery of a juvenile ( his step. daughter) Today each of them having been in committed relationships stabbed best friends and in the back befriended their significant others children all while sneaking around and lying to all and joking about the pain they caused to other to find more excitement in their newest affair. Do not trust or believe a thing that comes out of the mouth of these two they will stop at nothing to make you believe they are of some value to society.

Sanda Perez of Berwyn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this digusting dog right here is known for 2 thangs .. 1. A Hoe and 2. Her p’zy is BEAT , when i mean Beat , i mean BEAT !Ne1 dat got some of dat nasty sh’t knows exactly what i mean. Shes so dirty she fux & suxs wit her kid right next to her. She runs with all the known runners especially oh girl i da pic. Dat b’tch next to her wit all da damn make up is a craigslist hooker,stipper,free party hoe when wit her click and robs senior citizens which was in a newspaper article. Neways Sanda Perez is a nasty dirty disgusting loose p”sy , hanging gut and super FLAT ASS Hoe dat fux da KINGS n 4gm on a monthly if not weekly basis while selling weed daily n getting high daily….CHECK HER OUT ON FB …MARIJANE

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