Lucy tried running from charlotte


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she left charlotte NC in ruins spreading hep c to atleast 5 people. Watch out for this one. She’s disgusting, one wiff of her snatch could end a war.

Ignorant Troll


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this this ignorant worthless piece of sh*t gets off to sitting on the internet & attempting to ruin lives. (( Just your regular ol happy Creole girl who loves to piss off RACIST ppl, drink wine and cook. )) <<< This is how she defines herself on Facebook, but she speaks nothing but hate for “saltines” (white people) on her page. Due to her thinking its cute to start local wars of racism an innocent family & family business are now ruined. She posted pictures of this family dressed up in costumes all over all the local news sites & social media claiming them to be cold hearted racists. She has never met this family in her life. This family is scared to leave home, & scared to even sleep due to murder threats. They can’t even attend social media now due to the fire this woman has fueled simple because a white man & his white wife dressed up as Steve Harvey & Miss Columbia while attending a mixed race costume party. These were good people with the intent of having a good time with other good people of all races. Now this couple & several children hide in fear. She is the true definition of racism & a very bad person for what she does to innocent people.

Jailer Druggie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty dirty thing is Kirk j#+ty he likes to date woman and lie to everyone trying to say he got them pregnant. Pulls knives on females if they now down to then he will beat them one girl he said was supposedly pregnant he beat until she lost the baby. He is a thief he will steal anything he can get his hands on what kind of person robs a school and cuts of a lizards tail and steals a bag of candy? I mean really how desperate are you he has robbed his whole family blind and no of them even want anything to do with him so he lives house to house with who ever he can live off of but it doesn’t last long because he can help to steal all their shit for his habits . What do you think about this 1.

Stank of a Loser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy hits females and trys to control them, y that’s why his last girlfriend left him. They have a kid together and he never wanted anything to do with her until the mother and he split up. His daughter also in one of the pics moved in his house along with her boyfirend (she’s only 18) and has sex and runs around naked around the kid. The loser kevin also bathes his 4 year old in his dirty bath water or bathes with her. I’ve told her mother and she said that she asked him about it but he trys to deny it. He also leaves the door open while he uses the bathroom…. i mean come on, have some decency and self respect. The loser also brings the four year old around trailor trash family members of his and he lets them talk bad about her mother and he hust tells her not to say anythi g to her mom. People like this do not deserve kids…. in the one pic where it looks like the daughter is his girlfriend, i was told she was pregers so he been doing all he can (not going to work and cutting hours) so he doesnt jave to pay much in child support! Trailor trash doesnt begin to cover that family… what do you think?

Excuses for her Work

2015-12-25 00.40.26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Carley Claire Bippus, she used to be a dancer which isn’t bad but being a so called “high profile escort” just shows what she really values. She claims she did it for her kid but she’s just a dumb slut with a materialistic personality.

No excuses..- nik

Lexis Bayou Thot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lexis from Larose la. You can find her on Facebook where you posts things about her “haters” and has Facebook beef with people. No man wants you girl. They only concerned for their man in catch he catches something from your infested drd ass!! She thinks she’s a model but c’mon-look at her. Maybe she could be a tranny. She looks like a bobble head Ethiopian with bad hair. And the flies included- cause they around that SNATCH!

What does she love?- nik

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