Jacquelyn Newell Is Back


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what can I say.  The girl on the right is one of Newport’s most notorious “working girls”.  Gentleman beware, this young damsel in distress will take anything worth value and secretly take video and audio of her sugar daddies. She will and can use it against you. So Nik… Make sure you keep your watch on… I would hate for her collection of gentlemans jewelry to get any larger.

This is racist against the whites.- nik

Keep it in the family


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she is a drugged out married woman that fucked anything that would get her high for the last year, even the guys threating the lives of her kids, now shes hooked up with her cousin. First cousin. And doesnt hide it. Nastt hickies all iver each other and bragging about fucking. With talk of moving to Washington so no one will know there cousins. How much dirtier can you get.

Watch Out For Christy Guziak


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everyone in Orange County needs to watch out for this girl Christy Guziak who is the biggest sloot, whore and trash in the OC. This is a dumb ass and cheated on my friend Auston Van Wormer with some douche she met on Instagram and left him. This sloot also got tired of being made fun of so much about her elephant nose to the point where she had to undergo plastic surgery to remove the trunk from her face. This girl is a liar and cheater and will do whatever it takes to succeed. She is a sociopathic and narcissistic whore who only cares about herself. She hangs with attractive girls to try and associate herself with attractive people because her nose job made her even weirder looking than she was before. Nik, lets hear a word of advice for this girl, she’s desperate for it.

That looks like 40th street. Anyway, her arms feel a little heavy to me, takes away from the incorrect slope on her nose.- nik

Moth Balls Has No Butt


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, finally got the courage to go watch Moth Balls and Blood Diamond dance and I was so disappointed. Moth Balls had no butt, it was not cool at all. No wonder why she never shows it on IG.

Too much Z Gallerie for me.- nik

Laci Kay Somers Is Perfect


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’ve been DirtyArmy strong for years, mad respect for what you do. I saw that photo the other day of Laci Kay Somers on your page and I had to share this photo of her with everyone. She’s actually gorgeous, and she’s definitely a chick, not a SHIM like these people think she is, I think people just like to hate because they are assholes and wish they could get with her. If you go on her YouTube channel she is hella cool and she actually interacts with people, in my opinion she’s a solid 10.

I’m still waiting to see what she really looks like. These bootleg ‘modeling’ shots do nothing for me.- nik

Angela Evans Was Texting My Now Ex-Boyfriend


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please post this girl Angela Evans. I found out she was sending my now ex-boyfriend pictures of herself while living with her boyfriend and complaining about their sex life. Angela if you’re going to take naked pictures you might want to make sure your fupa isn’t resting on your lap. Her two kids are going to be so proud of moms nips out there for the world to see. I hope her boyfriend sees this and kicks her ass out.

OP don’t be weak and go back to your boyfriend.- nik

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