Happy Birthday Nik Richie


I’m 37 years old today. I have beautiful kids, a loving wife, a supportive family and amazing friends. I truly have the best and BLESSED life. Thank you for embracing my visions and I love you.- nik

Fit or Not

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I really can’t tell if Jeri is fit or not. Have never seen IRL so I don’t know! In some of her photos she looks tight and in some she looks like a blob. She’s always talking about her “fit life,” and she’s now a cycle instructor at Full Cycle. She’s also one of those cross fit fanatics. So what do you think? Fit or blob? Would you take cycling classes with Mama Lee?

These must be the BEFORE pictures.- nik

Can No Longer Compete


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Newport gurl trying to hard, too many younger girls to choose from! She posted these on Facebook!! Really!!!

Looks like she bleached the life out of her hair.- nik

I Just Can’t Tell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is Jeri fit or not fit? She is now a cycle instructor at Full Cycle in Costa Mesa and one of those cross fit fanatics. In some photos she’s looking amazing and in some she looks like a blob. What are your thoughts? Is Jeri Lee a fitness advocate or blob?

That’s a fast food belly.- nik

Please Help My Buddy Learn The Truth About Jami Marie Beltran

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you gotta look out for my boy John. He keeps messing with this wannabe model (but really Red Bottom stripper) from Newport. Every year she goes back to him for his GoPro services after whatever Sugar Daddy she has been with gets rid of her. Now she, her butt as ugly dog and her alcohol anklet are back at it with him and he is clarly getting played. My boy John is in San Diego and never knows the truth about her. Hence I turn to the Dirty Army. Someone on here has gotta have intel on her; maybe even a Delp review. She goes by the IG and Facebook handle of Newport Barbie, but is nothing more than 909 trash. I just wanna look out for my boy. Ya. She’s got massive +2s but clearly by the refund gap they are definitely done by some 909 hatchet… DA- Please help out my boy, JB from falling for her P4P ways again.

Don’t click the arrows to the right, it progressively gets worse.- nik

C’ann McDonald Married Her Sugar Daddy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this alleged woman and aspiring model, married her old white sugar daddy and she’s living the life. Plastic surgery, trips etc. I’m just having doubts that she was born a woman. She is quite tall and has broad shoulders and manly face even with all the surgery. Her name seems fake too. What do you think?

Mr. McDonald please stick with the hats.- nik

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