Is Starbucks’s Unicorn Frap Any Good?

Is Starbucks’s Unicorn Frap Any Good?

So I gave into the hype… and tried the Unicorn Frappuccino. This wasn’t something I needed in any way, shape, or form. When I go to Starbucks, I’m usually going to get something caffeinated, which has the benefit of giving me energy. The Unicorn Frappuccino, however, offers no true benefit. There’s no caffeine in it; rather, it’s chock full of calories and sugar. It’s basically a Starbucks branded milkshake.

Why did I feel so compelled to try it, though? There’s something about Starbucks that gets in your head. They kept toting their Unicorn Frappuccino as the new “it” thing and it got under my skin. It was decided. I was going to have to try it. Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: Coachella Selling ‘Artist Guest’ Wrist Bands To The Masses

EXCLUSIVE: Coachella Selling ‘Artist Guest’ Wrist Bands To The Masses

Buyer Beware – the ‘Artist Guest’ wristband is not as VIP as you think. They’re being sold to the masses in the thousands.

As The Dirty reported the other day – civilians are paying $2200 for this wristband above, thinking they can meet all the celebs and musicians.

According to our source, “we couldn’t get on any stage because of capacity issues and the artists were like what the f**ck are randoms doing next to me! So security pushed us away from anyone famous and when I say us it was thousands of people” he continued, “we got scammed by Coachella and have met with an attorney to file a class action lawsuit.”

The Dirty has reached out to Coachella to get their side of the sales pitch … we will be sure to update you on the Indio matter.

BREAKING: Cleveland Murderer Who Broadcast Killing Live On Facebook Found Dead

Recently, we reported that a man named Steve Stephens in Cleveland, Ohio, had killed someone live on Facebook on Easter Sunday. While a manhunt was underway for him, news has broken today that he killed himself in the last place his cell phone was pinged- Eerie, Pennsylvania.

According to reports, he was spotted this morning in Eerie and state troopers began to close in.

Ryan Tarkowski, the Pennsylvania State Police Communications Director, stated that, “A traffic stop was attempted, there was a brief pursuit, at which time Stephens shot and killed himself.”

The Cleveland Mayor, Frank G. Jackson, spoke out and said, “We have our closure.”

Manhunt Underway In Cleveland After Man Uploads Video Of Himself Killing Someone In “Easter Day Slaughter”

While Easter is supposed to be a nice time with family and friends, an extremely scary situation occurred in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday. According to reports, a man named Steve Stephens uploaded a video of himself killing an elderly man to Facebook.

While Facebook has now shut down his account, the man claimed in posts to the social media platform to have killed 15 people, sickeningly calling it his “Easter day slaughter.” 

Police in Cleveland have issued an aggravated murder warrant for Stephens, and have stated that, “residents of states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan asked to be on alert” as the “SUSPECT MAY BE OUT OF STATE AT THIS TIME.”

While police have not located any victims since the first, they described Stephens as “bald with a full beard. Wearing dark blue and grey or black striped polo shirt. Driving a white Ford Fusion with a temp tag. Armed and dangerous.”

As of yet, he has not been located.

There is supposed to be a press briefing at 9 AM and we will be sure to keep you posted with any further details.

UPDATE: According to CNNStephens’s cell phone last pinged in Eerie, Pennsylvania, which is 100 miles from Cleveland.

MOAB Only Kills 36 Isis Fighters

Fox News released video this morning of the blast in Afghanistan.

The Mother of all Bombs better known at MOAB only took down 36 Isis fighters. Officials are saying there were no civilian casualties. People are questioning if this was too aggressive, as MOAB is the largest bomb before nuclear.

General John Nicholson stated, “This was the right weapon against the right target. It was the right time to use it tactically against the right target on the battlefield.”

It’s obvious America is sending a message to the world … we are not F-ing around.

EXCLUSIVE: North Park Elementary School Classes Cancelled For Entire Week, Vigil Being Held – Hear The Message Parents Received Here

Yesterday, the North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California, tragically had a school shooting take place, and The Dirty exclusively revealed the message parents received on their phones, as well as the follow up message.

We now can reveal a new message was issued by the district today, regarding classes being cancelled for the rest of the week and a candlelight vigil taking place tonight.

The message said the following: “Good afternoon. This is North park Elementary school calling with a very important message. Classes are cancelled for the remainder of the week. Once again, North Park Elementary School will be closed all this week. Classes will resume in Monday, April 17th. We recognize a closed school is a hardship for families; therefore, parents and guardians in need of childcare can drop students off in the care of trained professionals on Thursday and Friday of this week from 8:50 AM to 3:30 PM at Del Vallejo Middle School. Also, we invite all North Park families to a candlelight vigil today, Tuesday April 11th, at 7 PM in the North Park Elementary School playground. As a precaution, law enforcement volunteers will be present to ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you very much.”

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of the victims and all of the staff and students of the North Park Elementary School.