BREAKING: Mass Shooting Occurs At Republican Congressional Baseball Team Practice, GOP Whip Shot

BREAKING: Mass Shooting Occurs At Republican Congressional Baseball Team Practice, GOP Whip Shot

There is breaking news occurring this morning that a major mass shooting has occurred this morning at the Republican Congressional baseball team’s practice this morning in Alexandria, Virginia… and the GOP whip, Steve Scalise, has been shot.

Aside from Scalise, CNN claims that two Capitol Hill police officers were also shot.

Republican Representative/Congressman Mo Brooks, who was on the baseball field when the shooting began, spoke to CNN and said the following:

“The adrenaline and the emotion is still high. Right now, we’re secure. We were- we get here about 6:15, 6:30…tomorrow night is supposed to be the game… it raises about $600,000 for charity… I was on deck about to hit batting practice on the third base side of home plate and I hear a loud BAM. And I look around and behind third base in the third base dugout which is cinder block, I see a rifle. And I see a little bit of a body. And then I hear another BLAM and I realize there is an active shooter. At the same time I hear Steve Scalise over near second base scream. He was shot… The gun was a semi-automatic. It continues to fire at different people. As you can imagine, all the people in the field scatter. I run around to the first base side of home plate and we have a batting cage that’s got plastic wrapped around it to stop foul balls and hide behind the plastic… I was lying on the ground with 2 or 3 others as gunfire continues. I heard a break in the gunfire and decided to take a chance and ran from first base to the home plate dugout… There were a number of congressmen and congressional staffers who help us lying on the ground. One of them was wounded in the leg. I took off my belt- myself and another congressmen… applied a tourniquet to try to slow down the bleeding. In the meantime- towards the right field side of the dugout- and there’s gunfire within about five, six, seven feet of my head. I look up and there’s a guy with a gun blasting away. Fortunately, it was one of the good guys- one of our security detail who was shooting back… He was ordering us to stay down… There must have been 50-100 shots fired… Eventually, it seems that the shooter shot both of our security detail people. There were some congressmen on phones screaming for reinforcements… Eventually, the shooter starts circling around third base. This is my understanding- of course, I’m down on the ground helping the guy who’s got a bullet hole in his leg. The shooter starts coming around home plate where we are. My understanding is that that’s where our security detail- and maybe some of the ones who were wounded still defending us- took him down.”

We will keep you posted as more details arise regarding this situation.

[Image c/o YouTube/CNN]

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