EXCLUSIVE: San Bernardino District Staff Member and North Park Parent Talks Shooting

EXCLUSIVE: San Bernardino District Staff Member and North Park Parent Talks Shooting

Yesterday, there was a tragic school shooting at the North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California.

We exclusively talked with Brenda MacDonald, who works in the district and has children at North Park, about what went down.

“I heard of the incident at my work,” MacDonald exclusively shared with us. “I work for the San Bernardino school District. We didn’t know at first if it was near the school or in the school. It was 11:00 when I first heard.”

“I left my work about 20-25 minutes away,” she continued. “I called a couple moms of kids that went there too and they were already there frantic, being told to go to Cajon High School to pick up (their) kids.”

“By the time I got there, the whole school was blocked off and parking was a nightmare,” MacDonald elaborated. “News, swats, helicopters, and hundreds of people were all over the area.”

The harrowing and worrisome day didn’t end there, though, as MacDonald detailed that, “I finally made it the gym at Cajon High School at 12 PM, where we were told kids were being transported to Cal state, there they had to be counted and fed lunch, then they would be bussed back to us at the high school to be dismissed. I have 2 boys in 2nd & 5th grade and finally at 4, we had both kids in our arms. My husband and a bunch of other families could do nothing but wait.”

“I must say yesterday, I was angry, scared, (and) tired because all I wanted was my kids,” MacDonald added, “but now I thank God for police, swat, firemen, ambulances, staff, and a lot of volunteers that showed up to help and just be there for us and the kids. All the churches nearby- even my church, the Sandals Church, which is 30 minutes away- had showed up to be there and counselors stepped in, talking to families.”

As far as where things stand now in the district, MacDonald noted that, “School is closed for two days so far and they have set up counseling sites to provide help.”

We appreciate MacDonald sharing her account of the day with us and can’t imagine how hard of a day it must have been.


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