EXCLUSIVE: USC Kappa Alpha Theta Student Falls, There May Be More To Story

EXCLUSIVE: USC Kappa Alpha Theta Student Falls, There May Be More To Story

This past Monday, the USC Kappa Alpha Theta chapter posted to their Facebook the following message regarding one of their sisters: “Last Friday, one of our sisters suffered a serious fall and remains hospitalized. We want to thank our chapter advisors, the university, and the Engemann Student Health Center counselors for their support during this difficult time. We would also like to thank the entire Greek community for their care and concern. Please keep our sister and her family in your thoughts and prayers.”

A source who claimed to be a parent reached out to us to tell us that there’s more to the story than what has been put out so far. 

“This girl supposedly she was on the roof or a second story of a building,” our insider said. “She fell and had surgery and then has since passed away. The sorority sent out an email to the sorority members saying please don’t tell the media and we appreciate your prayers.”

We reached out to Liz Rinck, the Director of Communications/Editor for Kappa Alpha Theta. 

She told us, “Thank you for your message. We are grateful for the support extended by the entire USC community to our chapter in the wake of the hospitalization of one of our sisters. Kappa Alpha Theta has not been asked by university administrators to not respond to media inquiries, and we hope you will understand our desire to respect our members’ privacy.”

We will be reaching out to the University to follow up and see what they are able to share with us.



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