Exit The Unicorn Frap, Enter The Dragon Frap

Exit The Unicorn Frap, Enter The Dragon Frap

Just when we thought we were done hearing about the ridiculous Unicorn Frappuccino, news has broken about a new frappuccino that is gaining steam.

According to a report from Yahoo! News, this is called the “Dragon Frappuccino,” and it’s what some baristas have made for customers who request a unicorn frap when they’re out of the ingredients to make one.

Yahoo! describes the unofficial “Dragon Frappuccino” as “a green tea frappuccino with vanilla bean powder and a berry swirl on the inside of the cup.”

So far on Instagram, the #DragonFrappuccino has gotten 143 posts, and it’s starting to be discussed many places. Again, to note, it’s not an official Starbucks product, but that’s not stopping it from gaining traction.

While we’re more than over this ridiculous mythical creature frappuccino nonsense, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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