HOCD Sounds Like You’re Probably Gay

HOCD Sounds Like You’re Probably Gay

While there’s always talk about gay, straight, and everything in between sexual-orientation wise, we couldn’t help noticing an article pop up on Esquire‘s UK website regarding straight men who are terrified they’re gay.

Specifically, the article discusses something called HOCDHomosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder– talking about men who are obsessed with the fact that they may be gay. There’s even treatments they mention for it- and, from googling, treatment centers to cure your HOCD.

One example they give is a man who was “obsessed with” gay porn even though he “didn’t fancy men” and the porn did “nothing” for him.

While HOCD may be a real thing, a straight man who starts to become obsessed with gay porn can’t be completely straight. We’re not saying they’re completely gay, either, but… if you’re watching gay porn and having thoughts about being gay, there’s got to be something a little deeper than just OCD. It sounds like you’re not suffering from a disorder, but may actually just be partially gay.

We live in a modern, very accepting world. Be who you want to be, whether that’s gay, straight, or somewhere in between. Just don’t blame it on a disorder. It sounds like you’re lying to yourself. #FORGY


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