Italy – Earthquake Traps 30 People That Include Children

Italy – Earthquake Traps 30 People That Include Children

If you live or know anyone in California, you’ve heard stories of earthquakes. Universal Studios even displays this attraction on their tram ride and the Rock played in a movie called San Andres where he had a hot daughter that constantly had earthquakes in the chest area.

Well on a serious note there was a REAL earthquake in Italy last night which caused an avalanche that buried an entire resort hotel trapping at least 30 people that included children. Yes, this is real life, not a movie. Rescuers had to use skis and were dropped off by helicopter to find survivors.

The Hotel Rigopiano is lost. So far only two people have been saved – there were 23 guests and seven staff members. Reports are saying a series of four earthquakes hit the Monté-realé region in a span of four hours. The largest quake registering at 5.7. Pray for Italy.

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