Avicii Went Crazy In Norway

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when Avicii was in Tromsø this weekend to join the big festival DØGNVILL, people went absolutely crazy … He drank before the concert with several of my buddies and taught “DJ-tricks” to several of the young talents in Northern Norway. Some of them were Ole Henrik Kristiansen from Alta, and Andreas Løvland, Morten Jægervand and at least Steffen Dreyer who is the man of Døgnvill. I even talked to him on the phone and he was obviously high on the bulb. But, yes, what can we say? The concert was not up to expectations and it seemed like he was apparently quite upset everything was dead, and wake me up didn’t he play more than 60 seconds….. It all was embarrassing!

Yeah everyone is saying Avicii’s stock is falling. He even lowered his booking rate because he is not drawing crowds like he use to (I think it’s because his chin implant scares people). Thanks for the DIRTY ARMY love from Norway.- nik

Watch Out Connecticut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, A trashy, manipulating, compulsive liar from Bridgeport, CT who calls herself Danyzinha, aka (Danielle Ribeiro) and her so called ‘job’ is to be a ‘promoter’ with Danyzinha Productions, who’s real full time job is a well known stripper in Queens New York that will show you a good time with a happy ending but tells everyone she’s a live in nanny in New York. She is an absolute loser who’s motto is “cola em mim que eh sucesso” translated “stick with me because its success” more like a success to catch some type of disease. She looks like a run down dirty pig. She is a well known slut that gets attention from every male in CT for being so easy but please guys stay away, resist and if you see this creature coming your way RUN!! She’s got more miles then the I95 highway in CT. She is known for making fake email and  accounts online trying to get to us men by pretending to be a past ex of hers or someone else she is hooking up with to get to another male to fight for her or give her everything she wants so that she is never alone and can take advantage of them. She is only after money and a GREEN CARD. She destroys anything in her way and will ruin anyone’s life to get what she wants. This girl has a reputation that would make Lindsay Lohan look good. Nik put this fake ass she devil on blast before she infects any more of this city.

What is that, Linoleum.- nik

Shandira Lopez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This Dirty Slut is named Shandira Lopez, She lives in Norwalk CA and is 30 yrs old, She is the biggest Hoe. She claims to be a lesbian but sleeps with men. She has cheated on all of her girlfriends. She rather hit up chunty lesbian clubs then take care of her son. She thinks she is so hot but she has the most fcked up streched mark stomach. Which she got a tummy tuck and now looks like frankenstein. She loves getting drunk and flirt with other girls infront of her girfriend. She uses lesbians to get her things and financially support her. She’s from Guatemala but claims she’s indian and brazilian. She will try to get at anyone she thinks she can manipulate. She makes girls fall in love and when they are, she starts cheating on them and they are so stupid to not see it. But she has cheated on every single person she has been with, guys and girls. She is going to be put on blast becasue she is a sweaty, beaner, slut. and needs to keep her pastrami looking thing between her legs closed.

If your elbows fold over themselves you are not a model…- nik

The Woodward Ave Sloot

The Woodward Ave. Hoe

The Woodward Ave. Hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here we have the Woodward Ave Sloot known as Yenifer Ortega also known as Yenny. This b*tch thinks its cool to sleep with all the guys from the block. In and out of Norwalk, CT. I believe this girl is the only wh*re who still keeps her “ex bfs” around, for booty calls and money. Sad how she keeps her reputation even when she has her daughter. What kind of mother does she think she is? Did I mention how my boy told me how she went for “Child Support” and failed it because the guy who she thought was her daughters “Daddy”; wasn’t him at all. She should ask Maury to help her find him. Lol. Its even more sad how she f*cked her sisters baby daddy. Gross!!! I know I wouldnt do that to my sister or bestfriend as the woman that I am. I have respect for myself. Here are just some of her ex bfs, just to name a few. Sorry guys but yall should have known better; Shorty, Eff E, Mike, Nesto, C Loz & Chino. You can find her at the local club Babaloo. Pictures of her ugly fat *ss can also be found at the [] website where shes grinding on her cousin. God knows if she did him as well. So much for knowing you. Hahaha. All bark and no bite. Just like your sister. This b*tch had the nerve to marry another of her sister ex named Carlos while still going out with Nesto. Sucks being him! Lmbo! According to her facebook she listed him as her brother! OMG who does that? Hunnie you need to check yourself before you can start calling yourself a “Grown and Independent Woman”!!!! Fellas am sure you can take her to bed easily. All you need to do is call her sweet names or just show her a few bucks and her legs will open in an instant!!!! Good luck!!!

Eyeshadow doesn’t change the shape of your eyes…just saying.- nik

Fraggle Rock

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brittany’s trying to defend herself but we all know the truth…shes one of the fraggle rocks (you can decide which one) and she’s full of sh*t.  One part of her defense is true, she has been in a relationship for years, its been off and on and they both knowingly sleep around on each other.  Also, I never said you write about guys problems, I said you try and fix guys problems, you stick your nose in where it should not be and cause other people drama.  If you don’t train guys then its even worse that I always see you with one (not the same one).  Nik thank you for not removing this post, and posting it (I didn’t realize you did) this girl deserves it.  You are not a know it all and you ARE a slut, deal with it.  Hows my writing on this post b. here’s the other post so everyone knows what I’m talking about [click here]

It looks like she has 9-11 ash around her eyes.- nik

Big Mouth Trainer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Britney Costa.  this b*tch hs the nerve to try and be some all knowing advice giver, the curer of guys problems.  I don’t know how many problems you can solve witha greg in your mouth, but hey, who am I to judge.  She’s a personal trainer/wannabe life coach who pretends to go to school.  she spreads her legs to clients and thinks since shes flexible and a seasoned slut shes better then everyone else and nos what guys want.  Heres some advice, your advice is shit, its almost as useless as you.  Not only did she manage to break me and my boyfriend up she eventually ended up sleeping with him, I guess thats what she does for her long term customers.  Britney is not to be trusted, if your boyfriend ever goes to see her or hang out with her you can kiss your relationship goodbye.

I would workout with her if she got a nose job.- nik

[Image: Phil Widmer]

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