Nova Scotia Import Megan Etter

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I’m pleased to show you another nasty Scotian stripper, Megan Etter, that made her way into the GTA. This girl does a bunch Pepsi on the regular and and has sex with her clients to further feed her habits. She has the DRD and will gladly share it with anyone for the right price which is usually very low. She cant strip so she pleases her clients with oral favors. Megan likes to tell people that she needs money for rent or food but every time she gets a bit of cash it goes straight up her nose.

Yarmouth Pool Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore drinks almost every night she is constantly going downtown she plays her “games” at the bar she sits by herself and let’s the men come to her, she plays hard to get then she gives in after a few drinks, pool, pot, liquor food if you will give it to her she will take it. She claims to be depressed and looking for love but thats not true at all she just wants to fuck and drink she works everyday so she’s probably always hung over. she goes back and forth betwhen bar to bar she dances like a slut and she talks to anyone that approaches her she’s slept with married men, taken men , if they are attractive she will fuck them! She never brings it home though because she claims she cares for her “great grandmother” yeah what a load of crap, t This whore needs. Cumshot in the eye. She also is extremely dumb to leave her phone SD card with all her slutty selfies accessible to anyone with a fast hand.

Next time keep the coat on.- nik

She Slept With My Brother

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little slut is Shauna West, she slept with my brother even though he’s a married man with kids. I think in the last 2 years I know of 32 guys she’s slept with, not to mention the ones she met off plenty of fish that came to my house, 3 to be exact. This little slut says all she wants is a relationship yet every night she’s “claiming” she’s sleeping over a friends house. not to mention she happily tells every one she “can’t ” wear condoms cause she’s allergic. Once she feels comfortable with you, and I’m saying that maybe within 3 hours she will feel comfortable with you, she then tells you she has a 12 year old son with her blood brother. Not something you tell the future guy you want a relationship with. Needless to say she thinks she’s a 10 and that is far from true. She has no teeth and a muffin top.

Your brother has no taste.- nik

Nasty Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little “hot” and I quote it cause she tells everyone she can that is , is Nicole Ann Nic(hoe)lson, I mean Nicholson. I’m putting her on her cause she’s a 33 year old girl and I call her girl cause she’s far from a woman, goes around wearing next to nothing during warmer weather around kids under ages of 7, Not to mention she dresses half naked in front of her 5 year old daughter, This little B*tch went around for a month straight letting my husband try to sleep with her behind my back, but stupid twot didn’t know the guy she wanted was telling me every thing, She was just mad cause he wanted me and not her horse face, said she didn’t enjoy it, but my husband and his friend both said she was leaving openings for them to say dirty things to her and flirted with them the whole time. And when I confronted her started putting me down and spreading stuff about me, saying how not her fault my husband wants her cause that’s what a mature 33 year old does right?

It’s obvious her husband made a huge mistake.- nik

The Valley’s Farmer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Dirty trash bag is Alicia Hebb. Let me tell you a little about this dirty slore , She’s either 22-23 (who really knows, she lies about EVERYTHING !)She’ll sleep with anything and everything for some money, when the JamJams come here in the summer shes ALL over them, bouncing from one nasty to the next. Out to the farm with one night and the next she got one at her place. She also got caught fcking one in her bed with her 4 year old daughter sleeping at the foot of the bed ! She will also steal from you. She would go around to the farms stealing from the JamJams while they were at work. She sleeps around with the boss of the JamJams in exchange of access to the farm when ever she wants. She even steals identity’s , she has her cable hooked up in some skinny blonde girls name cause she found this girls ID , clearly you can see shes NOT skinny nor blonde .She needs to clean up her act and take care of her child and stop pawning her off with just anybody and when I say anybody I mean ANYBODY ! She don’t care, as long as she can get out and slore around , drinking and partying. She will stop at nothing and that means leaving her kid with a stranger on the street….seriously !

I see a slanted wall and a warped couch…Photoshop!- nik

Saint Mary’s Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Now he is a new one for you. Meet the Saint Mary’s Sloot, Janic DesMeulus. Entering her 70’s for her hit count. In the first month of school, she had tackled the entire football team and didnt stop there. She is in love with black guys so let’s all take time and pray for everyone that has enter between those legs. She doesnt shower unless she is about to go to class and can NOT keep a true friend around long enough that will handle her whorish ways or her smell. You can usually see her at the Palace, but dont feel bad if you havent noticed her, she changes her hair colour just as fast as she changes her panties (once a week). She feels like she is top shit and can run anyone down. She supposedly has a boyfriend who is apart of a gang in the states, but that doesnt slow her down from hitting up any coloured guy that enters her path.  Cute isn’t she?

That arm drooping behind that bottle is cause for concern.- nik

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