Homewrecker and my POS Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like to expose my soon to be ex husband Eric and ex best friend liz. Liz and her kid were homeless after her boyfriend kicked her out in Florida.  Me being the good friend that i am, invited her to stay with me, my baby, and husband.  MY family. Well eric got liz a job at the sink factory that he worked at. I thought nothing of it. Liz had a husband named zack she was talking to after splitting up for the thousandth time. Well eric and liz were fucking in our family car!! Before and after work. Im pregnant too so he’s f’ing this skank and then me when he gets home!!! Probably didn’t use a f’in condom either!! Nasty.  Liz has had sex with a lot of guys.  If there was a guy she liked,  she would leave her husband to be with them and come back when it didnt work out. Zack is a p’ssy for always taking her ass back. His sister lisa hates her and has whooped her ass more than once. Well liz has nothing to offer anyone except her pu’sy. She dropped out of middle school for f’cks sake. Didnt even make it to high school and got pregnant and married at 16. I have known her since middle school and I remember all this. As for eric, he’s ex military and much older. I loved him so much. He was such a sweetheart until that whore moved into our trailer. They would sit there and text each other in the living room while we were all playing games and watching tv. Come to find out she was talking about her clit and nipple piercings and sent pics to eric. All right in front of me!! Later that week Liz brought home her ex and fucked him over a week. Guess what? He had a wife and brand new baby! Well the wife caught him and he disappeared so then she turned back to my husband and convinced him to kick me and our baby out so they can be together. I had nowhere to go at first. She didnt care and threatened to beat my ass if I didn’t leave my own house.  She said she said she dated eric first and therefore she’s entitled to him. He didn’t say anything. Just stood there. I left to stay with my mom in sapulpa. My husband completely changed when she came around.  Well he can enjoy her nasty used up hairy pussy with that nasty clit ring. Fucking gross. Her older sister nancy is a crack ho and been in jail for drugs and liz is heading down that road. Good job eric. You picked a real winner over your loving wife. I hope candy beats your ass again bitch!! Caleb was right about what a disgusting ho you are. I actually used to take up for your ass too. Well enjoy your jack daniels with MY husband. You can fucking have him. Oh and he can’t divorce me while I’m pregnant so HA! Worry about your own divorce. Karma is a bitch. I cant wait until someone much better than you comes along and eric cheats on you with her! Nasty white trash skank! Worry about getting your goddam ged at 23 years old and your daughter whos watching you and mimicking your skanky behavior instead of dick! And eric, f’ck you and enjoy paying child support and not seeing the kids because her ass isnt allowed near them. You both need to learn your lesson and if this is the only way then so be it!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Amanda Tyndall pure evil sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda she is 28 looks 40 and is a serious druggie she has two kids who should be given away to save them from her she sleeps around and has all kinds of drds too many to count she lies a manipulates everyone around her and will do anything to get over on you she has two kids and doesn’t know who either father is. Give this dirty whore the blast she deserves ). Stop her before she ruins anyone else Also goes by Amanda Valdez.

Says he’s a dentist named chase


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, anyone have info on this troll ? Need a last name . He made my friend pay for a 65.00 uber ride home, after he claimed she was not good enough for him to take to dinner . Ran into his room and locked the door like a p’ssy , then texted instead of talking to her face like a man . At least pay for her ride home and leave Someone stranded . Wow ! Who is this guy ? Sounds like he was wanting sex after he claimed he didn’t . He is a sick bastard on sugar daddy sites !! This is not a sugar daddy !!

Needing a reality check


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Saschaa, Car sales man by day, OKC Casanova by night. He is known for singing and being single. He is an amazing dad and friend on Facebook, but in reality he is a control freak. He abuses his two kids physically, emotionally and verbally. Child abuse hotline has been called on him multiple times, he was arrested for hitting one of his kids. His ex wife posted a video of him being verbally abusive on a phone conversation. He will have sex with any woman that will let him, doesn’t matter if they are in a relationship, or marriage. He likes to act like he has money driving an 08 range rover, living in a house that his family use to live in. Warning this guy is a total creep and someone women should stay away from.

Why Do I Get Treated Unfairly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got hurt in a oilfield accident in April 2013 broke my tibia, fibula, crushed kneecap, broke pelvic, cracked pelvic, dislocated shoulder. Was released on Jan. 31 2014 by my dr. in the state of Oklahoma they can stop your work comp as soon as Doctor releases you. Filed for unemployment they denied had to appeal fought for six months until I got approved.  Received till October till I was notified I exhausted my benefits. Still hadn’t received settlement finally get to have settlement negotiations they offer $80000.00, I decline two weeks later still no court date lawyer advises me that if I go to a trial I wouldn’t receive half that so at this point…. I’m tired and broken from the peasant they’ve made me become. I accept I only get 27,000 for after lawyer fees and back child support here I sit today disabled with no means of income and broke living off my mother who is 63 years old child support racking back up and the oilfield still receiving billions of dollars yearly. The accident wasn’t my fault by any means. I just want what I’m deserving of which I guarantee is more than this!!!

I feel for you bro, but you chose this path in life. Every decision we make guides us to who we become. You need to move forward and gain control of your life one day at a time… do not let someone else dictate your outcomes anymore.- nik

Elk City Player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ron ONEAL is the most disgusting man I’ve met to date! He’s a cheater, a master manipulator, a player, a compulsive liar, and the list goes on.. He’s been in a relationship for 7 months with a girl that he has cheated on with 5+ other women who have all ran into each other and found out about his lies. He’s filthy.. And there is nothing charming about the guy. He spews so many lies from that unhygienic unbrushed mouth of his so please don’t be his next victim… P.S. He works at AT&T, lives in a shitty stinky apartment with nothing but a air mattress and a dog that he allows to tear all of his stuff up and shit on every inch of his carpet. He drives a Chevy pickup and a VW Jetta, and will claim that he only has 2 children when in reality he has 3. ALL BY DIFFERENT MOTHERS!! What a winner right?

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