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Beware of GoFundMe Scammer Susan Sparks

Beware of GoFundMe Scammer Susan Sparks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Susan Sparks and her bi-sexual lovers William and Michael are con-artists who travel from Stillwater to Moore lying about their special needs child and scamming innocent people along the way. She set up a GoFundMe claiming she been robbed; but then, suddenly, the page was taken down when a few local residents found out it was not true.

In April she opened a consigment shop called Knot New in Moore, Oklahoma. She only advertised in garage sale pages since her boyfriend and her can never pay their bills and online you can see they were just evicted from their trailor home they rented in August. Sadly, no man she sleeps with can afford to keep their trailor and her children are special needs, so she lies and says the money she earns from GoFundMe pages helps them.

Continue Reading– I heard the producers of Catfish on MTV are pitching a new show based on GoFundMe scams. I can’t wait to watch it.- nik

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