Oklahoma Should Fire Bob Stoops

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so people at Oklahoma want Bob Stoops fired for his teams underwhelming performance against Clemson but not for allowing Frank Shannon to stay on the team? Yes, Bob Stoops is okay with letting Frank Shannon a linebacker who raped a girl and had the charges suspiciously dropped back on the team after his suspension ends! Yet people in Oklahoma only care about winning football games??? WTF kind of world do we live in Nik?

I just finished season one of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. And I’ve lost all respect for Coach Eric Taylor…how could he hide Smash doing steroids like it never happened. It makes me think every coach is shady. Illegal crimes don’t count as long as you win football games.- nik

Little Sharpie

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty POS is Lisa a drug addict cheating little liar. She hops from dick to dick for a quick fix, what kind of fix you may ask? both meth and brown, sometimes a bit of coke, but mostly m*th. with looks like this, i would be shocked if she wasnt high on drugs. and her little hubby is completely oblivious to what she does behind his back. i wonder if he just sits at home wondering where she is while she is getting dicks shoved in all her holes for her drug fix. i recently caught something from her, so im putting this dirty hoe on blast!!!

Stormy Weathers Exposed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick her real name is Margaret Flamand Wesley and she has recently moved back to Phoenix from Oklahoma. This girl takes more selfies than their are stars in the sky. She is so obsessed about her weight loss and body. She had her children taken away from her and ran off to Oklahoma. She had lesbian sex in front of a bunch of people at a party in Sainte fe new mexico. There is a page on the internet where she admits she has done nude modeling in the past. Nik this girl fits the criteria for a dirty celeb and I think its time you anointed her…

Sadie Jo or Sadie Lynn Shine

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this bitch is from Elk City,Oklahoma. My now husband used to talk to this whore before we met while he was in Afghanistan. This bitch is so obessed with my husband that she has made probably 10 yes I said 10 facebook profiles to get his attention after he has already blocked her a thousand times! Can you say obessed much? This bitch even lied to my husband when they used to talk about her age! who does that? I am not all that great lucky but atleast I don’t fcking look like Miss Piggy! And not trashy to send NAKED pictures to someone’s HUSBAND! So she wants attention I will GIVE it to her. I hope her future employers don’t GOOGLE her name and see how trashy this bitch is! Oh Sadie if you see this…how stupid do you feel now? Thought you were actually talking to my man but in reality you were talking to me and now we are both LAUGHING at your dumb ass!

Frank Easterling Jr

THE DIRTY ARMY: Frank is a womanizer. He uses women for sex, he promises to marry them and claims to love them just to get what he wants. He is also abusive and has gotten women pregnant and abandoned them. He lies constantly and can’t be faithful to anyone. He lives double lives. He is emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive. He likes to torment and hurt women because he’s insecure and pathetic!

Anna K Spears

THE DIRTY ARMY: about a couple of month’s ago I meet this girl at lumpys. A buddy and I went up there for drown night & ladies drink for free. So my friend and i took some shots got a little buzzed up yup and was actually gonna talk to another girl but she was more interested in my bro, so I walk up to her and here friends and I asked her If I could by here a shot and she said ok, & She told me she was a regular up there. so my buddy & her friend came to our hows on MacArthur. we sex a couple of timse I used a condom and she told me to take it off. so I asked her if she had any sdrd’s and she said no, I said are your sure, No I don’t. she didn’t even ask me if I did? I asked her, don’t u wanna know if I do. she asked me after that and I said no I’m clean as a whistle. We proceed to fcking, she stayed till about 10 am. So I wake up to take a piss and my friend ask me like wtf are you doing to dude that bitch was ugly ass fck. I was like bro why didn’t you cock block me then. he said I tried to but you were to drunk. not like she’s fat but she has no ass haha it’s flat a fck like pancake and sober she is about a 4 on scale from 1-10. I went and take a piss about 2 months later had a bumb on my dick. that whore game me herpes I’m in the process to sew her. come to find out she had a bf & a kid. i talked to my friend allie and she said she would do anything anybody. so i went find out about her if she had givn me the drd & was able to get proof. would you hit it nik? Anna Spears is her name

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