Scumbag woman abuser in the OC

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been DA strong for several years, and for all those years I’ve never came across someone I wanted to submit until now.. Let me introduce you to Michael Avila.. Lets start with the backstory first.. Michael claims that he’s been on the streets since he was nine years old due to his parents “m”h habit.” His story was too elaborate for people on a higher level to believe.. He claimed that his parents went to a party one night and tried a little bit of m”h and became instantly addicted.. He contradicted that story months later when he talked about how he was a victim of divorce and his parents divorced when he was THREE.. Wait didn’t he say his parents got addicted to m”h when he was nine? His lies and sneaky behavior has led me to believe that I’m dealing with a true sociopath. This creep came into my life when a person i used to associate with found him on tinder of all places. Right away these two kids went to school and before you knew it he took control of her whole life. He even went so far as to control what and how much she eats.. The last time i saw her was months ago and she looked very sick and at least 80lbs . Their relationship advanced very quickly, and it wasn’t even five months after they met they ended up moving in together. As he controlled even more aspects of her life he sent her to go hoe on Human Exchange.. They didn’t have a very successful operation going because she contracted drd during her time on the site. His behavior became more erratic as the days went by escalating to the point of him pouring hot coffee on the woman “he loved.” As time progressed and his control became tighter the little girl that was lost and brainwashed ended up pregnant.. She got pregnant after he threatened her with abstinence if she used birth control! He didn’t even bother to wrap his drd cock either! Now this weak little girl is trapped and brainwashed and she has nothing to live for. Nik please put this piece of sh’t on blast because everyone in the OC region needs to know what this abusive piece of sh’t’s looks like! I hope someday this sociopathic piece of shit will end up in a psych ward away from sane people.

Stacy Cawthon wants to be a model


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Once again, Stacy Cawthon has surfaced as an aspiring model and actress. She will do anything to achieve her goal. Anything goes. My boyfriend works at a small agency near Laguna Niguel. She thinks he has connections, which he doesn’t. Anyway, she constantly sending half nudes to his phone. She is a confused as to real potential in the modeling field. We like to refer to her The Bison. I’m sure the Army has a better imagination.

Fraudulent YMCA Tech


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Miles Reza is the most fraudulent, phony and liar douche bag in Orange County. This tard works at the YMCA  as an IT technician and claims he worked for Microsoft as a tech for two years when in reality he sold computers there for 10 months with no commission. This phony lies on his LinkedIn account and publicly claims to have achieved college degrees in Computer Science and years of work experience when in reality he dropped out of college with 12 college units and never went back because he’s such a dumb ass. He lies to employers and will fake his resume to get jobs because he has no valid credentials or college degrees. This dbag is desperate for a job since he has no experience and just got married again at age 22.

Garrette Boessler Dates the Elderly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Garrette Boessler is in a relationship with Maria Esther Cortez who is a disgusting transvestite deformed looking creature who looks like his adoptive mother. This is the most disgusting sh’t i have ever seen in my life. This kid claims to be in love with this disgusting Mexican woman with hairy arms and claims that they are going to get married when she is almost 40 years old and he is 21. This ugly Mexican lady looks like one of those housekeepers that work at OC hotels that clean rooms for 9 bucks an hour. This kid definitely needs someone to open his eyes and have him realize what he is doing with his life, everyone feels bad for him because this old lady is taking advantage of him and he thinks he loves her. This kid really needs some help. What do you think Nik? Teach this dumb ass a lesson and get him back to the real world maybe you can help him wake up.

She must make a mean Quesadilla.- nik 

Orange County Sloots


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sloot right here is originally from Orange County but she thinks because she drives to the westside to strip that she isn’t a little slut and better then everyone else. Well guess what little miss sunshine the drive doesn’t make u any less of a slut then you already are. She’s of course an IG model 😂😂 just look up Noelia Soriano but the truth is nik that her and her sister even with their innocent fb profiles to fool mommy and daddy that their good girls going to school the truth of the matter is that the drive to go strip In another area and the bad silicon boob job you got doesn’t make you any better then anyone. Your parents must be so proud let’s just hope they don’t find out that daddies littles girls drive to the other side of town to strip and make up for their bad boob jobs.😂 if you don’t believe me go find out for yourself. You can find them under the names Roxanne and sunny Roxanne is the one with the bad boob job and these sluts need to b put on blast nik before they keep spreading lies about other people and acting like they are innocent little school girls. Typical.

Orange County Phony


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Garrette Boessler is the biggest liar and phony forgy in Orange County. This dbag dropped out of Saddleback community college and claims he goes to “medical school” and brags about it when in reality he enrolled in a 3 month dumb ass certification to be a medical assistant which costs 400 bucks. This dumb ass fa***t claims to help doctors with surgeries and preparations when in reality he’s one of those retards that sits at a medical office and checks patients in for 10-12 dollars an hour. This phony is a liar, cheater and a phony and lies about everything you can imagine. Not only is this kid a college drop out and bogus “medical assistant” but he also can’t keep a job for longer than 3 months. He lies to everyone saying he’s a surgeon assistant and is a medical doctor when he’s really a phony fraudulent f**.

Looks like his only outfit.- nik

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