Savannah Jones

THE DIRTY ARMY: Savannah Jones is a desperate home wrecker. She will try to make you feel sorry for her. With her stories about rape and cutting herself. And act like a “princess”. She has a nude blog, where she post pictures and videos of herself masterbating for attention. Then this fat whale will turn around and insult you. She will call you nasty and disgusting. Then spread her legs like the slut she is. If you like having a penis that doesn’t drip, do not fck with this one! If you need a walking drd to be your call girl, hit her up!

She Won’t Tell You

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erika Roberts- This chick has drd and WILL NOT tell you. I had my first breakout start and ask her if she had drds and she said no, and when I got a positive test and confronted her all of the sudden her facebook status was \”changed my number guys\” Thank you Erika, drds type 2 is f*ckin awesome. Watch out for this one.

Vanessa Tello Menchaca

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanessa tello menchaca is greshams, oregon dirty, lier,drunk, coc*ine addicted HOUSEKEEPER hahaha i work with vanessa CLEANING BATHROOMS and its sad how she lies and tells people shes a nursr hahaha but we do the dirty cleaning. vanessa is addicted to alcohol, and cocain thats why she doest know who the father really is and leaves him himself

Chainey Grumbley

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this would be Chainey Grumbley. Where in the fuck do I start? Okay so first of all, she get’s welfare every month.. And she spends it on her boyfriend, 40’s and weed. Chainey most of the time has a new boyfriend like every week. But from time to time she settles down for a little bit.. But the second they break up? She will be back on the market looking for another daddy for her poor little boy. That kid has seen more daddy’s than the Maury show.. It’s rather pathetic. She claims to be a bad bitch.. But the only thing this bitch is bad at, is life. She is like 20 years old.. Never had a job, and claims to be caring for her sick grandpa.. But its a little hard to care for your grandpa when all you’re doing is partying, and having a million people moving in and out of HIS home. Chainey also is a scared little whore, if you try to attack her she runs away and hides.. Get’s her ass beat and then when all is over, talks shit like she’s gonna do something to you. She’s like one of those little chihuahua dogs that at first you think is cute, and then you just want to kick around. Chainey looks like a MAN legit, she has like no boobs, no ass.. And she resembles a “Tammy Lynn” from a trailer park. Her house smells like wet dog and spilled booze. The carpets are disgusting and the walls to her bedroom look like an Alley way Downtown Eugene bums have lived in for 20 years. Get some class little girl and good luck on your mission of finding that little boy a Father. Springfield, OR!

The King of Foul

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jared Duncan. He lives on top of the hill in West Linn and is the King of Absolute Foul and Careless. He likes to get people utterly trashed to the point of passing out, fishing them out of his hot tub and then, dropping them on their doorstep still passed out and not make sure that they are ok. He also likes to let people barf in his chemically untreated hot tub and let his 7-month pregnant girlfriend (now 8 months and also abandoned by him) sit in said hot tub repeatedly to the tune of a raging infection she found out about only because his sister was nice enough to actually pass on the information that he KNEW someone puked in it and did nothing about it so she could go to the ob-gyn and get tested. This guy is a real winner among men.

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