Chris Bostrom aka Ivana Marie Horna


Nik, Chris Bostrom aka Ivana Marie Horna Bostrom’s Ex Husband and “BFF” is a bi sexual, abusive, druggie! Ivana “claims” they are BFF’s, and Chris is a “wonderful” father. It’s funny that they’re not even friends on Facebook or IG. Chris has past drug charges, and also had a domestic violence charge of abusing Ivana while she was pregnant with their daughter. It’s not difficult to find, just look up their court records. Ivana also has a domestic violence charge, and has been arrested on a few occasions. You know that Ivana has been posted multiple times on here, and she creates countless fake names to comment under her own posts. She suffers from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). She becomes fixated on celebs, and stalks them! She also has a proven track record of stalking ex boyfriends. The photos posted with this prove it! Please post all pics so that readers can see that Ivana really is CRAZY! She needs mental help right away! Her poor innocent daughter has two parents who are unstable, and unfit to care for her. Not only does Ivana think she is rich, beautiful, and everyone wants to F*ck her; but she also thinks she’s mother of the year, which she clearly is not!! Ivana does not have a job, her entire Twitter is dedicated to Lauren and Alexandra two people other people who she is extremely obsessed with and stalks. She is online 24/7, she does not sleep, and spends all of her time harassing and stalking people. Ivana needs to be exposed for the lunatic she really is!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Elizabeth McCord-Stevens homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like to expose my soon to be ex husband Eric and ex best friend liz. Liz and her kid were homeless after her boyfriend kicked her out in Florida.  Me being the good friend that i am, invited her to stay with me, my baby, and husband.  MY family. Well eric got liz a job at the sink factory that he worked at. I thought nothing of it. Liz had a husband named zack she was talking to after splitting up for the thousandth time. Well eric and liz were f’ing in our family car!! Before and after work. Im pregnant too so he’s f’ing this skank and then me when he gets home!!! Probably didn’t use a f’in condom either!! Nasty.  Liz has had sex with a lot of guys.  If there was a guy she liked,  she would leave her husband to be with them and come back when it didnt work out. Zack is a pussy for always taking her ass back. His sister lisa hates her and has whooped her ass more than once. Well liz has nothing to offer anyone except her pussy. She dropped out of middle school for f’cks sake. Didnt even make it to high school and got pregnant and married at 16. I have known her since middle school and I remember all this. As for eric, he’s ex military and much older. I loved him so much. He was such a sweetheart until that whore moved into our trailer. They would sit there and text each other in the living room while we were all playing games and watching tv. Come to find out she was talking about her clit and nipple piercings and sent pics to eric. All right in front of me!! Later that week Liz brought home her ex and f’ed him over a week. Guess what? He had a wife and brand new baby! Well the wife caught him and he disappeared so then she turned back to my husband and convinced him to kick me and our baby out so they can be together. I had nowhere to go at first. She didnt care and threatened to beat my ass if I didn’t leave my own house.  She said she said she dated eric first and therefore she’s entitled to him. He didn’t say anything. Just stood there. I left to stay with my mom in sapulpa. My husband completely changed when she came around.  Well he can enjoy her nasty used up hairy pussy with that nasty clit ring. F’ing gross. Her older sister nancy is a cra’k ho and been in jail for drugs and liz is heading down that road. Good job eric. You picked a real winner over your loving wife.

Natalia Knaj is now Katherine Ferrara


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pig should be on every billboard that discourages drug abuse. Katherine Arsenault Jarvis, Katie or Natalia Knaj is now Katherine Ferrara. In fact, the only thing that ever changes about this disgusting mess IS her name. She’s still a pathetic liar, a cheat & a sociopath. This is a moron who thinks starting a sexy modeling career would ever really take off at 25. But that’s a whole other story, as is the drug dealer who she denied being involved with who did hard time, thanks to her lies. This idiot already has 2 kids whom other people are raising. What does she do? After a shotgun wedding, decides to have another one, smart move! This is such an obvious & desperate attempt to hold on to a guy. Listen up Katie! STOP HAVING KIDS!!! We aren’t asking you for much. You can continue to sleep around, not bathe & keep that stretched out cookie dough gut but stop bringing innocent people into your screw up existence! You’ll cheat on this guy too because you haven’t changed a bit. You can’t stay focused long enough than it takes to crush an Oxy. This poor guy will probably relapse, go to jail…ANYTHING to get away from you, once he finds out the ugly truths about you. Sounds all too familiar, huh? Then, what do you know, Katie will abandon another kid! Why can’t you be selfish in a more constructive way? Get & commit to some extensive help for a while! It also wouldn’t hurt to get your tubes tied either. Lastly, you’re supposed to DRINK coffee, NOT SNORT IT! Or are your nostrils THAT badly damaged?? Maybe all that cash you’ll waste screwing up another innocent child should’ve been saved for a nosejob & lipo. But if it’s destructive, retarded, mean & pointless, you’re all over it like a blind loser who just moved into your neighborhood.

Alexa Bliss Is A Ring Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am currently training with WWE to be a wrestler. We train at NXT in Orlando. A great group of men and women are down here but I have to call out one girl, Alexa Bliss. I wish to stay anonymous but this needs to be out. She is a ring rar as we call it. She sleeps with just about every person who walks in the door here and has slept with trainers, higher ups, wrestlers and whoever else she can get her hands on. I have heard nasty stories I refuse to share. She is cute and nice but is a total slore. She is not very good in the ring but isn’t bad as a manager. I hope she sees this and cleans her act up asap.

Sleezy Shazy Kassim


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a complete psycho path. She has anger issues and can not control herself in public. She needs to be put in a mental institution. She smokes a glass pipe 24/7. She puts on a front like she doesn’t stink, but you can smell this dirty THOT coming a mile away.  Not to mention it looks like sagging roast beef. She abuses illegal yayo. She is so broke always begging her dying parents for money to supply her illegal habit. This skank needs to be exposed for the trailer trash she is. She posts adds in Craigslist and the men on there won’t even pay her one dollar for sex … its that bad. Every man has rejected her and then she stalks them. This girl is a waste of human life and really has no purpose other then to be poop scum on the bottom of the toilet. Look at her pic and you be the judge.

Thoughts on Eva Marie


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what are your thoughts on this chick Eva Marie? She is training to be in WWE but has injured three girls already because she sucks so bad. She is rather attractive though but that’s about all she brings to the table. Do you prefer her with dark hair or as a red head?

So you don’t have to be a buff chick to wrestle in the WWE anymore? They should just bring out mud already.- nik

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