Too good for anyone


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this neuratic bitch needs to be exposed. Her name is Heather Noelle Diehl. Ladies look out for this one she’s responsible for 3 breakups in Tucson, has been engaged 4 times no joke this ratchet has a collection of rings, but as soon as men get a wiff of her raggedy, stanky camel toe they run!  She pretends to be this innocent Christian girl who wouldn’t kill a fly but truth is she’s the devil. She’s nothing but a stuck up homophobic lying whore. Guys don’t fall for her considering she’s f’ed half of Tucson I’d stay away God knows when she last got checked was. Guess that’s why she moved to Orlando  fresh start right? Ha one less hoe in Tucson

Cankle wear…- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Junior and his junior


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware of the Instagram whore harrisdisneyjr aka Clyde Carl Harris Jr. He is the biggest sleezebag dirtball you will EVER meet. HE IS MARRIED despite what he will tell you. Ex Disney employee who has had multiple IG girlfriends but won’t leave his wife. Will tell you he loves you, wants to impregnate you? Disgusting. Let’s talk about his manhood by the way, which is nothing to be impressed about. It is TINY. Talk about junior!!! This guy is an absolute asshole that will lie and tell you literally anything. Can you say sociopath? What’s weirder is that his wife Vanessa knows that he cheats. She will come after you, rip you and him but still goes back to him. They must be made for eachother. So do yourself a favor, and stay away. Because all he is, is DRAMA.

Jessika Wisecup Always Complains About Being Single


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this self-righteous thot is Jessika Wisecup. She’s constantly talking about how she’s sad for our generation or she was born in the wrong time or how she’s so much better than everyone. She used to be pretty cool but now she’s just plain annoying. First off, 99% of her Facebook posts are about how she’s so happy being single, or how she’s “waiting for God to bring her the right man”, or other basic bitch that all single girls write, then the very next post will be about how she can’t find a man or bitching about how men only want her for sex.  She’s always posting pics of herself dressed up for a “single girl date night” where she takes herself out on a date. How pathetic is that? Next, she’s constantly posting self-righteous judgmental crap about how she’s so much better than all these other girls because they’re always posting photos of themselves half naked and she would never do that because she “has respect for herself”. But I think she must be truly dumb because does she not realize she does the exact same stuff? Last I checked, a bikini pic that isn’t at the beach or pool but is simply taken in front of a mirror in your room is no different than a pic in a bra and panties.

What ever happened to the #willdeletein6secs?- nik

Gionna Daddio Cheated on me With a WWE Wrestler


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I was dating this girl Gionna Daddio for 6 months until I found out she was cheating on me. She is currently training to be a WWE wrestler at NXT. Things seemed to be going good but then a friend of mine who works at Full Sail University where NXT is informed that he she and this wrestler were spending a lot of time together. I found out the wrestler is also her trainer. His name is Brian Kendrick and has used the name ‘Spanky’ before. I confronted her about it and she denied it at first but finally admitted to me that they had sexual encounters. She begged me to stay with her and even suggested the idea of foursomes with his girlfriend who he is in an open relationship with. I told her to get lost. I want nothing to do with her ever again.

Are you sure about this… I feel like Gionna is giving you the green light for eternal 3-somes out of guilt.- nik

Taylor Lianne Chandler Is A Disaster Of A Tranny


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Taylor Lianne Chandler has once again openly tried to fool the public with lies and more deception. Last month in desperation for money Taylor opened a GoFundMe page and then posted a plea to her followers and friends on Facebook due to her grave financial conditions.  Then a few nights ago while arguing with people on the Twitter she said that her GoFundMe was a scam.  She had a friend offer her gas money on Facebook, so she definitely needs money, so why would she call her own attempts to collect money a scam? Once an extorter, always an extorter?  Her last few days have been unReal, she faked another attempt at suicide then came back like nothing happened. Through this, the only positive is that she gained a parody account on Twitter who is threatening to expose all of her lies.

Is the GFM money to finish the operation?- nik

Bridget Fondario Two Timing Game Player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Bridget Fondario Is a lying back stabbing two time pill whore! After our relationship failed in Utah because of here handing her number out to Bull Dykes while we were living together, going out with other men to dinner saying it was her sister, being a mean nasty Bi-Polar B*tch. I threw her out! Then Bridget moves to Orlando were she had lived in her recent years.. Once she was hear WE decided to try and make it work one more time. I rented us a nice new house, spent much treasure flying back and fort. Asked my employer for a transfer which was not easy, paid her bills. Bridget confessed in writing and everyday her dying love for me. Then of coarse the lies. A neighbor of hers Wayne Garrett feeds her pills. She tells me “I don’t Know him”A week later I fly in one day she is coming out of his house! The SLORE has been banging him the entire time for months now! Him one day, me the next!. She was even banging him in my house while I was getting ready top move here. Plus some 20 something dudes she slept with whenever she gets one cheesy line! Of coarse she waits until I am committed to move here to tell me anything. Then she tries to get me fired at work, calls the police whenever we even start to argue. This SLORE lies lies lies. Sorry new dude she is lying to you too!! Orlando Florida Lying whore liar of the month for July 2015 ! Bridget E. Fondario

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