Gypsy Criminal


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I wanted to ale you aware of the gypsy culture that is alive and out of control. This is a gypsy that mascarades as the son of a Christian preacher. He has a wife and children and is dating a twice exposed striper on your site. This guy and his family of gypsys scams old people and the not so intelligent out of their life savings. Gypsies are the scourge of this society, and pray on the weak!!!! If you could be so kind as to post this guy to maybe save some people the hastle of falling for their fortune telling ways..

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Biggest dog of Orlando


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik there’s a little know business owner of universal buses and tours named Jorge Romero. Mr Romero is a dog dressed in Prince Charming clothing. Recently a few of the local girlfriends as well as one of the many he keeps in Colombia found out about each other. He likes to fly these clueless women in and out of the country. He kept one dumb local girl stringing alone for over three years all while keeping multiple side chicks. Mr. Romero has road the shirt tails of his daddy in his business and doesn’t have much of an education , so not the sharpest tool in the shed. Recently this bright individual accidentally uploaded a video of himself setting up a camera tape his bed and capture is multiple affairs. You can view this on his google account at [removed]. You can also see the facebook account these women set up for him by looking up Jorge Romero, setting the school at Dr Phillips and city Orlando.Women of Orlando beware of this man who hides behind his business as an excuse to say he’s out of town or say he is visiting family in another country. Don’t be fooled and video taped! See photos all taken last 11 months of him with just a few different girlfriend he lied to.

Bad Jocey


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik all jocey does is go guy to guy just to get what she wants and not caring who she hurts she tells every guy shes with she loves them then when she cant get her high or drugs or the stuff she wants she goes to the next guy all she does all day is get high and will do any thing to get high and she talks shit about other people doing drugs and have no life well look at her screwing every guy to get what she wants she is just like Jessika Matejcik those two are perfect for each other

Bella is the Worst


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the disgusting. A Twitter person (I know everyone’s sick of Twitter, but this is good. Her name is Bella AKA Polish Bella, & her real name is Elizabeth Leita from winter Springs Florida is a piece of work! The She’s got multiple profiles, works in the fetish porn industry, & admitted on kik one day that the body shots on her page are fake. She has a son & a husband. She’d rather be on Twitter fighting & trying to get a retweet or reply from Jenelle Evans. The industry, to each his own & no judgement there at all. She’s stolen pictures from other people, even pictures of children. She’s got a list of charges & mugshots, prostitution being one, she uses drugs, etc. she’s went as far as to stalk someone & then went & taken pictures of this woman’s house. She also has a husband named Rick who’s obviously obvious, or condones prostitution. She’s a bully, & hs tons people to kill themselves. She did almost one full episode of blogtalk radio on a woman that had self harm issues, & kept going & going. Nik she’s pretty disgusting. She cheats on her Twitter. profile (like five Of them) she denies she’s a slut & comes off as angelic, but I have screen shots of her using this persons house as a Twitter background & using the woman’s guy as an avi & from what I read the woman got charges & so she can’t say anything about/to her anymore. She’s always talking to guys & making plans with them & Rick is nowhere to be found. She’s posted pictures of guns & threats, etc. this is who the real article about someone that needs to be on the Dirty. I’ve watched her screw over people, film them coming over to do drugs with her (so she won’t take the fall!) and things of that sort. She’s a dirty dirty woman, and she’s not right in the head. SHE is the cyber bully, and had taken it as far as to stalk & take pics of who she’s stalking’s house. She doesn’t deserve her son. There’s speculation that he’s not necessarily autistic, just that she doesn’t do anything with him because she’s too busy doing her fart porn & on the computer on Twitter harassing others. She admits also that most of the body shots on her porn page are fake, & the pics she uses of her are between 7-10 years old…. She’s faked a pregnancy & has admitted to using drugs while pregnant with her son. She’s a piece of work! uck sake she’s got a paste bin because she’s that bad! I’m just saying Dara,Vette & Derrick have NOTHING on this trick. Also proof will be included that she calls stalker on Minx & Dara, but… her media there are screenshots of their tweets. A lot of them. I just saved a few. Steer clear of this woman. Two that are known are @1beautifuibitch @ mygirlfundbella But she has many many MANY more….there will be proof she messes around on her husband included.

Transgender Taylor Chandler Needs To Let People Live


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, transgender Taylor Chandler is so depressed that no one is giving her attention its sad. She is intentionally trying to ruin athletes lives. Why do this to innocent people? Let Penny live.

Please tell me Jaleel White didn’t have a threesome with two dudes.- nik

Cyberbullies Gone Rampant


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Beth, she has been harassing and stalking people all over social media for years. She has a small group of followers who operate like a gang. They create fake Facebook pages to stalk people and find their personal information, then blast it all over social media. Beth, or Jani as she goes by on Twitter ( her current handle is @SubiimeWriting, this changes frequently once she is called out ) has caused users to contemplate suicide, have mental breakdowns, lose jobs, and close accounts to avoid her. Surely there are other results of her actions but these are what I know of personally. Beth will also go as far as calling people at all hours of the day and night with threats if they don’t do as she says. She has mailed people fake court papers to try and intimidate them into seeing things her way. Her obsession is Big Brother and she claims to be writing a book about the show, that she started after Big Brother 15. As of today there is no evidence that this book exists, it was just her way of getting former houseguests to call and talk to her or be friend her. Beth and her current friends seem to enjoy watching people made fun of or become stressed out over their actions. On any given night they create hate accounts on Twitter to attack other users with anonymity. They do this then on their known accounts act as if they know nothing of these hate accounts. Anyone with a brain knows it’s them, the accounts only target people Beth doesn’t like. Anybody who dares engage with them or fight back is quickly suspended as her and her friends mass report them. Below is a list of her minions and their known handles, this list changes frequently. Most people eventually see what is going on and leave her group, but these people seem to enjoy being bullies. Croms_s Scottwb42 Pugfairy1965 jnkp Shottytalk lolasmom4 These people have even stooped to the level of posting minor children, deceased relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, and friends of their victims. They have no filter and no remorse for what they do. If you encounter any of them proceed with caution, eventually they will turn on you and you will then become their new victim.

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