Threes Not a Crowd


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these 3 are Ottawa’s most nasty trio… The two guys sell this thot out to make cash to fund their aspiring music carriers and she will even give it away for free. Beware guys and gals she as well as these 2 guys are riddled with drds and although they insist on unprotected don’t get taken in…. Both guys have multiple kids with multiple women and they take zero responsibilities for any of them… stating “that’s the b’tches job not the man”…. Nik I don’t even have to put names down for these 3 as they are so well known in Ottawa…..bathroom selfies with thotties rule all here in Ottawa…

I’d cover my face to.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Quentin Alexander Ironstone


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these to let’s start out with him, This is Quentin Alexander Ironstone All though he’s been with the mother of his kid for almost 3 years he takes off while she is pregnant, to show up at the end to only start cheating on her a day before she goes into labor and births him a son, he quit his job a month before she was due, and lives in his sisters basement with no job, no ambitions to do anything besides smoke weed. Class A loser still owing her money she leant him even though she is the only one raising the child and providing for him, she has gone out of her way on nurmous accounts to help his family out and make it work, mind you he’ll claim they didn’t work out because they didn’t “get along , they didn’t get along because he was talking to his exs on Facebook and she was uncomfortable, turns out he started cheating on her with his ex Oliava yet she knew they were welcoming a baby in a matter of days. You can be around these people but I think they are the worst kinds of people.

Next up on Jeremy Springer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Either n’ sh’t. Da filthiest thang ta strutt tha streets up in Manor Park. she is only 18 years old, n’ is goin on her second child!  spendz all of her time loitering all up in tha St. Laurent shopping centre wit her baby. Tay-Tay do not know whoz ass tha daddy of either of her kids is. She has two playas thankin dat they is both tha daddy of tha same kid. She collects cash fo’ diapers n’ thangs fo’ her baby from both possible dadz all up in tha same time. Tay-Tay lives wit her pepsi head mother, n’ her mothers junkie pimp, up in tha nastiest doggy den in tha Manor Park project. Tay-Tay is bipolar, n’ refuses ta take her medication fo’ dat sh’t. Biatch is highly unstable. Instead of carin fo’ her child, her big-ass booty spendz all day chillin. Tay-Tay has a freshly smoked up pimp every muthafu’kin two weeks, n’ dat freaky bitch has drd. Who tha f’ck knows why so many playas would wanna bust a nut on her. CAS should be involved wit dis thang. I’ma be surprised if dis hoe has both of her lil kids by tha time her ass is 20 years old.

Homewrecker Misty Dwyer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, home wrecker is putting things lightly. This “woman” was at the wedding less then a year ago the couple just recently had a baby boy and it turns out Misty has been seeing the husband for months. So while the wife was at home pregnant Misty was out and about with the husband! Not even 2 weeks after the baby was born the sh’tty husband abandoned his new family to be with Misty. Misty does not care at all about what she did and it is also not the first time she has gone after a taken man! These two clearly deserve each other!! Although we are sure it won’t last long until she moves onto her next married man or he leaves her for the next thing that catches his eye!.

Home Wrecker 101 with Destinee Nadeau


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Destinee is a garbage girl. Works for the city of ottawa picking up rotten pieces of fruit and other peoples waste products at night. By day she trains at K2 Martial Arts in Barrhaven looking for men in relationships to snatch from their girls. This girl PRIDES over her muscles and her dirty ass job. Her boyfriend Phil Page mooches off her pay checks and drives her truck while she buses from place to place. Destinee has gone from guy to guy and has gotten over 12 different drd’s in the past 3 years!! She likes to take steroids to help bulk up which is causing her disgusting ass moustache to grow in! Dirtiest girl around Ottawa. If you see her around, she’ll be happy to give you a little quickie before a small price.

1 in 10 Male Cinema


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two twisted freaks need to be exposed to society at large for their depraved antics and behaviour in general. On the left, every dentists nightmare, is Steve Cayer, ottawas favorite fairy blow up doll. According to ottawas gay cruising websites he carries the most fatal DRD’s and is not the less bit afraid to share it. time for him to be exposed Nik, too many forearms have been inserted inside his caboose, for he brags how many men he can do in a 24h period. If you see him waddling like a penguin towards Parkdale with a smile on his face, it’s been a great day for Steve: pepsi, m”’, bareback DRD sex, defrauding the gov’t while we all pay for his DRD cocktails every month……Anything! On the right here, is science experiment gone wrong Tom Ramsey, owner of the Ottawas most sleazy gay cinema ” 1 in 10″  many of us in the “community” have been the subject of Toms’ indescetions and rumours-monqering and have had enough. Parents beware!!! If you know your teenager son travels in this vicinity after school, Tom may very well try to coerce him to come upstairs, checkout the dark cinema and sit on the other end of a “glory hole” when lights are on, or off , Tom has zero preference for age. After all, his famous words are…..”bring ’em young”!!

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