Jim the Dirt Bag


THE DITRY ARMY: Nik, this 40 some year old has been in an in and out relationship with the girl in the picture with him. She has put herself in debt to cover his mistakes and uses her love for his daughter to con her and every other woman he has met. He uses every one he meets as a chess piece to his game of life. From what I have gathered from everyone he has met he has stabbed them in the back one way or another. This is my warning to you. If you have had this sly loser come to you I have one suggestion. RUN!!! BEFORE YOU TOO BECOME HIS NEXT LIFELINE.

Stalker refuses to be rejected by a girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So recently I have been posted on thedirty.com which I find hilarious and entertaining being the smartass that I am. So let me clear some sh’t up. So yes at one point I was on Fetlife and met Sebastien Sirdon a year ago. It was a two night stand, we did NOT have a week of “wild” sex, I made it clear to him that he was being used only for sex. He ended up stalking me and refusing to leave me alone. After I blocked him off ALL social media he used my fiends to find info about me a year later. On the subject of me cheating, no thank you, my boyfriend knows about Sebastien and the fact the I was on Fetlife. So when he tried to put me on blast I found it hilarious, so please let this be know to any girl that gets involved with this boy, and when I use the term boy I mean a” person that gets mad when I wouldn’t leave my boyfriend for him at the drop of a hat” then post some bullshit about you, expecting everyone to trash you and call you a slut, w’ore or anything else. Well let me tell you something Sebastien you are like some of the commenters said you are a salty crybaby, a complete loser, you are a fifty shades of grey wanna be, and you feel like your an entitled. Fetlife account SirGrey**. So I recommend to EVERY woman out there that gets a message for this boy he will get attached and clingy with a one night, he will then constantly message you even if you ignore him, and when you reject him he will act out in a boyish manner.

Claims to be faithful


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know how this girl hasnt been posted yet but let’s just say she’s an unfaithful slut whom can’t keep friends for sh’t. She has been on Fetlife twice in the last two years. The first time she was on there Her & I hooked up, she came to my house quite often for about a week and then f’ed off aka blocked me on all her social media accounts, as well as fetlife. Now that year has passed I had completely forgotten about this thot. Then recently she sent me a private message on IG saying that she wants to bang again, but here’s the catch she’s still with that same bf. Obviously I agreed she’s smoking hot but I had a feeling she hadn’t grown up and would pull the same sh’t after a few meet-ups. Well guess what I was right after another week of wild sex she decided that she wants to try an make her relationship work. Did I mention she’s still on fetlife look her up MeowJo.

Claims her kid is Mine


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is insisting I call her, she claims we slept together 3 years ago which is actually not impossible as years ago I was an alcoholic and had many one night stands I don’t remember. She actually had me going, I was scared, I thought I had ANOTHER kid. She gets insanely jealous if she thinks I’m near another female. Sad thing is if she did meet up with me and I saw the kid I’d probably have stepped up. She sent me pics and the kid looks a lot like my first born. Had it not been for this site I may have gone through with it.

A little late for a hand-out, kids almost double digits.- nik

Wannabe Kardashian


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I dont know where this chick gets off thinking that shes better then anyone else… she lives off her parents, lives at home, has a part time job and can barley afford to keep up with hair dye treatments from sally’s beauty supply. her boyfriend adds random girls on facebook and fathers multiple children. i just find it so funny that she thinks she is so above everyone else and HATES children yet her baee is a father himself? know doubt they have a connection. her statuses are out of control, horrific, and offensive. her bf is a good for nothing dead beat father who is so insecure he has to hide his face no matter where he goes.. especially pictures LOL. its time we gave these two “internet famous wanna bs” a reality check. people dont love you… they just love to hate because you give them nothing better. get a life, or a job a career? and maybe people wouldnt want to make fun of you so badly. & know babes.. were not jealous, we just want you to be humble and get that stick out of your asss.

Tania Hashemi the delusional escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girls name is Tania Hashemi. She’s the most psychotic snakiest girl I know. This girl is a nutcase and belongs in the R.O. diagnosed with psychoses she bangs every guy she meets she always thinks she’s pregnant she has drds and she’s an escort. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIRL. she’s big trouble!!! You meet her once and she automatically starts spreading sh’t about you making up lies in her head and believing it. She got kicked out of school cause she told everyone she was pregnant and someone k’lled her baby. But it was all in her head! Every guy that she had sex with and left her she would lie they raped her. She lies about her own mother and father. Trying to make them look bad. And get her dad in trouble. Shes delusional and needs to be locked up for longer than last time. PEOPLE NEED TO BE WARNED ABOUT THIS STICKY SLUT. AND LETS NOT FORGET FRANCO CARLITTO IS IN OTTAWA AND LIVING IN THE SOUTH. WITH HER.

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