Thoughts on WWE Diva Eva Marie

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, any thoughts on WWE Diva Eva Marie? I think she is hot as you know what bit she really sucks at being a wrestler. She can’t wrestle and has no charisma at all. She should just give it up and do porn.

Not digging the clown hair. Eva you would be much prettier with brunette hair.- nik

Elizabeth Sutton Thinks She Is The Queen Of Las Vegas

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everyone know this girl? Las Vegas, Elizabeth Sutton. You’ll see you’re on Instagram constantly posting pictures of her tits and shaking her ass just for the attention. She always uses terrible hashtags like #BowDown #ImTheTalent.

Easy on the filters yo.- nik

NRP — Brittney Guzman Is A Little Person

Nik Richie finally fulfills a life dream and speaks to a little person. Brittney Guzman of Little Women: LA comes on NRP and discusses her challenges in life as a Little. She goes in depth about her battles with Kylie Jenner and her working career with Miley Cyrus — Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Kindly Myers Is Begging For Handouts… Again

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Nashville supersloot Kindly Myers is at it again, begging for freebies and handouts. Either her man doens’t care she is whoring herself out, she doesn’t respect her man… or both. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Who knows… maybe someone will buy her some self respect on Amazon!

Anything cool on the Amazon wish list?- nik

Dying Of Laughter At Chewy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this dumb bitch! First of all, girls who take it off without being asked to are the epitomes of useless sluts. Amanda, taking naked photos to post on your Twitter and snapchat is just straight up desperate. It’s actually all you have to offer and you’re putting it out all out there. Nope, no brainpower or degrees to brag about…not even a job… It must feel awful to be desperate enough for likes to get naked and even worse when you have nothing else to offer a man except a lifetime of being a slut, fake boobs/face, and an apartment paid for by some OTHER old ass. Haha. Your rant is hilarious Amanda, and yes, people will hate you on. You act like you made this happen yourself, but try to point out that you definitely didn’t earn your money respectively. Next time: “don’t hate on my trip to the Maldives, I’m getting nailed by 4 old dudes for this. You can have this too, just become a prostitute like me. Then you can also pretend your life is the shit while being a shallow, uneducated, useless slut pretending that she is a Boss.” Any stupid bitch can be a whore, it takes real talent to graduate from college and make a career for yourself. You’re just some bottom of the barrel skank who looks good thanks to plastic surgery. Don’t ever forget that. Ps. Nobody believes you’re paying for any of your condos and most of us laugh at your delusion. I wonder what it’s like having a conversation with this stupid bitch or if she can even do basic algebra. Hey Amanda, it’s tax season- which companies (old men) are sending you your W-2’s (cash payments)? Lololol. Delusional bitch. You ain’t sh*t but a hooker with nothing else to offer the world, cheers h*e:) keep pretending we have no reason to hate on your sorry ass. At least own up and stop pretending- Maldives are mighty expensive, but when you get an experienced hooker, she expects no less. I know you’re reading this, prostitute. Yea. Amanda. You. A prostitute. Repeat that 3 times slowly. “I’m a dirty prostitute. I am Amanda and I am nothing more than a dirty prostitute.”!!!

I’m not going to let Chewy ruin my birthday with her selfish narcissism.- nik

It Was 34 Degrees in Denver

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is how desperate Malpractice is for attention… She wore this for the Broncos rally, when everyone was wearing coats and sweaters cause it was 34 degrees… That poor dog too, bet she’s soooo neglected!

I thought he was a Bears fan?- nik

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