Ashley Salazar Needs To Focus On Being A Mother


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know you’ve heard about this woman before but i’ve had enough of this chick. She not only uses her friends but she does everything but take care of her daughter. She constantly smokes weed and stays married to a dude that let’s her dance weirdly on the internet in a bikini. She truly needs medication for her bi-polar disorder and I sincerely hope her ex husband gets full custody. A friend of mine has so much dirt on her and that’s why Ashley won’t go after her in any way. She attacks other girls when she does contests writing to them “How dare you be in the same contest as me! I was here first!” like the brat she is. She doesn’t get paid to “model” and her husband refuses to work. He’s an alcoholic and he prays Ashley can whore around enough to make money for them both. She literally has nasty pit stains on every shirt and she is always twitching her eye like she is coming down from crack-cocaine. She has the audacity to act like she is better than women that have actual resumes. I don’t know man, just my humble opinion. We’re all sick of her shit, she isn’t famous and she needs to stop acting like having a million likes on facebook means something when almost all of them are from the most RANDOM countries. Ashley, I truly have no idea what you’re going to do for money once you age a bit more. You are going to be homeless and alone.

I’m not digging the Trump combover.- nik

Who Is Erika Wheaton

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I love TheDirty. I am curious about this girl Erika. All of a sudden she popped up on me and my boys Instagram and I think she a solid 9. She has over 80k followers, booking info, models, and started ‘a brand’. Ive heard shes seen in miami. Do you know anything about her and do you think shes hooking?

I know that if she shaved her head — I would totally call her Erik.- nik

NRP — Brittney Guzman Is A Little Person

Nik Richie finally fulfills a life dream and speaks to a little person. Brittney Guzman of Little Women: LA comes on NRP and discusses her challenges in life as a Little. She goes in depth about her battles with Kylie Jenner and her working career with Miley Cyrus — Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Sarah Mullins Is A Journalist Now


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, HUGE FAN, first post. This is Sarah Mullins aka the_mully on Instagram, she is supposedly a “journalist” at She has been bragging about it for weeks. She is a washed up reality star trying to make it back into the social eye. I read some of her articles and she talks about her “long-distance boyfriend” [sugar-daddy, trust fund baby], flying first-class everywhere and her “sports car” she has in LA. She needs to go back to working old sleez-bags at Hooters because this sh*t is getting old fast, makes me want to gag! She doesn’t even have enough likes to brag about it! Blocking her immediately!

They say to be a great journalist you need to be an amazing liar.- nik

The Real Kelsey Marcella

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Kelse is the slutty gold digging catfish. All she does is sleep with other people’s boyfriends and eats. She portray’s a high class lifestyle but really she’s a 27 year old single, female living with her parents.

No wonder she only does face shots.- nik

Sarah Ashley Moorhead Is So Annoying

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl harassed me so much and bullied me. She goes to the University of Kentucky. According to her own bio she is a Mother to a weiner dog and enjoys long, romantic walks through IKEA.

The third image is the creepiest prom picture ever.- nik

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