President Obama Says “We’ve Contained ISIS” Hours Before Paris Terror Attack


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of Obama and can’t wait till he leaves office. This ISIS attack on Paris is 100% Obama and this country’s fault. Just 9 hours before the horrific terror attack our President Obama claimed during an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America ISIS had been “contained” and that the terror army hasn’t gained strength… now ain’t that a big freaking lie. With all the drones we have, there is no reason all ISIS, their families and children should be bombed. This really has to stop and we are the only country that can end ISIS. I will be praying for Paris.  Click here to read full article. 

America is not to blame, religion is. #PrayForParis – nik

Natural French Beauty Marine Vacth


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I was browsing for movies on Netflix, and I came across one called “Young & Beautiful”. I got curious when I read that it was about a young escort, and I have no idea what really compelled me to click on it lol! Anyways, the lead actress is outstandingly gorgeous! Her name is Marine Vacth, and she’s a French actress. The movie had subtitles, which was annoying, but I kept watching it because of her. I’m partial to blondes, as I am one myself, but she has such beautiful facial features, and a lovely slim physique. Her boobs are pretty small, but they fit her frame well. Maybe she’d look good in some 300 CC implants, as they wouldn’t look TOO ridiculous (like pretty much EVERY chick on this site). She’s so naturally beautiful, and I find it really refreshing. What do you think?

Her mugshot is normal looking to me. I will watch this for you… anyone else have Netflix recommendations — I feel like I’ve seen everything (tapped the market).- nik

France Who Is This Zahia Dehar Look-A-Like


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I found pictures of a girl who looks like French-Algerian (model-escort-designer) Zahia Dehar. I want to know who she is… anyone can help please… She could totally be the one.

OP what is wrong with you — get your head out of her chest. This beat woman would look better with NO eyebrows.- nik

Am I Doing a Bad Job at Parenting


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as of late I have been criticized for my parenting style by a particular commenter and it got me wondering. As a frequent and loyal commenter on thedirty I have always felt like I could always be myself on this site. Although lately I have been criticized for this….I am lucky that I have an amazing relationship with my teenage daughter. We talk daily openly about everything, anything and things that she and I like. I find that thedirty is a very educational tool (my daughter is 13 and goes to a very prestigious all girls catholic school, where she is performing very well) to explain and debrief on topics that is instrumental to her growth. For example : we talk about how the Internet is forever and exchange on the whys and hows this can be detrimental to her success in life. I find many posts that allows me to bring up subject in order to gage where her mind is at and to use as an educational tool (ex: blood diamond …no need to say why…). Thedirty allows me to show my kid what can result from making the wrong choices. That being said…I believe that I am raising a future adult and that I should value my daughter enough to not be a hypocrite.…I let her in on some of the posts and yes sometimes the comments as well…I want her to develop a sense of critique. Having an open dialog is most important to me then letting her think I have all the answers (I dont). So my question to U is this…Do U think that by using thedirty as a tool to warn my daughter about the downfall of our society and her possible downfall I am doing bad parenting? And if so…what other blunt ways do I have to let her know that there are mistakes one can’t recover from in this digital age? (I admit this site brings out the worst of the worst yet commenters can be very non bias at time which is why I think it works as a great tool) I am very aware that by asking U to weigh in on this subject I’m also opening myself up to criticism from the DA which I am willing to do because having been DA strong for close to 8 years now….I value the mass opinion of the commenters as well as the flip side of the coin. I apologize in advance for my grammar and syntax as I am obviously That Random French Girl… Thank again for reading this. And all my love to U and Ur amazing family and contributors. DA strong.

There is no perfect way to raise a child. The fact that you care and are deeply invested in raising your daughter… that’s good enough for me. Keep your path and who cares about the critics. I don’t.- nik

Farid Hassani is the Middle Eastern Fake Equis

Screen shot 2015-08-23 at 10.44.57 PM

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this jerk named Farid Hassani is a liar, thief, cheat, and hustler. He should not be in France and needs to go back to Iran. His dad is a big time thief in Iran, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from poor people and causing the government to sell the oil for really cheap. Farid always drives a top of the line mercedes based on the money that his father stole. Now he has come to my country of France and got a great job as Auto-ID Innovation Manager at Airbus Group, it is because of his dad and Farid Hassani lied about his job experience in Washington, DC. He is a bad person and he looks like a rapist. French women beware of this Muslim! He is a thief, liar, and possible terrorist. How can an academic own his own private jet? This is the middle eastern Fake Equis, since daddy is funding his lifestyle by funneling money from innocent people through crime, fraud, and abuse. Farid Hassani’s father is a mullah and a criminal. Farid tries to make us hard working white people jealous with the money that his father stole.

Strong hairline for an Iranian dude.- nik

Madonna’s Ex-Boy Toy Brahim Is Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I really need to post this about these people down with Brahim who are all French or Israeli and are wealthy Jews. I get that you people hate Muslim’s in France and the world. I get it now!! I get the Defend Paris clothing line and the basic message. Here’s my message: IF YOU WANT TO POSE WITH MILITARY WEAPONS AND HAVE A MILITARY MESSAGE TO SEND THROUGH YOUR BASIC CLOTHING LINE… Why not.. Wait for it….. JOIN THE MILITARY! YOU CAN ACHIEVE MUCH MORE THIS WAY. Other than that, go learn another dance routine- you poser! Bon Voyage.

Poor guy — he will always be remembered as Madonna’s left overs.- nik

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