Rachel Marsden Is A Nut Case


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this daughter of bitch has been falsely accusing people of raping her during 90s and 00s, including her swimming coach and the Wikipedia founder. On Twitter, she has been caught using her main Twitter accounts and even sock Twitter accounts such as @Non_Disclosure to harass other people she don’t like, even using sexual suggestive words inside her tweets. This girl now lives in Paris, France and is working for Sputnik Radio in there. By falsely accusing other people of raping her, this Rachel Marsden scum had insulted all of the rape victims out there. She also exhibits stalking behaviors against others, particularly hackers like “The Jester”. If you want to learn more about her, you can go to the discussion page of her IMDB profile, there’s a post detailing all of her dark deeds. In addition to that, the hacker “The Jester” also has a piece, which is titled “Rachel Marsden – Come on down” that details the sadistic behaviors of the daughter of bitch. By faking her resumes, that Marsden bitch is a fake bitch scum who always boasts about her psychopathic and sadistic scheme. This pinko/commie also always shamelessly defending dictators who commit heinous crimes. By calling herself a “journalist”, she is making the whole journalist community looks ridiculous. Sluts and psychos like Rachel Marsden deserve no place in our current society, and maybe she should be exiled to a remote island to let her rot by herself. So, wanna let her taste her own medicine?

Why Would Anyone Want To Look Like This


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Victoria Wild. She looks like a freakin clown. She calls herself a living Barbie. I didn’t know they made a hidieous version of her. I dunno what exact town she is from because she bounces all over Europe being a p4p in order to pay for her surgeries.

Her wrist skin needs to be tightened.- nik

Wannabe Instawhore Liza Milano


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is named Liza, she lives in Cannes France, and is trying to be a YouTube sensation but that didn’t work out, so now she’s on to being an Instagram model. Taking pictures of her “expensive purses” and luxury vacations. She claims that the money she makes is from her you tube channel, but we all know she’s sucking a wrinkly Greg.

Instagram modeling is over — the new algorithm killed the creep flow.- nik

President Obama Says “We’ve Contained ISIS” Hours Before Paris Terror Attack


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of Obama and can’t wait till he leaves office. This ISIS attack on Paris is 100% Obama and this country’s fault. Just 9 hours before the horrific terror attack our President Obama claimed during an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America ISIS had been “contained” and that the terror army hasn’t gained strength… now ain’t that a big freaking lie. With all the drones we have, there is no reason all ISIS, their families and children should be bombed. This really has to stop and we are the only country that can end ISIS. I will be praying for Paris.  Click here to read full article. 

America is not to blame, religion is. #PrayForParis – nik

Natural French Beauty Marine Vacth


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I was browsing for movies on Netflix, and I came across one called “Young & Beautiful”. I got curious when I read that it was about a young escort, and I have no idea what really compelled me to click on it lol! Anyways, the lead actress is outstandingly gorgeous! Her name is Marine Vacth, and she’s a French actress. The movie had subtitles, which was annoying, but I kept watching it because of her. I’m partial to blondes, as I am one myself, but she has such beautiful facial features, and a lovely slim physique. Her boobs are pretty small, but they fit her frame well. Maybe she’d look good in some 300 CC implants, as they wouldn’t look TOO ridiculous (like pretty much EVERY chick on this site). She’s so naturally beautiful, and I find it really refreshing. What do you think?

Her mugshot is normal looking to me. I will watch this for you… anyone else have Netflix recommendations — I feel like I’ve seen everything (tapped the market).- nik

France Who Is This Zahia Dehar Look-A-Like


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I found pictures of a girl who looks like French-Algerian (model-escort-designer) Zahia Dehar. I want to know who she is… anyone can help please… She could totally be the one.

OP what is wrong with you — get your head out of her chest. This beat woman would look better with NO eyebrows.- nik

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