Penticton Street High Biology 101


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, We just realized that your hilarious site could be used as an effective educational tool. Lord knows most of your readers could use some. For example, what could be the possible outcome of taking a Petri dish that you found under a garbage dumpster full of dead hookers located in Tijuana and brought it back to Canada and attempt to culture some type of life form? Your 1st experiment 1-Soure several eggs from dyslexic Tsetse Flies 2-Source 50mls of sperm from a male Platypus 3-Source 250mls of fetid stagnant pond water 4-Take you already fermenting Petri dish fill 3/4 full with your acrid pond water 5-Dip a glass rod into your vial of fly eggs swirl in dish for 20 seconds 6-Dip a second glass rod into your vial of sperm and swirl for 30 seconds 7-Seal your Petri dish and locate a secluded rocky outcrop that is exposed to sun for at least 10 hours a day. Presence of snakes, lizards and other pea brained reptiles are a good indicator that you have selected a proper location. 8-Return back to said location in 4 months and document your results. Your results may vary greatly but one possible result is Proskowenius In the first picture we have 2 fine examples. Diamond on the left and Schrunchie on the left. Behavioral habits documented once reaching “maturity”. Diamond- Lab rat for street drugs Collecting accrued household items. Said items include jewelry, electronics clothing etc Mikes Pawn Brokers Frequent Flyer Points collector Semi pro Mattress Stress tester with various male companions of dubious character All around hard working industrious example. The Schrunchie, not so much, Under achieving, vapid and is suspected to have fewer brain cells than square inch of cardboard. Claims to be employed (yet to be confirmed) Fertile breeding ground for various bridge dwelling trolls Expert collector of various government aid programs The author has concluded that the Schrunchie has far less intrinsic value to society. Recommendations The Schrunchie immediately sends a photo portfolio to Black and Decker Tools for them to use in their product guides, ie the safety section for belt sanders and weed whackers. Her pictures are the perfect example of what happens when you place your face in the path of either tools. BTW Nik, looks like you had a great time in Europe

Harley Dog


THE DIRTY ARMY: Are you hoping for that special man to come in and sweep you off your feet, only to find out he lies about everything that comes out of his mouth and is currently sleeping with 9 women? Yes 9! Then look no further! If you are looking for a friendship where you give and he takes and will always owe you money, then look no further! If you are looking for a brother or a nephew to lie, cheat and use, he’s the man for you! This gem really is using 9 women that have no idea about the other. He leads them on and uses them for his own gain and pleasure. Everything is a lie. He’s an alcoholic using his brother for a cheap place to live so he doesn’t have to assume any kind of responsibilities. If you are in his life in any kind of way, he is using you and lying to you about something. GUARANTEED!  (He’s a huge victim) he lies to them and uses them the most, about everything from how many people he is actually sleeping with to how he spends his money (drugs and alcohol) to babysitting his son while he’s out sleeping with random women to trying to get with his uncle’s woman.  Anything and everything. LIES! All he cares about is himself, his Harley and his reputation. Psychopath—->the psychopath can appear normal, even charming.  If you want to be used, taken advantage of, lied to and treated with complete disrespect, look him up.

Woman beating forgy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is the definition of scum. Not only did he beat and strangle his daughters mother, he likes to cheat on her with men from craigslist. Finally she left him, but I don’t know how he managed to get a new girlfriend. His whole family are nothing but hill Billy imbreds that try to protect this loser. But after seeing his exs face idk how they can. She ended up leaving penticton all together because she was so terrified of this ass hole!

Someone call Maury


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the world is full of baby popping skanks. And this one is one of the worst. She’s with her second baby now after she can’t even keep her son because he keeps getting taken by the ministry, her house is so dirty they have a scabies out break right now. But the real thing that takes the cake is that she doesn’t know who’s the father of either of her children! She’s got dirty pepsi heads snorting up in her bathroom (which be careful not to sit on the toilet, you might catch her drd) while her son is in the room right next to it with dog sh’t and cat piss all over the place. Poor boy doesn’t even have clean clothes because she would rather spend her money on booze and her nails and gifts for her loser boyfriends then wash laundry or buy groceries. Her hobies include stealing, lieing, and not showering. If you want to be roped into taking care of a baby your unsure is yours, have fire crotch, and try to figure out what is a lie and what’s the truth, she’s the girl for you!

Theives and Skids


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone wondering whos been robbing everyone in summerland? Dirty Sabrina is back in town driving for them apparently. Jeremy Royer rats out his friends but hes involved too, sam the f’ing dirty french skid who has f’ing kids – great example buddy. Give people back their sht and get the hell out of town.

Nice BB.- nik

Jazmin Mitchell Needs A Reality Check


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl, Jazmin Mitchell of Oliver, Penticton, Westbank (the list goes on) needs to buck up. 3 young kids but not a single grip on reality. Those poor babes are better off with Ron at this point. Her Facebook is an endless feed of ‘poor me’s’, ‘nobody cares’, ‘goodbye cruel world’, etc. So many people have strained themselves supporting her in her times of need and she posts that nobody’s ever there for her. Only when they need something. Funny seeing as she only ever hits anyone up when she needs money or booze. Or both. She claims to be tough, but all she does is cry and whine like a little bi’ch. Waaa waaa waaa. You’re how old now Jaz? On the c’ackpipe, booger sugar, and the bottle. 3 kids crying for mama. Mama crying for a rock and some unknowns dick. Nobody feels sorry for you anymore Jaz. You do yourself in. No one can help you if people are disposable to you just like your kids are to you. Run away, smoke a rock, post suicidal statuses on FB while everyone you know worries sick. Then go suck another dick for a free rock and maybe just maybe, you’ll think ‘hmmm I wonder what my kids are up to?’. Lowlife POS. Weak. Spineless to the fullest extent.

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