Preteen Diddler

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Thomas Sauter… The nastiest rapist goof I’ve ever met. Tried to pick me up at the club while I was drunk when I first turned 18. Mad because I wouldn’t sleep with him- he almost punched me in the face. I’m only a 99lb Blonde Barbie at the time. Skinny, tiny, fragile. The kid tried to sleep with my friends little sister who’s 13. He also had photos on his phone of young girls who looked to be about 12-16 last year. I was at a party with him and i stole his phone from him and found them. Little fu;er didn’t even lock that sh;t up! Next thing you know he will be looking at child pornography & diddling preteens.He picks on his best friends for their problems yet his are ten times worse for sure. I also heard he used to beat his ex gf ally Macbeth. And that he has an abusive side to women. Please warn the world about this disgusting chump Nik! He is the biggest skid I’ve ever met. _ love: someone close to Josh Thomas Sauter. Bye bye reputation, have fun getting a job with your name known to the public, you gross f***!!!

That bikes a bit concerning.- nik

South Okanagan Dollar Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have pentictons mary go round! The girl that even in a relationship is also in one with half of pentictons boys and men! This little girl seems to think getting her panties wet everytime her boyfriend isn’t around is okay! Not to mention banging other peoples boyfriends! You have been caught b*tch! Also, we all love liking your facebook pics and your cleavage because we know at some point we’ll be in that or our guy friend will! If you’re gonna fuck womebody atleast make sure it’s your boyfriend and not the guys who take you at parties! Then again for a girl that didn’t grad highschool she probably wouldn’t have enough brains to realize being a complete whore isn’t bright! Nobody likes a girl who’s a revolving door hunny! Your recent pics with the bright lipstick doesn’t make you look any better! You canmy make hoe look pretty! Hoes don’t have class but then again I have seen strippers with more class than this girl! Watchput girls she will f’k your boyfriends, fu** her boyfriend whilst doing so, and bang randoms at parties just to leave with cum filled panties! She is quite the trailer trash and will not amount to anything…..other than on a cock! Nobody wants to see your tits on fbook, but then again we keep our friends close and apparently skanks…..closer!

My boyfriend of 6yrs is Cheating

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jason magas was the sweetest until I fell in love with him. Its been 6yrs. He’s physically abused me. Now it’s verbal. Once in a relationship it’s like a fun nightmare. He has abused any drug he can get his hands on. Comes and goes as he pleases. Doesn’t come home for days. Doesn’t text or call. Makes me out to be some crazy broad druggie slut that spend my life with my leg up.. I don’t fun think so. I take care of my kids and have friends. Nothing more.. So what’s his problem?? Is he so guilty he plays it out on me?? Have you slept with Jason.. Is there more I need to know.

Manipulative Married Douche

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy NEEDS to be put on blast. He has got to be one of the most manipulative lieing piece of shit around these days. He cheated on his wife with over 15 women even got one of them pregnant ! Continued to bash her make up lies and get her beat up after the breakup. He’s been abusing every type of drug he can get his hands on for over 10 years but claims he isn’t a drug addict because since he can’t afford them, and he’s never consistent with the drug he uses. Put anything infront of this “father” of 4 beautiful children and he will do it. He met a girl 10 years younger then him she had just turned 18 and took advantage of her age and inexperience. Mentally, emotionally and physically abused her then moved onto his next victim once she found out how many times he cheated (countless) after 2 years. Help me get the word out before he cries more fake tears and wins over another girl. He’s also a theif, steals from everyone if his own kids had nice enough stuff he would be stealing from them too, somehow he has convinced himself that he’s not doing anything wrong, he’s sick and twisted ! To believe anything that is said by him is a mistake. He’s quick to run to the cops too so beware when your around him and what you say.

Jail Baiter

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is all kinds of f’ed up he likes to try and mess around with your woman guy justs gets out of jail he dosnt know what he likes more man in his ass or woman he also likes to f’ 12 yrd girls this guy is creep with a capital C watch out for this one u dont wanna see your woman with him drugs are his in

Lets play guess whats in that cage:  I’m going with ‘Degu’.- nik

Penticton Street High Biology 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, We just realized that your hilarious site could be used as an effective educational tool. Lord knows most of your readers could use some. For example, what could be the possible outcome of taking a Petri dish that you found under a garbage dumpster full of dead hookers located in Tijuana and brought it back to Canada and attempt to culture some type of life form? Your 1st experiment 1-Soure several eggs from dyslexic Tsetse Flies 2-Source 50mls of sperm from a male Platypus 3-Source 250mls of fetid stagnant pond water 4-Take you already fermenting Petri dish fill 3/4 full with your acrid pond water 5-Dip a glass rod into your vial of fly eggs swirl in dish for 20 seconds 6-Dip a second glass rod into your vial of sperm and swirl for 30 seconds 7-Seal your Petri dish and locate a secluded rocky outcrop that is exposed to sun for at least 10 hours a day. Presence of snakes, lizards and other pea brained reptiles are a good indicator that you have selected a proper location. 8-Return back to said location in 4 months and document your results. Your results may vary greatly but one possible result is Proskowenius In the first picture we have 2 fine examples. Diamond on the left and Schrunchie on the left. Behavioral habits documented once reaching “maturity”. Diamond- Lab rat for street drugs Collecting accrued household items. Said items include jewelry, electronics clothing etc Mikes Pawn Brokers Frequent Flyer Points collector Semi pro Mattress Stress tester with various male companions of dubious character All around hard working industrious example. The Schrunchie, not so much, Under achieving, vapid and is suspected to have fewer brain cells than square inch of cardboard. Claims to be employed (yet to be confirmed) Fertile breeding ground for various bridge dwelling trolls Expert collector of various government aid programs The author has concluded that the Schrunchie has far less intrinsic value to society. Recommendations The Schrunchie immediately sends a photo portfolio to Black and Decker Tools for them to use in their product guides, ie the safety section for belt sanders and weed whackers. Her pictures are the perfect example of what happens when you place your face in the path of either tools. BTW Nik, looks like you had a great time in Europe

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