Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams – No Respect For The Academy Awards

Like I was saying, Pharrell Williams decided to dress down for the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon.

The event is kind of a big deal as they take the class photo with all the OSCARS nominees. Everyone else looked dapper and well suited … Pharrell who was placed in the middle of the picture, stuck out like a sore thumb in his NASA sweater and bedazzled green ball cap.

One can only assume he’s trying to make some sort of statement … the statement of being too high school for this event. #NoClass

Jenna Bush Hager To Pharrell Williams – “You’re Nominated For Hidden Fences”

The social media world is going nuts over Jenna Bush’s question to Pharrell Williams at the Golden Globes – “You’re nominated for Hidden Fences”. The masses are claiming it was a racist statement.

It’s obvious Jenna Bush meant Hidden Figures, but mentally she had a slip. Jenna’s also trending on Twitter for touching every celebrity on the shoulder.

Not so Golden tonight Jenna.
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