Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams – Replay Confirms This Wasn’t About Germs

Yesterday The Dirty showed images of Pharrell Williams wearing a germaphobe mask.

Well, after review of the tape it’s clear that Pharrell’s true intention was to block paparazzi from questioning. The mask was just an excuse not to answer questions. He also made sure both hands were busy with items to prevent autographs.

Pharrell totally tricked me … this had nothing to do with fatherhood.

Pharrell Williams – No Respect For The Academy Awards

Like I was saying, Pharrell Williams decided to dress down for the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon.

The event is kind of a big deal as they take the class photo with all the OSCARS nominees. Everyone else looked dapper and well suited … Pharrell who was placed in the middle of the picture, stuck out like a sore thumb in his NASA sweater and bedazzled green ball cap.

One can only assume he’s trying to make some sort of statement … the statement of being too high school for this event. #NoClass

Jenna Bush Hager To Pharrell Williams – “You’re Nominated For Hidden Fences”

The social media world is going nuts over Jenna Bush’s question to Pharrell Williams at the Golden Globes – “You’re nominated for Hidden Fences”. The masses are claiming it was a racist statement.

It’s obvious Jenna Bush meant Hidden Figures, but mentally she had a slip. Jenna’s also trending on Twitter for touching every celebrity on the shoulder.

Not so Golden tonight Jenna.