Train wreck tori

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is absolute train wreck , everything fake on her body, including her eye lashes. Your pound of make up you wear dont hide all the ugly girl. This girl is such a low life pig, she has literally f’ed everyone. She’s a whore. Can u actually believe she wants to be a mother? What a disgrace this hoe is, out partying like the skank she is. Tori f’s everyone she acts like a dirtball when she’s out pulling out her tits letting old men suck on them in front of a bar full if people. Tori go home & try being a real woman & housewifeyou whore. She should be embarrassed how she act out in public. She isnt. Ever since she got with Joey Wombold she’s been a drug abusing train wreck and her face shows. You’ve disgraced Matt and his memory. Please someone adopt this stray today and clean her up.

Chow Chow Channing

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this character is 32 yrs old, who is broke as hell ! He manipulates all girls that he comes across to & use them with either money or p”sy. He also carries ch(((ia “yes the drd” but denies it when you call him out on it . & his penis smells like bad cheese . He has very bad body odor. He also beats girls up because he cheats . He’s known as manny stylez hahahaha he thinks he’s Channing Tatum . But manny please keep dreaming . He shoots steroids in his arms & says he is fit? But idk where at because all of it is fat & saggy . Also, he doesn’t have a career he strips for a living & brings all types of different chicks to his dirty apartment . What a man whore right? This dude is a psychopath & I think is on drugs or he is just mentally ill. So please ladies fallback if you see this dude . That’s all u gotta do is search his name & u will be surprised on what u will find out about him.

Homewrecking Attempt

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly disgrace of a pig. (Matter of fact that’s an insult to pigs) uhhh well she’s something all right. Was after my husband for months. She knew he was married and managed to persuade him in doing the ultimate most unforgiving thing you can do in a marriage. A waterfall of tears were shed as he pleaded for forgives once I found out. She took something special and shit on it. To bad she didn’t win though! Us on the other hand we took baby steps to heal and we’re doing great!! He still apologizes to this day.

Drug Addict Dog Thief

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what can I say about Bill. He’s the biggest loser I know, and a total creep. Girls, run as fast as you can. He used to be the manager (aka head stooge) of a drug addict recovery house, where his biggest accomplishments include: messiest room award, record for longest time without showering, and making himself out to be a victim when he went missing during one of his drug binges. This dude is in love with the coco and the drugs, and not just the anal retentive kind. After getting fired as head stooge for disappearing to smoke crack, he briefly resurfaced to steal puppy dogs (blue pitbulls) from a local by using a fake check as payment, then went MIA. Word on the street is that he stole the dogs to repay his drug dealer. Poor puppy dogs. The dog breeder was worried sick about these little dogs. It is surprising he’s not currently sitting in jail. On top of everything else, he has zero personality and is completely worthless as a friend or a boyfriend.

The backseat avenger

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as you can see this he/she has been burned by a few things but a philly stripper is not one….she enjoys getting burned in the backseat of her mans truck, that’s why she is a hunchback. She also enjoys watching her man cry as she creates drama but cannot finish what she starts. This is a replay of a jacked up Shrek and Fiona love story gone wrong….as you can see she has a key tattooed on her side…it’s definatly not the key to her chastity belt as you can see she thinks she’s all that. Girl bye! Have a few seats, looks to me like you are into keeping it in the family. This chick right here is passing around herpies and the warts but hey isn’t that what trolls do?! Yo last time I seen her she was straight cr’cked out, on her knees giving head for a bag but who is judging? All that knee work got her hair like whaaaattt? A bit like a furry mop but when you got dudes pulling your hair that’s what happens, speaking of being on her knees, she has a feminine hygiene issue that doesn’t quit…smells like old hotdog water and a fish market. Please be careful when handling this ratchet lying ho.

AAA Truck Driver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kyle was my fiance for 9 years he is a closet homosexual he’s cheated on me multiple times with men and women he was going Craigslist looking for someone to show him the ropes on men seeking men he abused me many of times he treated me like I was a piece of meat he threw me out on the street several times he deny that going on Craigslist was cheating the chances of being as a man is cheating now he has a new girlfriend has no idea that he is gay he went on Craigslist responding to ads making ads sending pictures of his dick when its small like a child’s dick he never did anything for anyone he only thought about himself and just strung me along for 9 years cheating on me and talking about me and calling me all these names now it’s his turn two one (removed) his dad is a pedofile and he thinks he’s God’s gift to earth I want the next girl that goes with realizes that he may had contracted an drd because he has sex with men and lies about it he thinks he’s hot he treats people like crap he needs to learn his lesson and this needs to be posted he works with Triple A Mid Atlantic in hamilton New Jersey he’s a tow truck driver he is scum he deserves to be put on blast. He’s the one on the right he plucked his eyebrows more than me .. love you bye

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