Philly stripper returns

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Manny. He is a walking drd. He always has more than one girlfriend at a time. He sleeps with them and had them buy him stuff because he can’t buy his own sh’t. He beats on women, lies, cheats, and hands out stds. He is crazy and believes his own lies. He will date 4girls at once. Tell them he loves them and he will use them, break them down,hit them. Threaten to break their jaws and threatens to put up their nudes on the internet. He thinks he’s a famous stripper. Beware ladies, he’s coming for you next.

Mom is Pimping Out Herself

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you’ve just got to warn everyone about this girl. Her name is Michelle Marie Rolon but she goes by the name Chloe in the strip club scene. She’s worked at Club Risque and her man/pimp owns The Cove Gentleman’s Club in Port Richmond. Anyway, this chick is 22 years old, she has a 4 year old daughter who she gave up because she “wanted to be free” and could not stand dealing with her anymore. She chose her pimp daddy over her daughter! She claims to make thousands a month stripping and calls herself a boss b”ch but she doesn’t spend a dime on her daughter and to be honest she looks cheap as hell for someone who supposedly has so much $$$. She was arrested in July for human trafficking with her boyfriend. They were holding a girl hostage and forcing her to strip after promising her a modeling gig! The girl escaped and returned back to her hometown in Texas but refused to press charges because the pimp threatened her and her family’s life.. so they basically got away with it. They are a tag team together pimping out chicks.. she even tried to recruit girls at Club Risque but they’re shockingly not stupid enough to fall for her “get rich quick” schemes that are actually prostitution schemes. Her man has been arrested for prostituting women several times before and now they are doing it together. Can’t wait for the day this girl gets arrested. She smells bad, has a bad attitude and doesn’t even care about her daughter. She has a tattoo of her daughter’s name even though she called the innocent girl a piece of shit! Simply despicable.

Victoria McKale Is So Delusional

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I do NOT know how this girl has managed to stay off TheDirty radar but someone needs to do the city of Philadelphia a favor with this PSA , this disgusting, mangled trout pout looking faced girl is Victoria McKale aka Kaia aka “Bronzed Barbie Doll”.  This girl thinks she is the cats damn meeooww… and she is nowhere near, ever since her husband died she’s brought his memory shame by being nothing but a dirty slut. She calls herself a “webcam” model and a “trophy wife” but she’s the ugliest trophy I’ve ever seen.  She’s a Pepsi head and will sleep with anyone who gives her a little attention. She’s had multiple fillers in her lips and face but claims to be “all natural” those +2’s though… I’ve seen better on a blow up doll.

Did she inject the tip of her nose as well?- nik

Middletown Loser Manzo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy, PETE MANZO, is the biggest scumbag in Middletown. He is a serious cr**khead who steals from everyone, including his own mom. He tries to threaten women when they don’t give him what he wants, which is pretty hilarious considering he’s only 5’3″ and 100 lbs soaking wet. He spends his rent money on cr**k and then try to bully people into paying his rent. This dude is a joke! He’s also a snitch and tried to make up some sh*t to get my friend locked up when she wouldn’t give him money. Let him in your house, he will steal anything u got to sell for cr**k. Stay away from this loser!!

Does he live in a garage.- nik

Can I Ever Be Normal Again

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have been commenting here for years, and I am resorting to submitting one of these ‘Deer Abby’ posts we all hate so much because I am so deeply unhappy and I don’t know how to fix it. I was a prostitute from the ages of 18-24, it wasn’t constant but it was something that I enjoyed and came to depend on for money AND sexual satisfaction. I was the stereotypical slut in high school. I loved sex, and I loved to have it with as many people as possible. The exchange of sex for money felt so natural, and above all very powerful. I was satisfied, happy, and rich. I decided to give it all up for love when I turned 24, when I met my husband. We fell madly in love instantly, and got married after only 5 weeks. I was sure it was what I wanted, he knew about my past and accepted me regardless. Looking back, I was just floored that someone could know about who I truly was and still accept and love me. Fast forward 3 years to today, and the reason I am typing this near desperate submission… I am just plain not happy. My husband resents my past, we never talk about it but I know he does. I could go much more in depth and bore you, but the long and short of it is I just don’t think we are meant to be. We got married because we were blinded by lust and both had a yearning to settle down, thinking it would fix the things that were broken inside of us. It didn’t. Or am I just horribly f*cked up and broken because I fantasize about leaving him and going back to escorting before I get too old to even consider it anymore? I miss it. I come to you because I know you have experience with women like myself and I am probably not the first to find herself in this kind of situation. I resent having to work 50-60 hours a week, cook and clean every day, and just pretend like I am this suburban beta wife when it can’t be farther than the truth. Am I just that far gone? While part of me is happy and comfortable with the stability of my life, I just can’t shake the feeling that I am missing out. I visit this site to remind myself that being a prostitute is no way to live, is it really that wrong that I actually liked it? It’s not even just about selling sex, I just want more from life and I know if I settle now I won’t get it. I am asking for your advice, and the advice of the commenters. I don’t know what kind of picture to post and assume you always just use some kind of generic photo so I’ll let you guys decide on one in the event this gets posted.

Ok listen this is very easy. I understand you get off on the cheap thrill (your past life), but there is no reward. It’s just stacking guilt on your shoulders. Your current stability is mundane. That’s on you, not your husband. Anyone can exit and I truly believe you sought him out to stop your guilt and soulless existence. You fixed yourself because you decided to create a life with this man. Stability can be boring at times, but it’s one of the hardest goals to achieve because of our demons. I guess what I’m saying is don’t give up. If you don’t love him today, create a way to love him tomorrow. You found each other for a reason, ask yourself why and search deeper for that meaning… oh and go to marriage counseling, you have too many shadows in your box.- nik

Jahlil Okafor Is A Damn Fool


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, TMZ just dropped more footage of Kahlil Okafor’s crazy, drunk night where it appears he got into two different separate fights… Kid you are just a rookie and your team is the worst in the NBA, get your shit together son.  Click here to watch TMZ’s exclusive footage of Kahlil Okafor’s 2nd fight!!!

Lakers still should have drafted him over… sh*t I forgot his name.- nik

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