Cherry Gold-Digger and Sloot of the year

Cherry Gold-Digger and Sloot of the year

THE DIRTY ARMY:  is Cherry Rose Orong (aka on Facebook as Chexy Chai) from a beautiful island in the Philippines. She is marriage and has a little beautiful daughter. Her husband works his as of in the foreign for a better life for his family. But this is difficult for his wife, because her pu55y is always itchy. Since many years her pu55y has more traffic that the seaport of Cebu…and not only foreigners, she likes all d1cks! But now she pushes it to the top. Now she starts a new family (without her daughter, because when mummy has to work hard on grandpas canadien d1ck, she has no time for her baby). She empty the family bank account and lives now with a man, let’s call him Steward, that is himself a cheater, liar and a dazzler. Since he is the direct neighbor from that married couple, he had no respect for the reputation of the family. Everyone knows that she is a sloot, but since “Steward” is helping out all kinds of different people with money, he thinks the paid for the permission to break the law, humiliate and cuckold the husband, taking the mother from her daughter away, they feel very comfortable to make everybody feels just ashamed or also laughing about them. Of course a thirty year of good-looking women LOVES to spend her best year with a sick 55-year old man, because there is sooo much true love. They really deserve each other, but should not everyone knows, how happy they are, and what kind of damage her true big love causes????

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  1. Eliaho cohenMay 4, 2019 at 2:01 PM

    Can I know if that all is a treu story because I have much to say she is my girl and I want to be sure that she don’t cheat me more please who ever wrought this contact me on my FB my name is eliaho Cohen please