Repsonse to Abuse Allegations
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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I noticed after two years that I am on the dirty and I moved from Houston to get away from Alexandria Babcock and her racist family, we moved away because she could not stand the city of phoenix where she already had a bad reputation, I followed her like a sad dog to Houston and she isolated me there, made me stay home and would cause me to lose my jobs over her jealousy with coworkers I knew. she cheated on me with multiple dudes from her work and I admit nik, we did a lot of drugs together and coke was a factor in her attacking me and neighbors calling the cops as usual she would run off and the cops came I answered the door and they asked why my face was marked up and the cut wounds on my arms and body, I simply said I fall on broken glass and never turned her in, I never lied to steal valor. I was medicated out of the marines for obvious ostheocondroma a bone growth tumor behind my calf that affected my physical fitness run test along with injuring my back at training. The only time I laid my hands on lexie was to get away from her when she was drunk and punching me so I pushed her into the wall, multiple times I threatened to leave her and called my friends to tell them that lexie was threatening to throw herself off our balcony apartment in Houston, she even went as far as to injure her hand on purpose by crushing it on a railing outside and I took her to the hospital to make sure she was okay so there is medical proof that she “did it in boxing” I protected her from her own family that treated her like the ugly step child no one loves. she hit her back on the thermostat she wanted to get me in trouble with the cops, she has a history of claiming men beat her from her last two boyfriends who she said Diego beat her as well as chuck and king some guys from vegas. She escorted in vegas before I met her and it was a well hid secret, no police department ever contacted me and if they did id give them my full statement. I cherished and loved Alexandria and still do to this day because I never thought her anger for me to move on would ever drive her to attack my character like this. When lexie was “pregnant” I was in Phoenix Arizona at the time so her claim that I beat her is a lie too. Lexie like her mother; goes from guy to guy using them and living off of them. IDK why lexie would continue to hurt me like this when all I have done was stay away from her and her family, I changed my number multiple times nik and I moved away from where I last lived so she could not find me. What kind of girl who screams abuse on the last 3 boyfriends continues to harass me when im just trying to live my life? To my friends that know me know the truth and know that lexie was controller psycho coke head and I protected her outburst from the cops, that night she attacked me I never told the cops where she went. I covered for you lexie and this is how you do me? And I don’t know a Cindy Williams as she is fake never met her. I cheated on you with Samantha because you betrayed our relationship(twin peaks girl the Kirby location in Houston). I got even and it makes you mad that I left Houston and started dating America at the time and lexie hated me for that, any girl that has ever dated me can collaborate that I never physically abused them. I am not a marine nik because I never completed the training, I do have marine friends that can collaborate that I never posed as a marine, my dream was to be a marine but my physical abilities and tumor prevented that from happening. This breaks my heart soooo much that the only woman I ever loved sooo much and still love can say these awful things about me, this goes to show how no man is safe from these abuse allegations, if Houston police or phoenix police want my statement ill be glad to give it. As hard as this is to post my business people have to know my side. There is a reason I left lexie, it was to get away from YOUR physical and verbal abuse. Ill always love you lexie and hope you grow up into a woman worthy for the next guy you meet.

Whitetrash Debbie Holt Parkin Robbed Me Of $2,000

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I worked at a Claim Jumper in Phoenix, AZ (Deer Valley location) I was trained by three senior servers Pat , Manoj, and Debbie Holt Parkin. I worked there quite some time and loved my job. My car broke down on one of my drives home from AZ to San Diego. I was without a vehicle for quite some time and it was a pain in Phoenix with the crazy heat to not have a car. My coworker Debbie her husband surprises her with a new car.  She still has $2000 owed on her old one. She said “Pay off the rest of my car and its yours”. Every Saturday after my shift I paid her 100.00 well it got to the point where I only owed her two hundred dollars. She was talking about being mad I still owed her WTF. I said “OK then sell the car like you want and just give me my money back”. She replies “Um no” I said “what is this some tweeker sh’t?” I told my bosses to not have us work the same shifts. She picked up a shift I worked one night and on our employee daily info board I wrote “DIGNITY”. She wrote a report that she felt threatened working with me because of me writing dignity yet she robbed me!!! I was called in my mgrs office that Friday and fired because of this Thief. Andrew Tourville and Cynthia the other horrible manager knew she robbed me and fired me and not her, because she was senior staff and “friends” with them. I found out she sold the car to Sarah the other manager- and Sarah was sold guess what a lemon!  and had to spend thousands on the vehicle… These people are all complete trash steer clear!!!! Don’t give Debbie a penny and and f” you Andrew and Cynthia for the wrongful termination! I didn’t get unemployment, I lost my apt, I had hungry nights. But Thankfully I moved back to San Diego – so I won!!!

Claim Jumper employment is very incestual, all employees penetrate each other (according to everyone I have ever met that worked at CJ). OP be happy you didn’t end up sleeping with Debbie.- nik

To Catch a Women Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little man is Jordon Stigers Hays who was in a relationship with my sister last year and started beating on her and stealing her money and pawning her jewelry for m*h. They thankfully broke up after 7 months but he disappeared. He is into m”h and hates women and thinks they are his personal slaves. If you see him stay away!

Cheese Goat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, was insanely jealous of her friend and her relationship that was a good looking power couple and turned him against her by offering sexual favors and lying to him saying she was unfaithful. Ended up doing drugs with him and offered her backpage services and convinced him to go physically hurt her friend. She is known to have a cheesy goat rotten smell in between her legs and in between the rolls of fat she has. She likes to steal men from her female friends which is the reason she has no friends. Watch out this is a walking drd infested man stealer whore.

The new face of Love

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Toni Gearheart and her boyfriend/baby daddy, Bryan Best both just some low life AZ druggies, they got their kids token away because they have a horridly violent toxic relationship and because they both use and sell drugs, Toni used to eat pain pills like they were part of her food groups. Now she’s on suboxone, selling her body, robbing people, stealing from one store and returning it to another to get gift cards and sell them for money or drugs. She thinks she’s street an book smart but in all reality she’s just a dumb wannabe who dropped out of school in the 8th grade and uses her now skinny(from dope) body to get around in life living Hotel to Hotel Dick to Dick when she’s not with Bryan getting beat an high she’s Dick hopping from drug dealers to drug user’s. She think everyone is jealous of her but really Tony no-one gives a fuck about you. Say no to drugs kids

Husband Stealing Stank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this filthy skank went after a married man knowing full well he had a family and waited for the opportune moment that they were having minor problems and pounced on the chance to be with him. She steals from her friends and acquaintances and is not to be trusted with any possessions or your man. She is only out for whatever she can get from men and doesn’t care who she destroys on her way. She doesn’t even have custody of her own kids and we can all assume why… No skank whore should be allowed to breed anyways. Stay clear of her if you veryalue your livelihood. She destroyed a marriage and a relationship of atwenty years. Although his wife should be thankful she probably did her a favor.

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