Westmoreland County Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley D who goes by JANE when shes “working” This skank is def nasty. She f’s an old guy for her’n nd calls every1 else a junkie or a piece of sh’t when shss actually the piece of sh’t junkie. Shes had the cl’* so many times her MMOM posted something on Facebook about the guy she got it likr 6 times from She claims to have a heart problem but it ddont stop her from being a stripper at The Beehive where she sucks and f’s any old man cock in the back room for sum extra moola for her drugs. This slore’s p’ssy is a graveyard where she’s k’lled over 5 kids! Just look at her Facebook, I think shes proud of it imo and Shes got these nasty ass teeth that are buck and crooked and thinks she’s sexy even when shes drooling on herself. She needs put in her place Nik tbh. and every1 can see how stupid n gross this trash stripper is.

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Cheating Slob Of A Wife and Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Theresa “Tee Tee” Harris Alexander livin in Latrobe. This chick is a piece of work. She’s a nasty wh’re and a slob. Admittin to cheatin on her husband who works to support her n their children. Refuses to find a job and lives in her in laws basement. This b’tchs new kid is probably the end result of her cheatin. She so nasty n don’t even clean after her kids n makes her hubby do it. Dirty diapers everywhere n dishes piled up cause she too lazy to go to the kitchen. She’s a psychopathic abusive pathetic c’t. Every time something goes wrong she cries ” so her hubby won’t leave her cause he the only one who pays for all of her shit. Instead of takin care of her kids all day she paints on her makeup so no one can see her hideous face and plays on her phone. Have u seen those black ass roots wit her bleached hair? Can’t even keep up wit herself let alone kids. Tee tee controls her husband and tries to control his family too. Her own mother and sisters won’t even take her in cause she’s that f’ed up in the head. She needs her kids takin from her. Itd be a miracle if she got kept her legs closed n got a job. she don’t have no friends or family cause she trynna fight em or f’ em. Makes herself throw up to stay “thin” for her man who dnt wanna touch her cause her p”sys so beat. Smokes weed n does pills in front of her kids. Still in love wit her boyfriend mike from high school. If anyone’s looking for a psychotic, cheatin, abusive wife she’s all urs!


Twisted slore and her minion


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Leah Goughnour and her boyfriend Justin Rush, she is a Plum bum and he is from East Pittsburgh. Leah has been featured on here before, and for good reason too. This chick is straight psycho!! She manipulates people and cries victim constantly, when in reality its all a fabrication of lies. See this chick likes to play that she is squeaky clean, when in reality she is an abusive drug addict! She even gave birth to her daughter while she was on drugs, that poor baby was in the NICU withdrawaling for a long time. She becomes uncontrollable if she doesn’t get her M”hadone, and beats the sh’t out of her minion boyfriend. We used to be friends back in the day until she pulled some grimy shit and stabbed me in the back. She is a danger to her child and herself. Her boyfriend is no better, he is a drug addict himself and the just enable each other. She mooches off of the government and has food stamps and government housing , but she makes damn good money waitressing under the table. She claims none of her money and is getting a free ride off if all of us tax paying citizens. Her boyfriend lives with her in government housing too, and best believe he isn’t being claimed on paper by her either. Ultimately this girl is a straight up piece of sh’t, she doesn’t deserve to have the rights to her child either. She never ever has her!! Leah is too busy partying it up with her druggie friends, and her poor daughter is being passed around like a sack of potato’s. The poor girl isn’t even allowed to see her own father, Leah forbids it at all costs! Telling her young daughter that her father is away because he is sick!! How awful is that??

The Cloey Lewis Affair


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has been posted on here so many times but deserves it again. She constantly stalks sarah flaviano in all the las vegas strip clubs when she travels from pittsburgh to vegas once a year because she cant afford more than once. As you can see above she cant even take a family photo without drinking. Recently she was charged with a dui and is still selling herself out of the dive bar in wexford. Her sisters are all basic like her and drink and smoke pepsi. Cloey is known for cheating on her boyfriend jason haggerty with the owner of j ckarks in wexford who frequents strip clubs. When the owner’s wife found out she tracked cloey down at her house where they got into a huge fight and cloey and her dad got arrested. Sarah flaviano posted the arrest records online. Her and her boyfriend have no money and spend all their money on shoes drugs and cheap vacations. Her family is so crazy they drink and drive all over wexford. The mom leann was also having an affair with larry caracciolo and their kids went to school together. This family has nothing but promiscuous rendezvous and cloey and her brother donny actually had sex they are only a year apart. Nik put this chick in check

Sam Ordean Doesn’t Want You To Know


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sam Ordean from Pittsburgh PA. I was friends with her for a long time until we had a falling out. Next thing I know she’s badmouthing me for no reason as I went on about my life. The dumb thing is, when you are cheating on your boyfriend and people know and can prove it (see pics below, her bf is white which she calls ‘a front’), you shouldn’t be the first one to calling people out. What would you expect to happen? That you can treat people miserably and NONE of them would let your man know what you really do when you are “at the mall”? We all have skeletons but you put your boyfriend at risk once already for DRDs, don’t risk it a second time.

Homewrecking Slore and Cheater Cop


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this home wrecking whore had a fiance but met a married cop on a domestic and decided to dig her dirty claws into him. Her awesome cop boyfriend even decided to forget about his 3 children to be with her skanky ass. They deserve each other!!! Cheers to derry pd for having sucher an outstanding officer on duty. Hope derry taxpayers hard earned money wasn’t used to support this affair. Anyone recognize katie powell from her stripper job at the beehive???? Cheers to you josh smail on snathing up one fine lady. Glad your ex wife finally found everything out. She will be much better off without your sorry ass!!


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