They call it Bangkok for a Reason

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl lived off me for free and payed nothing. I was happy to oblige until she started bringing Random guys into my house to fu’k for cash and stole personal possessions from me. She works at a chipotle after I kicked her out and is now f’king all of her managers. Not only that I find out she is a transsexual lying to men to get them into bed with him. Be on the look out on old friend said she has drd and one other std I’m not sure it’s is drd, Don’t not let you friends be around this girl.

Handsy Hannah

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Hannah Howard the whore of ligonier ridge. She went to high school in ligonier and she is a crazy psycho. She dated a dude all through high school but was sleeping with all his friends. When they finally broke up she moved to California and started growing pot and selling it. When she moved back she saw her ex moved on so she started to date his BestFriend then a few months later she was knocked up. All throu her pregnancy she smoked pot. And she still does she claims it makes her a better mother. She doesn’t pay any of her bills she has people pay them for her. She doesn’t let the father see or talk to his son. She claims its cause he’s a POS bUt he’s working and trying to better his life for him and his child. Yes he did time but he served and now out doing better. But when he was locked up she said she was being faithful and waiting for him but she ended up sleeping with 8 dudes and 3 girls. and three were his so called “friends” she ended up getting drd from one of them. she brags about having drd because now anyone she’s with she has marked. She is a nasty white trash trailer ridge whore. She only cares about getting high. Won’t get off her ass and get a job to support her and her son.

Gave me the Funny Business

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these so sweet and innocent girl ruined my life. We was together for 2 years and in those two years her two colors started to show. It all started off with me find out she was shooting up he***on. I gave her a chance to get her shi* together. Well after that, I also started hearing things. Didn’t wanna believe it till I heard it myself from the people she was accompanied by. Rumors had it that she was f’ing older guys for money , she was still getting high, basically prostituting herself to funds, it started to become overwhelming so I started to really ask question not from the people but from the source. I had come to find out that everything that was being said from all these different people was true. She was fucking three guys In particularly RONALD K CLARK( FRANKLIN OHIO) JOHN CHIODI(WEST CHESTER OHIO) AND WESTEN BECK(WEST CHESTER OHIO) top of the different dope boys, who I could get her to reveal. Then I come to find out she was also stripping at Cheeks gentlemens club in west charlton Ohio and the Harem in Dayton and at that point in time I was completely mind blown. I decide to give her another chance being a dumbass and try to make something wrong to right. Well as you could guess it progress worst than originally. We ended up breaking up of course because I couldn’t deal with the heartache and the lies of a user. Another well at the being of the year I started to feel pains in my general area and even urinated some blood. Know that that wasn’t something that my body should be doing. I eventually went to the doctor had, some test ran all for them to come back negative but one. I was drd positive, I was clean before I got with her never cheated on her. Tried to give her the moon and back. These little bitch literally not only lied used, mis guided me, the bitch ruined my life. These fu’ing whore deserves [removed], it’s not my place she will have someone to answer to one day. But to my fellas out her man stay, keep your eyes on these women they look so sweet and innocent, and you end up getting shafted by them.

Dust to Sidechicks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it takes a special kind of slut to post something that is actually about her! This gold digging, raggedy Clairton bey-atch has the nerve to say dust to sidechicks when she’s one herself! She will f#ck any one she thinks she can come up on. Her sloppy drunk @ss even got f@cked in the ass in the back of the club she worked in. This b*tch is so run through she finally had to leave the city and start trickin with a new group of dudes. Well b*tch you can run but you can’t hide from your bum ways. I even know somebody she worked with who said she was banging her married boss, while his wife was pregnant! Dust to sidechicks…really?????? Velissa Katrice Vaughn = FAKE = Clariton Escort Velissa Katrice Vaughn, LIM College Harper’s Bazaar @VelissaKatrice

Dirty Danielle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl goes by Danielle Renee or Danielle Ratti on Facebook. She is truly the definition of a hoe. Has tons of nude pictures in her phone of herself that she sends to different guys for attention. Will even lay in her boyfriends bed while hes sleeping hitting up other guys sending her nasty sloppy nude pictures. She’ll screw anything rather taken or not she does not care. She lives off of other people or with her mom or in her car if she has one hooked on cr’ck. She steals and lies and constantly talks about people starting drama but then runs and hides when confronted. She has drd and hepatitis c. Watch your men around her she will give head for her drug money in alley ways. Barely showers and always smells like bo so nasty and so lazy will lay in her own filth ew!

Smelly Samie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this girl on here before and she definitely belongs on here. Her name is Samantha Lynn on Facebook. She has several backpage accounts under the name GG meeting different men at hotel rooms so disgusting. This girl prostitutes online and on the streets. Anything to get her fix. Will sleep with anyone for money or drugs or a place to stay and does not care if they’re taken or not. She’s a huge heroin addict and pill popper will steal anything she can get her hands on or will lie about whatever so people believe her and give her money or whatever. She’s had sex with atleast 5 different guys in one day and did not shower once. Smells like straight fish, old jizz and body odor. Always in and out of jail for heroin and prostitution. And is known for having the cl**. If you see this girl out and about stay far away from her and do not believe her lies!

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