Meyersdale Man Toy Mike Brown


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy here is something to laugh about. He’s a useless alcoholic with a bad drug issue. He walks around at a whole 5′ 3″-5’4″ thinking he’s the biggest sh’t that’s ever graced the earth. He claims he can beat any one up, yet got the living sh’t kicked out of him numerous times. He was even dumb enough to go into a biker bar and piss off a bunch of fat old biker guys who took his retarded ass outside and beat him to a pulp. And sadly enough he didn’t learn his lesson there. He gets enjoyment out of killing cats. Guess it makes him mad that there’s all those walking pussies and not one will give it up for him. He’s got a baby dick, which he takes pictures of and sends to random girls he sees on social media. He thinks all the ladies want his two-pump-chump mini dog. He beats every girl he gets with. Apparently he feels he has to compensate for what he lacks under the belt. When he’s dried up all his resources of p’ssy, especially fat chicks (they’re his favorite) he resorts to butt f’ing dudes. Just ask him about big Sal. He’ll tell you how tight that brown eye was. Hes a dead beat dad which is no big surprise there. Drinking, snorting cocaine, and butt f’ing dudes seems to be his top priority. He’s so dumb that hes had girls piss on him during sex, and he thought that golden shower was her orgasm. He has numerous social media accounts which he uses to hide behind when he’s on the prowl for his next fuck, whether it be male, female, or both. He’s just all around nasty. Between having the clap, and probably many other std’s, and the fact that he only showers once every 1-2 weeks i think it’s safe to say that he’s one man toy that’s been used hard and put away wet and covered in shit.

Devon’ish Dish


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been on here several times her name is Devon Ward and on Facebook you can find this sloot as Devon Duckee Ward. And she is probably one of the all time biggest prostitutes in the McKeesport area. Has drd,. She sends guys naked pictures of herself or sucks them off for a jitney ride. I honestly dont know why she even sends pictures when she has the body of a little boy. She is a huge pill popper and pepsi head and recently been on heroin off and on. Will steal anything from anyone to get her fix she does not care, she will steal from her own mother and has many times. Or constantly making up lies to get stuff no matter what it is. This girl is seriously dirty and I suggest if you were with this girl to get yourself checked. Dirty Devon is the perfect name for her. She thinks she’s Gods gift to Men, Nik would you give this girl the time if day? Do you think she’s Gods gift to Men?

Slooty Shelby


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the not so lovely Shelby Lynn Lawrence. She is the most heartless, selfish, dirtiest and childish person I have ever been with. She post photos like this in her bra with her kids so other dudes pay attention to her. She strings guys along just for sex and hoping for another baby. But she doesn’t even take care of her son and daughter she has now. She calls herself a “bad b’tch” but let me tell you something, she has bad p”y like smell bad, bad breath, bad kids, bad parenting, bad eating habits, bad manners, bad attitude, bad style, bad scene of humor, and bad looks. She is all over discussing, and disrespectful to her whole entire family that she uses over and over again. She only wants a job so she can calm her kids when taxes rolls around. She rather get her hair and nails done then buy her kids clothes and get them hair cuts.

Busted Leechburg Trick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you heard about lil miss Amber Callen Wright a bunch of times and now she got busted for her tricks. Heard from others that she got arrested down in leechburg n and boy george mug shot is proof. This nasty ex junkie has a history of stealin from tons of ppl in the leechburg n new ken area. If her ugly mug don’t break your screen already just check out the nasty photos she got on her fb business page. n i say business cause she is even booking appts and selling nude pics on there! How did this idiot not think she’d get caught, n i don’t think its right for her to be goin around pullin tricks bc she’s spreading the c**p and that just aint right! Just Say No Kids!

Stop her in her tracks


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman convinced an ex boyfriend of hers to spend 8000 on a pair of fake tits. The only reason I know this is because she bragged to two friends of mine that are dating her. she thinks it’s fun to manipulate guys psychologically that she feels are less than her but deserve their money. So she’s doing is all over town. She claims she’s divorced, and that is not true they’re not even legally separated. She is a Sloot. she loves to have different dates all during the week, never using the same story. The worst part about it, is the cheapest diagnosed with multiple personality disorder so you could get her at one person one night,and the completely other person another night. Sometimes the personalities of the women are aggressive, sometimes they’re very docile. But the main goal is to train as many men from their money as possible. And if she tells you that she loves you, and that you are the only one, run for the hills. Because all she’s looking for is the next handout. The last guy that she dated she made him buy her a brand new Honda Accord. Had sex with him one last time, and never heard from him again. Put her on blast! she has to be stopped in the city of Pittsburgh!

Smutt Sami


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what can i say?! I’ll sum it up real quick. This girl is a nasty smutt who will suck anyone for money especially to get her drug fix. She’s stayed with me a couple times and ive tried helping her. But she constantly lies and steals to support her habit. She also use to have that trash in my house and would not listen to me. After she was thrown out she stole a bunch of my stuff and would threaten me. She’s always in and out of jail for he**in and prostitution. She sleeps with other peoples guys and cares about no one but her self, putting on a huge act like she’s sweet and caring. But the moment she can she will use you and steal from you. If you see this girl around mckeesport or dravosburg stay away from her. And if your man is friends with her she will screw him behind your back she does not care as long as she gets her fix. Stay far away from this herpie infested gold digging heroin prostitute if you know what’s best for you. She is going no where in life and will only drag you down in the streets with her.

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