Enough with the Nails


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i really do not have to say anything because anyone that has ever come in contact with this white trash b**** know why she is being posted. This girl is convinced and spends all her time trying to convince others that she came up in the hood when REALLY she was raised by a respectable family in a white neighborhood, yet she runs around screaming n**** this n**** that like that will give her some sort of credit hahahahahaha really she just sounds and looks like a complete fool. She is not only an embarrassment to her entire family but a joke to anyone that knows who she is. Another disgusting white girl that will f**** and s*** every black man she can get her hands on. The whore cant have children so she is a well known filthy c** dumpster for any man with dark skin that will show her attention. Prostitutes on back page for any man or woman that wants a cheap lay like the pig she is there are rumors that she strip out of town at a low end escort service club to keep up her junkie habits. She thought eating dirty b****** p****s would help her keep her ugly ass dirt bag husband but she was wrong so she just made a career of it hahahahaha MAKE SURE you keep your man away from this home wrecking disgusting pig she has no morals whatsoever


NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

When Will Lauren Rodgers Learn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this is the nastiest female ive ever dealt with in my life.!!she pays guys to f’ her because as anyone could see who would want to f’ that!!.she puts on a good front that shes nice and does no wrong meanwhile shes f’ing random men and MARRIED men too!!!shes asked me to have threesomes with her and these married men which i wouldnt do,shes way to big to even be attractive and doesn’t care or even try to get into shape!!..(plus im strictly dickly and married my self),she would do anything to get any guy in bed just to feel better about herself. She f’ed and sucked a married mans dick in he wifes house and bed and had nerve to actually brag about to me thats when i cut her off like whos happy to be a homewrecking whore!!!she works at a hospital and im almost positive thats were she meets most of these random guys!!!i felt i should put her on here so everyone can be warned to stay from away from this hoe or she will be trying to have threesomes with you too!!or f’ your man who knows but she is disgusting to me an couldn’t hang with someone who tried there hardest to f’ anyone that has a dick!!!

Measles or mumps?- nik

Seth the Juice’r


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first I’d like to start off with all the weight lifting and steroids this guy has to do to cover up the terrible person he is. The only thing he has going for himself are his muscles. This boy is a woman beater and can not stay with one girl for more than a week. He has cheated on every person he’s been with and every girl leaves him within a couple months after finding out who he really is. And a couple days later he’s with someone new. He’s a Manipulative sociopath who just uses girls any chance he can get… The bikes he claims he buys are actually from women that lend him money for it and he doesn’t pay it back. He claims he makes GREAT money at LA Fitness in Bridgeville but lives in a shitty apartment in MUNHALL with 2 dogs he can’t even afford to feed. Let alone take care of … He usually goes after the young ones. Recently, he took a 19 year old, Brie O’Leary, to Cheerleaders STRIP CLUB then brought her home for a threesome while he had a GF ! Gross, right? Not to mention he’s had previous girlfriends walk in on him while he was cheating! This boy only cares about himself and worries about no one else’s feelings but his own… He will always act like he’s the victim in EVERY situation. Even when he’s caught cheating he has an excuse and plays the victim role… He can’t own up to his own actions and can’t face the wrong that he does. Hopefully this guy straightens up or he’ll never have a life with anyone… What do you think Nik?

Do you even lift bro?- nik

Valley’s #1 Women Beater

leilas first birthday 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dave Houseman… this guy is too much. 9 kids, sees none of them.. EVER. has a mouth full of rotted teeth and only bothers to take a shower every 3-4 days. lives in a glorified shack that’s about to fall over. lies about EVERYTHING – cheating, being a marine, drd’s, how many kids he has, things he’s done, living in florida.. and basically anything else he can lie about, important or not. his own mother calls him out on all of his lies – she doesn’t even bother talking to him.. and neither does the rest of his family. his favorite pastime is chain smoking cigarettes, chugging mountain dew, and b**ching about EVERYTHING. he’ll sweet talk you and pretend to be nice until he thinks he has you ‘under his control’.. but god forbid you ever question him, talk back.. or just happen to be in the same room as him when something makes him angry – you’ll be reminded what a worthless, POS c*nt he thinks you are (because you’re a woman, and he’s crazy) and see some of your walls get destroyed. and that’s if you’re lucky.. if you’re not he’ll destroy your face!

Worlds worst mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is the worst mom in the world she has 3 kids that are all grown and baby’s them she makes any excuse for anything the do she cheated on her first husband! Then married the guy she cheated on him with accused him of cheating and treated him like sh*t. Now she’s dating someone new again she left her second husband while he’s on his death bed what a heartless whore! She makes excuses for her own children to cheat and covers for them! She’s constantly putting her nose in her kids relationships and threatens her sons girlfriends all the time and tells her son that he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his kids and says that’s the mothers job and her son doesn’t have to do anything her oldest son 28 still lives with her and doesn’t take responsibility for anything he spends all his money on crappy cars instead of taking care of his children and his mom thinks this is right and tells him he’s the worlds greatest dad! She puts her nose in everyone’s business and never taught any of her 3 children right from wrong but bashes her sons girlfriends for dancing to support their kids because her son doesn’t help she’s almost on her 3rd husband and look how her kids turned out! Who is she to judge anyone?!

Strap on a bra for all our sake.- nik

Derrin Fronczek Works Late


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really wish this guy’s wife and daughter knew what a piece of shit he is. He has banged several women since he’s been married. One of them was my fiance. The first time he got her really drunk and made her give him a blow job in his car. After that was meant times of sex at work (works for US Steel BTW), and meeting after work all over the place for sex. While I was told she was working late, good old Derrin, the boss, was banging my fiance while in the clock. And not only that, he was doing things that I don’t get to do with her. . So the long story short is that he was having sex with a subordinate employee, at work, on the clock, and it has happened with several other women. He’s a piece of sh*t and I really wish his wife and daughter knew what he really does.

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