London Porta Potty Sophie Dalzell

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Sophie Dalzell aka British Pamela Anderson from Manchester who claims just like other escorts that she is just a model traveling for modeling gigs to London and Dubai….the funny thing is that whenever she tweets that she is on a trip to either city you would see few ads on escort websites pops with her photos on but different name…. My friend wanted to make sure so he booked her in Dubai few weeks ago but he was shocked she was NIPPLELESS !! and when he wanted to dig her back hole she asked for an extra fees an equivalent of 150 dollars! Do you think she is worth 800 dollars as that what she charges per hour? And would she make it in Vegas as she aspires to take her game there soon to compete with the best?  Click here to see the world’s smallest hearts!!!

Sorry about the hearts — I can confirm she has no nips like G-Girl.- nik

Is This An Epic Parent Fail

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is egomaniac porn girl Courtney Taylor’s bridal shower where she names her bridal party, 4 well known hookers & then her mom. While I’m not hating on the porta potties, my question is is her mom just clueless & how can she knowingly stand next to 4 porta potties as she watches her daughter get married? Is this an example of a parent loving a child no matter what? Or an epic parent fail? On a side note, she started dating her fiancé is a hairdresser & supports her escorting. She must be making 6 figures while her man can barely be making minimum wage. Sugar Momma? What do you think?

Which one is her Mom?- nik

Porta Potties Have Been Saved

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, can you imagine how happy Porta Potties must be?  Now when they go to Dubai and get pooped on, there could be gold glitter in the poop that is falling all over them.  Disgusting ass bitches.

This is genius. I can see the text message of justification now — “Abdullah sh*t gold on me last night. He said I’m a goddess and only deserve the finest golds and treasures.”– nik

Not All Porta Potty’s Age Rapidly

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is in her 40’s and could easily pass for a teenager. Angie Grealis (or Angelina Paulina as she likes to go by) has been posted on here a couple times. You always say port-a-potty’s age badly, she is a prime example of a party girl who aged well. If I didnt know her I would guess she’s in her 20’s. Perfect body and totally classy. She even still models as a sunshine girl at her age!!

I heard lamb poop is good for the skin. This is why some women prefer the men in Dubai who are all about the lamb kabobs.- nik

Paris Richards Really Thinks She Is Worth 10K Per Day

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Paris Richards has in her IG bio that she sells hair and she’s a recording artist.  She runs with BMD so its very easy to suspect she is an escort… well did some research and tested out the waters… well enough said, but the best part, she really thinks someone would pay 10k per day for her?  B*tch, I can book you on backpage for $200 an hour.

Dubai money is no joke. Usually girls are getting 50k for two nights. Straight wire transfers — 50% down and the rest once the poop hits their shoulders and slowly trickles down their body. I heard it’s good luck if you step on it afterwards, like a poop paraffin.- nik

I Found These Pictures In My Girlfriend’s iPhone

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, some dude named Ali has been sending my chick pictures on WhatsApp. Ali she doesn’t want anything to do with you! I hate how these guys think they can just buy American women like cars.

Bro you better buy some Charmin Ultra Strong.- nik

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