Portland’s Biggest Homewrecker Chinally Rose


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, it’s about time someone put fake ass bitch on blast. She goes by the name of Chinally Rose. She sleeps with other peoples mans and thinks it’s totally okay. She ruined my marriage that was 2 years long. There’s also talk about to her doing it AGAIN, but this time she’s done it to someone with kids! This fake bitch thinks she so internet famous that she can do and say as she please. She treats other people that they’re below her and she’s some kind of sh*t, but the moment someone does the same to her she throws a fit like a 6year old and cries about it. Everything from her hair-to-her personality is fake. Don’t be fooled. She seems to also never have money, but yet she can buy makeup for 100$? She expects everyone to buy her shit for her because she told my friend once “Beauty can buy me stuff”. Please honey, no one likes a freeloader moocher. Get a job you selfish twat. Another disgusting fact about her is that she’s a HUGE homophone towards lesbians. This homewrecker needs a reality check and get her fake ass pushed off that pedestal of hers. BEWARE PORTLAND!!!

Master Con


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies, when you see this innocent and oh so pretty face…. RUN. What he won’t tell you: he’s a drug addict, a gambling addict, and he is a thief. Let me be clear, he is not just a petty thief. He stole a large sum ($40,000 to be exact) of money from those that looked upon him and treated him as family. He has even had his foray into kiddie porn. This gentleman, sisters, is a manipulative liar who gets by on his pretty face. He will tell you what you want to hear, lure you in, and then break your heart again and again and again. He is a user and abuser and nothing good comes of this face. Not one single thing. Save yourselves the heartbreak and run when you see him coming. Look the other way. Just… DON’T. This is a con artist in very pretty wrapping paper.

She’s a Winner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one ratchet ass yams that goes from home boy to home boy better yet hood to hood until she has f’ed or sucked every last one that will stick their dick in this drd infested ass. She stay more worried about chasing what ever gang banging dope slamming tweaker Lames and a needle for her next fix then about her own kid that she got taken from her by the State case she a sloppy nasty ass bitch that let her kid stay in some dumpster pit trap house where ever one was smoking/slamming m’th and her**n in the open for her kid to see shit bitch don’t even know who the daddy is she just pin it on what ever dummy that allows her to pin her kid on them. She can’t seem to keep the needle out her arm long enough to be a mom but turns around and dose the pity me sob story about loosing her kid and how she was her world no bitch CRYSTAL M’TH AND THE NEEDLE ARE YOUR WORLD and u have shown that time and time again. The the type to call you her best friend but turn around and sneak off with ur dude and f’ck him so he can bring you back home some nasty disease what an amazing best friend right!!! I guess what I’m getting at is this b**ch is one of the most ghetto loud mouth hood rat hoes that thinks she is some FBK gang member and talks like straight trailer trash very un lady like ughhh.

Blonde dental slut


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl bounces from guy to guy cheats on all of them and recently cheated on her supposed to be fiancé. It never ends with her. Watch out guys cause she’s in it for money. You could probably pay her to have sex at this point. Oh and let’s not forget she’s a complete drunk with no morals what so ever so guys line on up and be the next guy she’s with she loves it.

Whats with the hammer.- nik



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is one of the sweetest girls I know- despite the (mostly) discrete tattoos. She’s down to 107 lbs and has never looked better. Thoughts nik?

The ITG isn’t worth the pigeon toes.- nik

Homewrecking Shorty


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl will try to sleep with anyone’s husband/boyfriend. She has lose legs and even though she has a man that isn’t good enough for her she makes sure to pass her number put, so that she has no shortage of men too screw.

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