Slimeball In Quesnel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Slimeball has lived in Quesnel for a long time. Local tae kwon do instructor and works at Ford. Only problem is over the years he has cheated on his wife hundreds of times with any slimy slut that would spread their legs. Plays like he’s a great citizen when he in fact tried to hit on my wife. Surprised his wife is still with him. She MUST know, being this is a small town. Currently he’s screwing the owner of the local nail school. Watch your wives fellas, this guy is as slimy as they come. Old, fat and balding it’s surprising he even gets laid. Guess that shows the desperation of some women here. Pathetic.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Deadbeat Jesse James


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this thing has mentally physically and emotionally abused my best friend. She had one of his babies and he cheated on her with a 14 year old, and he didn’t stop there he went on to rape her younger cousin in an ally! Bless the man who stopped this monster and called the cops!! So obviously when the cops show up asking for her to testify and charge him with rape she confronted the door knob and at 7 months pregnant he grabbed her drug her to an ally and choked her unconcious?! Like when will he stop ! so eventually she leaves him and he goes on to try and get her back wooing her the whole ordeal. SHE F’ING FORGIVES HIM AND TAKES HIM BACK NOT ONLY THAT ENDS UP PREGNANT WITH THERE SECOND CHILD!? we all prayed to god it wasn’t his but it was obvious it was his kid Now she wanted to abort because she wasn’t ready and was seriously traumatized and he tells her if she aborts the baby she is no longer pregnant and that means he can do whatever he wants with her?! He basically said he’d either kill her or beat the f’ out of her. This monster needs to be put behind bars for good and I hope those babies never ever have to be put through anymore misery and never have to see him again!!! This guy is a sick pedophile who preys on weak willed women and young girls! Keep your daughters locked inside he’s on a mental break down!

Not so Little Cici


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is Cecilia Bouchie. One of fort st. Johns most notorious sluts! She’s pretty dirty, shes spread over half the town by now. She gets white girl wasted at every opportunity and goes home with whatever guys find her when she’s falling out of the bar. She will f’ for blow, because she can’t keep a job due to her addictions. She’s a mental case too on more pills then a normal person could live through. She’s even a crazy cat lady, and the most disgusting part is that she let’s her cats lick her, like for hours a time. She gets by on the friendship of low life thug boys that f her whenever she needs something, otherwise she just leeches off her poor mother dying of cancer. Best to steer clear of this girl. She also claims to be a redhead buy just dyes her blonde hair. Very delusional, kind of dangerous.

Loud and Proud


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, crystal baker, one of princes george’s finest. dirty, nasty, needle poking 25 cent slore.. she slept with everyone in fort st james and got ran outta there, so her and her useless bf steven moved to pg to live off her moms $500 amonth..she will sleep with anyone, if your short n fat and live in a shed(andy) or scum like flailer jay. long as you have a point or 2 of speed. she tries to ruin peoples lives who disagree with her lifestyle choices.. making up lies like who got her started on needles or this guy beat her up..if u have any sense at all stay away from this diasese infested, flea bitten cespool of a human whore..


AC Safety Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, karma is slowly creeping up on you Monica ehh. This is Monica Contois she stays all over BC partying and doing Pepsi, running her so-called AC safety services electrical business ,soon to be falling apart. it’s a joke .There is quite a list of reasons why she’s on here again. I will list a few, she’s delirious, she only thinks about herself nobody else not even her family, who think she’s all innocent with all the bad sht she’s done, she’s greedy, she’s selfish ,she’s a big slut she’s a homewrecker and she will f’ you over big-time. after coming out of a very serious relationship six months ago , oh look she’s pregnant and got a ring on her finger again because she doesn’t believe in birth control. she only takes Plan B. Her excuses she’s too busy. Meanwhile she’s never around to be a good mother to her son. And you f’ed over one of my best friends he lost everything to you and possibly facing jail time because he fell into one of her traps, got f’ed over hard it’s sad. everybody think she’s all innocent but she’s far from it and that day will come when they all find out it and I can’t wait for it and lots other people can’t either and what now Monica you going to hide behind your mom and her money what she got for a claim what everybody knows, grow up Monica stop being someone who you’re not.

I wonder what she ‘splurged’ on.- nik

Natasha Cunningham Caught Redhanded


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tasha Cunningham, she’s been caught red handed cheating on her boyfriend/fiancé more than once. She manipulates people into paying for everything for her and can’t hold a job. She has 2 kids both with different dads and she has custody of neither, but instead of trying to get them back she spends all her time partying, sleeping around, and starting drama. She broke a girls windshield because her fiancé and her were broken up and she thought they slept together. They can’t even pay rent or their vehicle payments yet she’s always getting shitty new tattoos from someone out of their f’ing basement, drinking and going out, and spooling herself with new jewellery and clothes, she then goes on Facebook and asks for free handouts for her kids. PG’s nastiest native hands down.

Desperate for a selfie.- nik

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