Emma Rosé


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, attention seeking Canadian slut  Emma Rosé wait a second she’s ‘just an instagram attention seeking boyfriend stealing slut” and a rejected “My Digital Escape” cast member replaced by “Alex Dorame” Emma plays catfish on instagram looking for a Jonnie Guilbert, Younger version of Andy Biersack she’d just about that she’s been playing her Instagram boyfriend since September leading up till now they were supposed to meet in November which is that never happened she’s putting this up till March other details she’d lied about buying a plane ticket to St. Paul Minnesota she came up with the most horrific excuse to get out of it saying that her mother was in the hospital sick in reality she’s actually decease this came from sources who’ve actually knows her I accidentally contacted one of her ex boyfriends on facebook she’d did the same exact thing to them what’s she’s doing right now to the Asian Gothic dude in St. Paul Minnesota she doesn’t meet none of those guy’s off side of instagram she’s got something to hide married maybe she’s been sexing this dude already made plans getting her pregnant on the first day they’ve both meet this dude is already a feather his parents adopted his daughter.

Used up Trick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ima keep this simple… Used up trick who has a lose vagina and ugly as uck and has a eating disorder

Don’t buy from Budgirl.com


THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t buy anything from budgirl.com. This website is a scam used to take your money and give you nothing in return. I don’t want anyone in canada to get ripped off by this Budgirl which is In fact a man from quebec

Trailer Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Let me tell you about this trailer trash ho** rite here.She claims that she all that she aint nothing but a bum broke ass bi**tch she the biggest whore in montreal she claims she has a girlfriend but she be kissing making out with guys+girls when her girl isn\’t looking. I know my boys smashed her hard they say she sucks a mean D..so if you ever want to holler her FB is Nadia Caballero she’ll suck you or F you just like that.. anywhere and anytime

Valerie Vinet aka Kweeni


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the most nastiest hoe in Quebec and Montreal.. since shes 13 this bitch fuck with any black guy she meet. She walks around with herpes and many other std… Ive been around this bitch and her pussy smells like dead fish and blue cheese lmao. Shes a prostitute now and wanna act like a stripper but shes too fat to be one. She looks like sponge bob with tattoo. Bitch got 3 niggas names tatted on her. Plus she talk shit about the few friends she have. Bitch is sooo ugly and fat but yet she think she is a 5 stars (her words) expose that trick!!!

Dany Craigslist


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware of a man named Dany who lives in Quebec BUT he goes for women in other provinces so watch yourselves cuz he is one sick ass….He will make you feel wanted and try to get you to send naked pictures and God only knows where they end up…..maybe married as well….He is a serious jer so watch out….He is famous for going on Craigslist and other sites to find a victim

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