Washed Up Barbie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kelly O’donnell, also known as Kelly O. Shes a waitress at Carolina Ale House in Raleigh and has worked there forever, pretty sure shes going to be there for the rest of her life. She thinks shes the best thing since sliced bread, completely stuck up and thinks shes better than everyone -all of her friends are in there early 20’s because she cant find anyone her own age to hangout with- she’s in her 30s. Shes not good to look at, has a ton of cellulite and is married to some goon that looks like an opossum – oh that’s another thing, shes so self centered that she didn’t even take her husbands last name, she didn’t want to be known as Kelly Cone. She’s tried to screw my boyfriend when he comes in for lunch and sits at her table with his coworkers, which is why he stopped going to her work. She whores herself out for money because she needs a boob job, and she got discount lip injections from a girl she knows so her face is now all lopsided. This skank needs to be put in her place

Tattooed Scam Artist of Goldsboro


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have compulsive liars and then you have this woman. Meet Dana Graham (aka Dana Dunn, aka Dana Holland). This woman is a liar, thief, and has cheated on every guy she dates and has been married to. She will get with a guy and get as much of a free financial ride as she can out of them. After she blows through her child support checks, she lurks around tattoo shops pretending to be “an expert in body piercing” when really she’s looking to steal any equipment you have laying around. She’s addicted to lying, even going as far to telling people (and her family and kids) that she has stage four cancer. This woman has no shame. Hide yo’ keys and hide yo’ wallet because she be conning everyone up here in Goldsboro.

Kirsten Hill is a Nymphomaniac


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kirsten Hill in Raleigh, North Carolina is the epitome of a sex addict. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But Kirsten Hill is supposedly happily married (with two kids) yet she routinely engages in casual sexual intimacy with various men. Admittedly, I too have fornicated with Kirsten Hill on numerous occasions but now that I am acutely aware that while sleeping with me, she’s also been engaged in booty-call encounters with multiple men. Gross! Anywho, I feel sorry for her hubby. He must be a complete sucker oblivious to reality. Nik, I hope men will think twice before getting their freak on with Kirsten Hill.

The Company I Left is Screwing Me Out of Wages


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I used to love/hate your site, but I’ve come to realize you’re actually a source of wisdom via lived experience. This isn’t your usual submission, but I thought I’d ask your advice. I put in my two weeks’ notice at my old job for a better opportunity for my career, and they dismissed me before that time. They do this to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who puts in a professional two weeks’ notice because the owner is insecure, mentally unstable and paranoid about his employees. He treats any leave, no matter how nice, as a betrayal. But they pay you the full two weeks anyway, so whatever. Before I left, I decided to talk to a manager I trusted and liked there about how a recently promoted supervisor was saying sexist stuff to me along the lines of any opinion I had just being emotional (I was the only female in my department) as well a as a handful of other incidents, like speculating on how it must be in my relationship with my bf, and would make extremely crude jokes in the workplace from derogatory remarks about LGBTQ, how his Hispanic wife never has the “headache problem” and is always down for sex, how “negging” is a good way to bed women, calling anyone who disagreed with him retarded, etc. Anyway, I told the manager my concerns about him and the manager seemed shocked and that he was taking it seriously. I’m not the only one with complaints about how a lot of managers there acted, but no one complains because they’re scared of getting fired. I felt safe knowing I was leaving anyway. Well, they told me they would pay me through the end of the month, but it seems that actually didn’t happen, and when I asked them about it they claimed it was a mistake and would be fixed BUT warned me that I was being threatening and might be burning a bridge with them. I’m furious with them because it smells like it was retaliation, and if so that’s 100% illegal. Someone there even warned me they might do this! I’m hesitant to go the legal route, but so far I haven’t had any deposits in my account. How long should I wait? Any advice?

Walk away. Any future employer gets wind of this… you will be typecast as a liability. It’s very unfortunate and you are in the right, but don’t risk your future over a couple thousand dollars.- nik

Kristyn Marie Dunagen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kristyn is a home wrecking delusional whore. First let me point out her hair. She is a hairdresser but you would never know it because she ruined her own hair and has to wear wigs. This girl dated her own cousin then wonders why she is single. She is so attention deprived she makes up sh*t. One time she told me that her daughter was a twin but the other one died..but her baby daddy said it wasn’t true. She harassed him when he got sick of her s*it and moved on..said she wanted to have another kid by him but not be with him.?? Then claimed he was a bad dad….not to bright is she? She pops pills and smokes weed every night then tries to act like she’s better then us… Like she don’t party.  She kept their kid away from him and said his wife could never be around her…and kept her away from his family  She successfully ruined his marriage by making her ex spend the night with her or he wouldn’t be able to see their kid. … Poor guy drove 3,000 miles to play more head games to see his daughter.  You know what they say….u can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig!! Just another teen mom with only a high school education with major self esteem issues… With an innocent child she uses as a pawn. Get a life girl!!

Bryant Savidge


THE DIRTY ARMY: Bryant Savidge is a personal trainer. What he won’t tell you is that he has genital drd. He will give it to you and then blame and accuse you of giving it to him. He is pill popping and smoking weed around the clock and getting completely fcked up on cr*ck more often than not. This is not a lie… if you want to sleep with him then have him get tested (go in the room w him.. he WILL lie to you abt results) or make him wrap it bc it’s not a fun disease to catch.

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