Known Mingler


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lovely lady here is the biggest hooker around in Regina.Name, Khandi Deiter.. Shes used and abused majorly. She has recently told me shes pregnant with my brother.. Shes only seen my brother for 6 days and now shes pregnant? LOL K what? May I also add that she thinks she the hottest shit around and told me that I am jealous of her? No, I am not jealous of her. Shes disgusting. She says shes pregnant after 6 days of seeing my brother, is drinking and higher than a kite all the time and still has the nerve to say shes pregnant.. Shes delusional. I mean it.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Finger This Ginger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Jenna-Marie Rakai-Petrowsky. She’s pretty well known by men around Regina and likes to give it up to anyone, she’s supposed to be dating some ugly rip off look-a-like of Shia Labouf named Adam Taylor but is always over at Josh and Karen Froh’s enjoying the sex over there with any random guy she brings over. Yes Adam if you didn’t know Jenna is and will always be a whore, I even met Adam through Jenna at the bar before banging her behind his back. She does have some rules though when you get to sleep with her, 1. you must wear a condom the first time, 2. it’s not a relationship and is only sex, 3. must be aware that there may be other people joining you guys in bed, 4. once her kids meet you must come around more often, 5. act like you guys do not know one another in public. Now I ask Nik and people what is your take of this skank?

Tag Along Jenna


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is nasty Jenna-Marie Rakai-Petrowsky. This nasty ass b**ch I met at a bar while she was with her boyfriend which at the time I had no idea was her boyfriend, we spoke for awhile to which I find out she’s a nasty nympho. After texting back and forth for awhile we decide to have a little night fun to which I find out also before going to meet her that she has some rules. Rule 1. I must wear a condom the first time we sleep together Rule 2. We are only sex buddies Rule 3. If seen in public and she’s with someone I must act like we don’t know eachother. Moving on now I found some of these rules a little strange and as we got to know one another more I found out I am not the only guy she’s sleeping with, she’s got a entire list of men and even couples she’s been having sex with. One couple Josh and Karen Froh I found out about cause Jenna straight out asked me if I’d like to join her and them in a exchange night. I said no and she didn’t seem mad at all and apparently went along without me with another guy, I’ve even shown up to her place as another guy is leaving. As of now she’s currently in a relationship with some loser who looks like a rip off look-a-like of Shia Labouf just with a shittier beard. But going back to Jenna and the Froh’s, what Karen don’t know about is Jenna is trying to get pregnant with Josh’s baby. How do I know you ask? She’s told me numerous times that he deserves a more attractive female like her than someone who’s a fat lazy c’*t. So watch out Karen, Jenna is using her p**sy to your mans heart. By the way Jenna you may have had numerous fat cut off that trashy body but your still ugly as hell, thanks for the nude photo’s of yourself too those will soon be on here also

Slice of Sarah


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lady here is a famous party, pepsi-head skank Sarah bostock. Pretty sure almost every guy in the city has smelt her sour trap. She also has a lineup of guys and if one doesn’t work out when it’s combiner for her don’t worry.. she has a backup list of about five or more that she can run to!! She is known to use guys for drugs, alcohol, money etc. Not to mention all she does is put stuff up her nose, lie to everyone, manipulate and abuse others. Her party lifestyle is catching up to her as her name is getting thrown around more in the dirt. Hunny, fix your vampire fangs, get a real job or else your going to be one of those backpage escort druggies in no time!! Not to mention people thought she was missing and was found passed out at a friends house.. if that isn’t classy I’m not sure what is!

Who is This Greghead


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was at the bar one night with my wife and he started hitting on her all drunk and then when I confronted him he said that he was a Christian man who went to Briercrest Bible College and who had 4 kids and was this good man and would never do that, Like really bud from what people have told me first hand you almost ruined a couple and there marriage back home, you do drugs and deal drugs and leave your kids at home all hours of the night with a babysitter so you can go out and do whatever, you pick up hookers in north central in Regina and you say you try to help people but all you really do is try to get them back in trouble with the law so you can take there wives like you did with my girlfriend. Oh did I forget to metion this guys name is Mitchell Osioway and his whole family is like this. Buddy from what I know and heard you dug your own grave every where you went and now its your turn to get found out. This guys also drinks and drives his Blue Dodge Pacifica all around Moose Jaw and Regina and thinks he is hot sh*t well your not and I hope more and more people find out exactly who you are and what you are about. Lets not forget to mention while were at it how you tried to shove PCP, Acid, Shrooms and every other drug in the book down your former nanny’s throat when what I heard was she told you she does not do drugs and that she wanted no part in it. Nik this guy needs to be on the blast so people can deal with this guy and watch out for him.

Small Town girl with Big Moves


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who doesn’t know Dakota Ryder? The baby momma of the peeping Tom white boy Ryan shordee of Fort Quappelle. Bravo the pepping Tom finally left this woman. She claims all girls look or are trying to be like her . But excuse me , who wants to be or look like a whore? Yes your face is beautiful but come on that makeup ! So get your head out your ass. We use to be friends and WOW the first time I camped at her place I woke up and hardly recognized her with out the face. But other than this I had enough even though she’s a good mother to her two children she really knows how to play people good especially her close friends including her ex Ryan. Like how many times has she partied at their place in which he owns and supported her and the kids. It was more that 5 time she slept with guys from the fort at there place ! Remember the pool table ? Or Ryan studio who you had ******** y! It’s just gross,she one of the worst two faced drama seekers I’ve know . But yes Dakota keep keeping your head up your ass thinking all girls wanna be like you !(Bahahaa) Now this small town whore is up in Regina sk ,I really hope she keeps running her mouth  and guess what her peeping Tom baby dad Ryan followed her up here!geez they should have kept their small town ways back in the FORT.

I love how she tried to shadow her body.- nik

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